[Exclusive] Shake Shack Opening Next Week

2 Jul 2011  3 Comments


According to sources familiar with the matter, Shack Shack will be opening next Thursday, July 7th 2011 at the Avenues Mall.


Thanks Abdulaziz

Shake Shack Dubai

2 Jul 2011  No Comments

I was in Dubai during the weekend stayed there for a couple of days. Watched a few movies and did some shopping. It was a bit overcrowded in Dubai Mall but it was somewhat ok in Emirates Mall where we tried the first Shake Shack branch in the region.

Shake Shack NYC

I posted about Shake Shack 2 years ago when I was in New York. And for me it was the best burger I’ve tried back then (five guys takes top spot now). But standing in line 45 mins for the Shake Shack burger was an absolute nightmare. Thank god that wasn’t an issue in Dubai.

Shake Shack Dubai

After trying out Shake Shack’s burgers, I can confidently say they are almost identical to the ones in the US. And by that they knocked Fat Burger off as the best fast food burger in the region.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Pick Yo – Frozen Yogurt

15 May 2011  3 Comments

Last Friday, I passed by a recently opened frozen yogurt place called Pick Yo in Kaifan co-op mall to give it a try after reading about it in Qortuba’s blog.

The have normal frozen yogurt and they also have what they call “Pick Yo” which is frozen yogurt blended with your choice of fruit jam. It was very nice.

Also their berry flavored yogurt tastes very good.

Their prices are very reasonable, unlike some other places here in Kuwait.

The World’s Longest Fast Food Drive Through Line

12 May 2011  5 Comments

Its lunchtime, and its opening day of of an In-N-Out in Allen, Texas. I don’t think that people in the end of the line will eat before dinner time.
And I thought that lines were horrible here in Kuwait.

Dalag Sehail “دلق سهيل”

10 Jan 2011  3 Comments

I went to Mubarikiya Market twice last weekend. Me, my wife and kids went there to have brunch at “دلق سهيل”. When we got there we noticed that its the most packed place out of all the restaurants that were there. We had “شاي فحم” , an order of “فطير مشلتت” with cheese and honey, some white cheese and I couldn’t resist not to order the “حمسة ربيان “, as it was almost time for lunch.

Melenzane Restaurant – Impressions

5 Jan 2011  3 Comments

Last Saturday, me and a friend decided to have dinner out instead of our usual Saturday schedule, which is watching football games. But it was the 1st of January and there was 0 games played and we decided to make the most of it.

After driving around a little bit, we decided to go to Albida’a area and have dinner there. Both of us were in the mood for some italian food so it was an easy choice and headed directly to Melenzane

Sitting outside was out of the question, as it was breezy and we weren’t properly dressed to deal with the cold. The place is a little small and can’t accommodate a large number of people. But on the other hand, its cozy and has a reversed/upside-down theme going on with the chairs, bottles and stuff which is cool.

We didn’t order a lot of dishes but I certainly loved the ones I tried. We had the Doci Funghi (stuffed mushroom) as an appetizer and I ordered the Zumana Salsa (chicken pasta with creamy veggie sauce) that was really delicious. I rarely ever say that a pasta is “delicious” but this certainly was.

Definitely going back there again to try even more dishes and properly review the place.

Melenzane: Homepage, Twitter.

More pics inside…

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Home Made Burgers

31 Dec 2010  3 Comments

If you are a regular reader of this blog you would already know that I’m a big time burger fan. Last week I decided to grill my own burgers for our weekly family lunch. It wasn’t something new but its been a while since I did my own burgers.

What we regularly do is just grill some Kobe beef burgers. They taste very good and its much easier than doing your own patty. But in the quest for the ultimate burger, you will have to do your own patty.

I really recommend trying to do your own burger, its fun and there is almost no way to do it wrong. Just experiment. For the best buns a reader recommended Fudd’s, and he was right. Their buns are great. They sell a regular size (150 fils) and a large size (200 fils) buns.

My patty had:

  • Italian bread crumbs.
  • Onions.
  • Herbs.
  • Minced beef with 15-20% fat .

Little Ruby’s

29 Dec 2010  3 Comments

Yesterday, me and my wife decided to have a late lunch/early dinner out. So my wife thought we should give “Ruby’s” a try after it being recommended to her by a friend.. I already read good things about the place so we decided to give it a shot.

The place is cosy and nice. It was completely empty when we got there, completely.

The menu is very simple and just had a few selections, 3 salads, 3 panini’s, 3 pastas and 3 burgers. I loved the idea. I hate flipping through the menu trying to figure out what to eat for 15 minutes.

We ordered the Mikey’s Madness Salad to share, Chicken and Mango Chutney Panini and I had the Bronte Burger.

The salad was ok, but the sandwiches were great. both sandwiches had a pleasant sweetness to them. And the burger was very light too.

Definitely a recommended place and surley going there again soon.

Mark has a good map to the place you can find it [here]

More pics inside—->

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Teabag in “estikana”? Don’t Think So

26 Oct 2010  No Comments

My Co-Worker asked the tea boy here at work for some tea and he brought him one of those super-sized “estikana” and he told him that I would like a normal sized estikana. The tea boy said ok and got him what you see in the image above. What a waste of perfectly good tea.

Sorry for the week without posting by the way.

Triumphant? “خلوها تخيس”

8 Oct 2010  3 Comments

I was in Shamiya Co-Op earlier today and saw this stack of tomatoes that no one was interested in. A quick look at the prices revealed that one of the boxes was KD1.480 and when asking around I was told that the price came down of that specific brand from KD2.500. Some brands reached KD5.400 which was just absurd.


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