Proud To Be Kuwaiti 2013

9 Mar 2013  1 Comment


Earlier today, I went to the P2bK village in Mishref. What is different this time around is instead of using one of the International Fair Ground’s hall. They built a whole village with an old Kuwaiti style.


I loved the idea of a whole village, especially after last years overcrowded event. Which also mean that they allowed single guys in.


What I loved


The idea and the design of the place was great. Some of the booths there were great showing some great stuff. and they belonged to small Kuwaiti startups. The usual food places were there but also some other stuff.

Old Money

What I hated

Some international franchises had booths there. one of my gripes from last year’s event. Garrett Popcorn, Ruby Tuesday and Starbucks are just some of the Proud To Be Kuwaiti international franchises.

Big Bucks

Also, The village should be open from 10am to 10pm. But when I arrived there at 11:30 most of the stores were closed and people who were there earlier told me that when they got there at 10 there was virtually nothing open. Before I left at 2pm some stores opened up while other closed. So it might be impossible to be there and see everything.


Ali Al-Salim Air Base Open Day

6 Jan 2013  2 Comments


After the successful open day last year. Al-Salim Air Base hosted another open day where they increased the activities and planes on display.

B-1B Lancer

New on display was the super badass B-1B Lancer on of the coolest looking bombers out there.

Lancer - Remove Before Flight

And also new was the Predator UAV.


I really hope this becomes an annual thing. Because you know. Planes are freaking cool.

F18 Rear

F18 Tail Number

C-130 Tail

KAF Fire Brigade

Super Puma

Military Band

Military Parade


Bomb Suit

Fighter Planes


C17 Cockpit

GulfRun 7 – Promo Video

2 Jan 2013  No Comments

By the end of this month for the 7th year in a row, GulfRun will be at the Bahrain International Circuit. With over 60 drivers competing this year it is going to be one hell of an event.

Over 60 drivers competed for the GulfRun title and pushed their cars to the limit in six different events. Drivers were challenged on the Bahrain GP circuit, inner circuit, outer circuit, autocross, quartermile drag, and a Karting race.

GulfRun 7 will be held on the 26th-27th of January in the Bahrain International Circuit.

2012: A Year in Review

19 Dec 2012  No Comments

A Look back at the year 2012.

It was a year of breakthroughs, adversity, accomplishments. And the web shared all of it. From the highest sky-dive to the fastest running man, a first vote or last mission, joys and tragedies, grumpy cats and flash mobs; whatever it is that we shared in 2012, here is a compilation.

Guess Who’s Coming To Dubai?

24 Nov 2012  No Comments


I keep checking their website every couple of months to see if they are preforming anywhere close. I was hoping they’ll be doing a concert in London thinking that it is the closest place they could preform in but to my surprise Video Games Live are preforming in Dubai on December 14th. Needless to say I already booked my tickets.

E3 2012 is Just Around The Corner

4 Jun 2012  No Comments

The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 for short officially kicks off tomorrow but usually there are some pre-E3 conferences held by major companies. Nintendo released a pre E3 direct stream which was a new thing. And Microsoft will lead with the first conference today starting 7:30 PM local time (1630 GMT). Both Microsoft and Sony said they won’t be announcing any new hardware at the show but we can still hope. I’m also excited to see more of Nintendo’s new Wii U.

You can watch the conferences online here:


Microsoft  (7:30pm) Link1 Link2

EA (11pm) Link1 Link2


Sony (4am) Link1 Link2

Nintendo (7pm) Link1 Link2

You can grab Nintendo’s pre E3 stream here.

Wataniya’s “Bloggers’ Night” Event at Tatami: Give Kuwait

14 Mar 2012  2 Comments

Uptill1 at Tatami

I was invited along with a number of other bloggers to Wataniya’s “Bloggers’ Night” event at Tatami restaurant a couple of days ago. They briefed us on their new Give Kuwait campaign targeted at Kuwaiti youth with business ideas.

What is Give Kuwait?

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Proud To Be Kuwaiti Not So Proud?

14 Mar 2012  5 Comments

Last Saturday was the last day of Proud to be Kuwaiti (P2BK) event. The place was over packed and they only allowed families in which caused chaos at the main entrance with single guys being denied entry.

While I was there, what caught my eye was that well established international franchises such as Taco Bell and Haagen Dasz where present at the event and in the main hall.

Also, with the event being called "Proud To Be A Kuwaiti" I found it ironic that a Saudi company was present at the event too.

Not only did the event had a number of new startups but also a bunch of familiar faces too. There was a lot of food stuff that were mostly offloaded to a separate tent and not in the main hall.

I’m sure that the 5th year of PB2K broke attendance records but I also think that it lost its identity. I really like the original idea and I hope they get back on track.

An Open Day at Kuwait Air Force’s Ali Al-Salim Airbase

26 Feb 2012  1 Comment

Airforce Open Day

Last Thursday there was an open day event held at Ali Al-Salim Airbase in collaboration with United States Air Force that also had a number of aircraft in the event. A lot of people and a lot of planes there. I saw an F-16, F-18, Hawk, Apache, Black Hawk, Puma, Super Puma, Gazelle, C-130 (Hercules), C-17 among others.

Airforce Open Day Apache  2

I really think they should do more of these. Or better yet, they should do a proper aviation exhibit that also has civilian airplanes.

Airforce Open Day C 17  6

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Run Kuwait – The 240 Km Run

16 Feb 2012  No Comments

RunKuwait, a first of its kind in Kuwait, is a 240 K self-sufficiency run with 6 participating runners. Yousef Al Qanai, Runner and Founder of Aymstrong came up with the idea of this event and decided to run the 240 K as an effort to promote the Aymstrong message of empowerment by creating a sense of determination, and unity within our society and amongst Kuwait’s youth.

نركض للكويت هو حدث فريد والأول من نوعه لركض مسافة٢٤٠ كيلومترا بمشاركة ٦ عدائين.

جاءت فكرة هذا الحدث من العداء و مؤسس آيم سترونغ يوسف القناعي الذي سيركض ال ٢٤٠ كيلو للكويت بهدف تعزيز رسالة القوة والإرادة التي تسعى إلى تحقيقها آيم سترونغ بالاضافة الى تعزيز وحدة الصف بين شباب ومجتمع الكويت الذي يجب أن يبقى متحدا لمجابهة الصعاب.

سيبدأ هذا الحدث الرياضي في فترة العيد الوطني ٢٥/٢٦ فبراير ٢٠١٢ وسيتم قطع المسافة من الحدود الشمالية وصولا إلى الحدود الجنوبية للكويت ويقدر الوقت المحتمل لإنهاء مسافة السباق حوالي ال ٥٠ ساعة. سيكون الركض مستمرا طيلة هذه الفترة بإستثناء وقوفنا عند ابراج الكويت للتغطية الاعلامية مع بعض وقفات الراحة، علما بأن المتسابقين يجب أن يكونوا مجهزين بمعداتهم الخاصة ومستلزماتهم طيلة فترة السباق.



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