Sony’s New “Football Mode” Might Be The Reason To Buy A New TV

13 May 2013  No Comments

Sony Bravia Football

Sony revealed a new TV feature in its upcoming Bravia line that will be welcomed by football fans. “Football Mode” will let you cancel out the commentator’s voice and leave you with the sweet stadium sounds. It heavily depends on the quality of the audio stream and how it compares to the acoustics of the Sao Paolo stadium where Sony did there testing.

This is a really exciting new feature and gives the user more options, instead of muting the TV or choosing between 2 really annoying commentators.

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Goals From 16 Matches

7 Feb 2013  1 Comment

Here are all the goals from 16 matches that were held yesterday. African Nations Cup semi finals, Asian Cup qualifiers and some friendlies.

Asian Cup Qualifiers

Thailand 1 – 3 Kuwait

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Gary Lineker’s "Ate Grass" Comment

4 Oct 2012  No Comments

Gary Lineker makes fun of Montpellier’s Karim Ait Fana and Younès Belhanda after scoring a goal in their UEFA Champions League game against Schalke 04 on AlJazeera Sport Channel.

Explosives And Football Don’t Go Well Together

20 Sep 2012  No Comments


In last night’s AFC Champions League match between Sphahan (Iran) and Al-Ahli (KSA), the game was suspended momentarily due to some foreign object being thrown on the assistant referee. One of the Iranian players was being helpful by clearing the field when an explosion went off just as he threw one of those objects. It looks like it was a home made explosive or one giant firecracker.

The refs were faster than Usain Bolt getting out of there and I don’t blame them.

Eid Mubarak By Samir Nasri

19 Aug 2012  2 Comments


علينا وعليك سمير

The English Premier League Kicks Off Today. Here is A Look At Last Season’s Best Moments

18 Aug 2012  No Comments

Last season was one of the best seasons in the Barclays Premier League history with the title winner being decided in the dying seconds of the Man City and QPR match.

Those last minutes are engraved into every football fan’s memory and I don’t think it will be forgotten any time soon.

Here is a video with commentator Martin Tyler during the Aguero’s title wining goal.

Here is a side by side of the two matches

Can’t wait for this season to start.

Mexicans Are Happy To Win Gold

13 Aug 2012  No Comments

Mexico beat Brazil 2-1  at Wembley Stadium to win the football gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics. This reporter was shedding light on the story while there were some Mexican fans celebrating nearby. Look what happens at the end of the video.

A TV Show For Football Fans

22 Jul 2012  1 Comment


Premiering Sept. 16th, “Being: Liverpool” is the first of a new series/franchise where a tv crew is given unprecedented insider access. The series are spearheaded by multi Emmy Award-winning producer Scott Boggins (The guy behind HBO’s 24/7 a show with a similar concept). And other sport seem to be following shortly after.

“Being” gives fans a deep, thoughtful look at the superstars and teams of today from their point-of-view at a critical juncture or telling moment that shows the viewer who or what they really are. It is intended to be an all-access invitation into the personal and professional lives of some of the iconic people and institutions in today’s sports universe, always asking the question, “What is it like to be you? “


19 Jul 2012  1 Comment


I received a link mentioning the Roudan Tournament’s new ad where it featured Luis Figo and Jassim Yaqoub but didn’t get around to watching till now. It was pointed out to me that this ad is a carbon copy of a previous Reebok ad between Thierry Henry and Rayan Giggs released in 2009.

This is certainly not the first ad, lets say, it’s general idea is based on a previous ad. and certainly won’t be the last.

Viva España

2 Jul 2012  1 Comment

Spain 2012

Last night, Spain won the European Cup and became the second country to win it back-to-back and 3rd overall (tied Germany).

Spain started with the usual strikerless formation that they adapted to wonderfully using their tiki-taka play style. With that, Spain completely dominated Italy in the midfield taking Italy’s strikers (Cassano and Balotelli) out of the equation.

The game ended with Spain wining 4-0, the highest ever score for a European Cup final, with 4 different scorers, 2 of them coming from the bench.


Here are some interesting facts:

Spain are the first team to win back to back European Championships with a World Cup triumph in between. It is their third European title, equalling Germany’s record.

The four-goal winning margin was the biggest in a European Championship or World Cup final.

Vicente Del Bosque is only the second coach to win a European Championship and a World Cup, joining Helmut Schoen, who led West Germany to victory at the 1972 European Championship and the World Cup two years later.

Sunday’s victory was Spain’s first outright win over Italy in eight major tournament matches (they won a penalty shootout after a 0-0 draw in Euro 2008 quarter-finals)

Spain striker Fernando Torres is the first player to score in two European Championship finals and wins the Euro 2012 golden boot for top scorer, by virtue of also having an assist and having played fewer minutes than Germany’s Mario Gomez who also had three goals.

Spain are unbeaten in their last 12 European Championship finals matches and have not conceded a goal in their last five, both competition records. They have kept clean sheets in their last 10 knockout games at the European and World Cup finals.

Their last defeat in European Championship play was a 2-0 loss to Sweden in qualifying in 2006 – a 29-game undefeated run.

Here are the goals from last night’s game:


More facts at Eurosport


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