Everybody Loves Kitco

4 Aug 2009  18 Comments

Everybody Loves Kitco

We all have our hobbies and likes and dislikes. But there are certain points in our lives where things reach out of hand and become addictions. We have all heard of cocaine, heroin, etc. addicts. You hear about food addicts and alcohol addicts. Even internet and television addicts. But i doubt anyone has heard of the Kitco addict! Kitco cocktail chips/crisps(for you british tw*ts) have been around for a long time, and even rebranded their logo’s to a freaky looking bunny a few years back. A good friend of ours every weekend in the chalet used to always brings bags and bags of Kitco Cocktail with him. They would be available at every corner, table, and section of the sitting area. Thats besides his own stash just in case the inventory was going low. (no one ever found out where he actually would hide his stash until this day) And just in case it all finished out, there was always the portable Baqala with a healthy amount available. We used to tell him he was addicted to it as a joke! Continue Reading

Mini Mangos

25 Jul 2009  No Comments

Mini Mangos.jpg

I never tried these before and they taste great, they are the size of a Kiwi and you could have 4-5 before realizing it. According to my dad they are called “فص عويس” I’m not sure if that is true or he’s pulling a fast one one me :/

A box which contains 12-13 pieces is sold for KD 3.500.


Better comparison picture

A Really Small Mango

The Stadium Restaurant – First Impression

25 Jul 2009  2 Comments

The Stadium Restaurant.jpg

After our bad experience at The Burger Hub, we were driving around not ready to call it a night yet, we passed by a place that had football club logos and looked like a cafe, so we decided to have a look.

The Stadium Restaurant 2.jpg

The place is called The Stadium Restaurant, the placed isn’t officially open yet, the grand opening will be around Eid according to the employee.

The Stadium Restaurant 3.jpg

The place looks nice, a good place to watch a game and have a bite. A good alternative to regular Cafes were you suffocate from the sheesha.

We had desert, which wasn’t very good, but it a soft opening so I’m not holding it against them.

The Burger Hub – Review

25 Jul 2009  No Comments

Burger Hub.jpg

Last Thursday, me, Zidaneoo, Heema and a friend went to The Burger Hub for dinner. It was my first dine-in experience but not my first time trying them, as I’ve tried there burgers before but didn’t like them very much. But because is was a takeout experience, I thought I should give them another try.

Wazoo Fries.jpg

For appetizers, we ordered the Crispy Beetroot (disaster), Wazoo Fries (chips not fries – and not that good) and the Fried Cauliflower (best thing we had all evening).

As for burgers I went with the Four Seasons, a 300 grams of beef patty that takes almost a half hour to get ready, and when it arrived it turns out that it didn’t worth the wait. It wasn’t anything spectacular, it had a lot of caramelized onions in conjunction with their buns are also sweet, which made that overall taste very sweet.

Going to try them when more time before my final verdict. Going to try another appetizer/burger, and I hope they impress.

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 

Cheeseburger Cupcakes

5 Jul 2009  3 Comments

Cheeseburger Cupcakes.jpg

This is a flicker gallery showing how to bake cheeseburger-looking cupcakes. I think I’ll give the previous cupcake recipe a try first.

Update: damn, forgot the link.


The Longest I Ever Stood in Line For A Burger

14 Jun 2009  No Comments

So I’ve tried Shake Shack today, it’s considered the best burgers in New York. The problem is I waited 40 mins to place my order and another 10 to pick it up. But it was definitely worth it.

UPDATE: changed the pic, shows the line when i was 10 mins in.

in line at shake shack.jpg

Pakistan’s McDonalds

6 Jun 2009  No Comments

McDonalds Pakistan.jpg

Hmmm looks yummy.


Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza

5 Jun 2009  5 Comments


Went to Sammy’s a few days ago to try out their pizza, its been recommended by every one here so I decided to give it a try.

The closest place is just around the corner from where I live so that was easy. And after reading the reviews and awards that they got I definitely got excited.

Continue Reading

World Smallest Burger Meal

5 Jun 2009  No Comments

This really is an edible meal.

Smallest Burger Meal.jpg

I wonder how many of these will it take to fill me up?



Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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