West Ham vs Millwall Violence

26 Aug 2009  No Comments

Before even the Carling Cup match kicked off between these two rivals, events outside the stadium were heating up as a 44 year old man was stabbed in the chest and taken to hosptial. If this alone wasn’t a reason to cancel the match i dont know what is. From fans flooding the pitch several times during and after the game, to racist monkey chants aimed at the black players, this match had it all.

West Ham went on to win the game 3-1 after being down 0-1 with only 3 minutes remaining. You can read more about the violence that occured and the match report here.

Chelsea vs Al-Ahli Brawl

24 Aug 2009  2 Comments


A mass brawl erupted between Chelsea reserves and UAE’s Al-Ahli club in a friendly match yesterday.  The incident is being investigated by the English football association.

Chelsea’s players were reportedly assaulted with karate kicks, knee-high tackles and had their hair pulled out and eyes gouged – and was abandoned after just 35 minutes.

Cork was reported to have been repeatedly hit while in a headlock and an opponent is said to have poked his fingers up the nose of Kakuta. 

Cork and Kakuta being Chelsea players. As you can see Al-Ahli club is very affected by ultimate fighting from their style of play. A nice wasted 35 minutes for the players all the way from the UAE. Good job guys and keep it up.  Story can be found here and here.

Reminder: English Premier League Kicks Off Today

15 Aug 2009  1 Comment

English Premier League Logo.jpg

After a long summer break without some decent football matches, the EPL is kicking off today with 8 matches.

All are in local time (Kuwait), all on Showtime:

14:45 Chelsea vs Hull City (ShowSports1+2)

17:00 Aston Villa vs Wigan Athletic

17:00 Blackburn Rovers vs Manchester City

17:00 Bolton Wonderers vs Sunderland

17:00 Portsmouth vs Fulham

17:00 Stoke City vs Burnley

17:00 Wolverhampton W. vs West Ham United

19:30 Everton vs Arsenal (ShowSports1+2)

Yarmouk what?!!

5 Aug 2009  9 Comments


Yesterday I was reading the newspaper (It’s been a while) starting with the sports section (obviously :)) and I came across this which made me throw it away … the question is: why in hell didn’t anyone notice it?? The coach (he’s Czech, maybe that’s why) … the team (yeah right) …. the newspaper that decided to go with this picture!!! You judge. [Al-Watan]

N: this maybe a contender for Badliyah of the week I guess :)

Kaka to Real Madrid

9 Jun 2009  No Comments


Kaka is officially a Real Madrid player. The brazilian joins the Spaniards after reaching an agreement awhile ago – “But the deal was sealed a long time ago. I wanted this move to be announced sooner. For me, it’s a relief that it has been announced now.” The deal is reported to be a whooping $90m+, if true its a new record.

All they need now is 10 more new players. hehe



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