Why We Love Football

7 Apr 2012  No Comments

This is an awesome video showing some of the best moments in the past decade or so. Action starts at around [3:10].

South Korea vs Kuwait 2-0 [Goals]

29 Feb 2012  1 Comment

Our national team bowed out the World Cup 2014 qualifiers after losing to South Korea 2-0. I was a great 1st half with a lot of missed chances. South Korea along with Lebanon advance to the next stage.

50 Very Sensible Goals

24 Feb 2012  No Comments

This is one of the rare videos that truly contains the best goals scored and is also wonderfully edited. A joy to watch.

Trying to Watch Chelsea vs Man U game Online, Didn’t Go Very Well

6 Feb 2012  No Comments


I was trying to watch yesterdays English Premier League game between Chelsea and Manchester United online via Abu Dhabi’s online offering. Its much more convenient and I wanted to get some things done during the game rather than  just focus what I thought would be a boring clash (boy was I wrong). Plus, I paid almost 20KD for it I might as well use it.

The problem was the service I paid for just didn’t want to work. I stared at the black box for a solid 3-5 minutes before giving up and switching the TV on. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, it mostly happens during important/big games. It looks like that their servers cant handle the bandwidth required.

I kept the browser pointed at the games stream webpage and it started 8 minutes into the game but that wasn’t the end of it. The game didn’t run smoothly at all and was really stuttery throughout. It played for 15-20 seconds and then hangs for another 20-30 seconds. That wasn’t a fun experience.

The free streaming video that I got from a Russian website on the other hand played without a hitch. Which makes things even more frustrating.

This is going to be the final year I subscribe to the online portion of the EPL via Abu Dhabi. I had the same problem last year but was optimistic and thought they must have fixed what was broken.

I Don’t Know Jeff

5 Feb 2012  1 Comment

Chris Kamara must be the funniest guy in football. The Soccer Saturday presenter usually on the field and has some funny moments.

Other Funny moments.

Kamara also provided commentary and basic motion capture for Chris Kamara’s Street Soccer released on the PlayStation back in 2000. It was one stupid game.

Best Goals of the Week

4 Feb 2012  No Comments

A back-heel kick from outside the penalty box is a bit excessive.

Captain Tsubasa (كابتن ماجد) And Friends Watching Santos vs Barcelona Game

22 Dec 2011  No Comments

What Messi and Xavi are doing in real life is more amazing than some of the things that Captain Tsubasa did on his TV show.

Pepe Baking Cookies For Charity

21 Dec 2011  1 Comment

At first I thought it was a joke, but then I saw the video.

Best Own Goal Ever

20 Dec 2011  No Comments

Citizen defeated Sunray Cave JC Sun Hei by 3:2 in the bma First Division League held at Mongkok Stadium tonight (16 December, 2011). Citizen defender Baise Festus scored his own net with a unbelievable reverse scorpion kick.

Balotelli Facts

19 Dec 2011  24 Comments

Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli is considered by a lot of people as the most “interesting” man in football if not the world. Here are some “interesting” fact about the Italian.


  • Survived a usually fatal disease at birth
  • £10,000 in parking fines
  • Car impounded 27 times
  • £300,000 fine for throwing darts at the youth team
  • Won £25,000 in a casino, gave £1,000 to a tramp outside
  • Rescued a child from bullying
  • Threw tomatoes at some Serie A manager

Oh yes there’s more

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