Zawaya Al-Shaghaf 2010 Talent Show

14 Oct 2010  1 Comment

You are coordinately invited to Zawaya Ashaghaf’s celebratory event held at 360 Exhibition hall on the 14th, 15th and 16th of October. A whole day event with an exhilarating show starting at 6 pm.The event will carry the following:
A) A talent show and exhibition: showcasing different yet unique talents either on stage or off stage.
The event will also include an educational kids corner.
Yasmina Dashti, a unique genius talent and the writer of “The day I found myself living in my book” story, will also participate and have her own corner.
B) Comic book: this book holds the concept of not judging others based on the outside looks, names, nationality or even one’s status, the story also highlights the issue of stereotyping in a very symbolic way.

يولد العطاء المتميز حين يمتزج الشغف بالإخلاص..فتزخر الإنجازات من حولنا..ينطلق مشروع زوايا الشغف في عامه الثاني في 360 مول بين 14-16 أكتوبر 2010 في قاعة المعارض – الدور الأرضي، ليقدم احتفالية فريدة من نوعها تحمل مبدأين أساسيين الشغف و العطاء و عدم الحكم على الغير، و تتضمن الآتي:1) عرض المواهب :عرض مسرحي يسلط الضوء على مواهب متعددة من خلال حبكة مبتكرة وأسلوب إبداعي بالإضافة الى أركان للمواهب وركن أنشطة ترفيهية ثقافية للأطفال.ويبدأ العرض في تمام الساعة 6 مساءا من كل يوم من أيام الاحتفالية1) كتاب الرسم الفكاهي (comic book) :” لاتحكم على الكتاب من عنوانه ” من هذه الحكمة انطلقت فكرتنا، هدفنا، و رسالتنا.. حيث ان مبدأ هذ الكتاب يتمحور حول قضية عدم الحكم على الغير او اتباع التصنيفات من عده اوجه: المظهر , الجنسية , المهنة أو الوظيفة.فالكتاب عبارة عن قصة قصيرة برسومات ملونة و حبكة مبتكرة يحمل اسم “بو خشب بدون عقد”، الكتاب من تصميم و ابتكار شباب زوايا الشغف، و تم تخصيص ركن خاص له في الاحتفالية.بالإضافة الى ذلك تضم الاحتفالية الكاتبة النابغة ذات 11 عاما ياسمينا دشتي والتي ألفت كتابا عندما كانت في التاسعة من عمرها وسيكون لها ركن وأنشطة خاصة بها وبانجازها.

“The House of Etiquette” Official Launch

4 May 2010  10 Comments

The House of Etiquette had their official launch yesterday, and it was an overwhelming success.

These pictures and the full post is taken from , great job with the pictures.

It was a big turn out and the feedback is all very positive, best of luck to them.

Read the full post here.

Thanks again 1life2live

The House of Etiquette

28 Apr 2010  8 Comments

I always like to promote local businesses in Kuwait, especially since we have such promising individuals with ideas and new adventures to conquer. These 2 young ladies behind this idea are the only Kuwaiti’s with this certification in etiquette. So a special good luck to the entrepreneurs at The House of Etiquette with their grand opening and website launching .

It is with great pleasure and joy to announce that The House of Etiquette, Kuwait is finally launching!

After over two successful years of effort and industrious training in Europe’s leading internationally certified academy – The Etiquette & Protocol Consultancy and Modular Finishing School Academy of London – UK and a plethora of research in the field of education and etiquette, we are proud to officially announce the launch of The House of Etiquette, Kuwait. The House of Etiquette has spent a generous time planning and forecasting educational strategies to suit our goals and aims, in addition to finding the personal and bespoke needs of our clients based in the Gulf Region. Therefore, our etiquette school is the first in Kuwait specialized to offer children with the grace of elegance and poise … an asset that would last them for a lifetime filled with professional and social success. Not only are children welcome to be a part of our etiquette school … but programs for young adults and adults are available too! Courses for young adults and adults will be launching soon…but courses for children will be offered first!

The House of Etiquette, Kuwait is very proud to state that it has been solely built on two young Kuwaiti ladies – Bibi Al-Ghanim & Ma’ab Al-Qassem. These young ladies have an eternal passion and respect for etiquette – both classical and modern. Both Bibi and Ma’ab not only are certified in the areas of etiquette but in addition, Bibi’s knowledge further derives from her master’s degree in Education Management and Leadership whilst Ma’ab’s corporate educational background and over thirty varied certifications in the corporate realm combine to creating a formula of diversity and achievement. The House of Etiquette presents an admiration for refinement with a unique mission to spreading social grace and sophistication within Kuwait’s society. These young ladies are proud locals who know the cultural codes of the Gulf and are finally ready to share their knowledge with YOU!

Continue reading below for the details of the invitation to our faithful readers. And again best of luck in all their endeavors.
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Small To Big

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Small To Big – sponsored by Viva

A workshop designed to help small business owners develop and grow their businesses.

Small To Big encourages Kuwaiti small business owners to take the challenge.

When? Where?
12-14 May (6-9 pm @ Marina Hotel)
15 May (11-6 pm @ Hilton Resort)

Limited seating!

More info on:

Website, Twitter, Facebook


13 Mar 2010  2 Comments

This year’s P2BK event will be held at the “International Fair Ground” 17th,18th and the 19th of March at hall 8.

Yehya at the AMA’s

24 Feb 2010  3 Comments

This guy never fails at keeping us amused, does he?

GulfRun – The Finale

4 Feb 2010  8 Comments

The end has finally dawned, and GulfRun 5 at the Bahrain International Circuit was over. I think everyone who participated or went to the event enjoyed it, as there was all out safe action and surprises down the way.  Last night was the closing ceremony in Lenotre, and GulfRun with their sponsors, handed out the timings of all the drivers and events and their awards.

Quartermile Drag

For the Street Category :

1. BMW M5

2. Lexus ISF

3. Audi RS4

For the Super Category :

1. Porsche Turbo

2. Mitsubishi Evo-X

3. Honda S2000

For the Unlimited Category :

1. Porsche Turbo

2. Porsche Turbo 99

Continue below for all the times and more pictures.

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Simply Stylish – Local Event

2 Feb 2010  1 Comment


Simply Stylish is a mini exhibition showcasing the products of nine small local women’s fashion & home accessories shops. Spotlight Events is not profiting from this mini exhibition. The aim of this event is to promote small local businesses & aid them with promoting their products as well as their entities. Feel free to invite all your friends & family to this special event, and come & shop for your Spring essentials, Valentine’s Day gifts, & Fall sale merchandise!

"Simply Stylish" will be held this weekend, February 5th & 6th from 1pm – 9pm daily.

Visit the event’s website for more details & further info


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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