Neymar vs Séan Garnier: A Brazilian Football Star vs A French Football FreeStyler

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We all know that Neymar is a really skilled player, but how does his skill compare to one of the best football freestylers out there?

How The Mighty Have Fallen

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Why Always Me

Manchester United suffered their worst defeat in 81 years yesterday, losing 6-1 from their neighbors Manchester City. Giving Sir Alex Ferguson a present before his 25th anniversary as Manchester United’s boss. With this win, Man City are now 5 points clear of Man Utd at the top of the table.

In an other match, Chelsea suffer a loss to newly promoted side QPR in a controversial match yesterday. Referee Chris Foy handed a soft penalty to QPR in the first 10 minutes. Also Bosingwa and Drogba were sent off in the first half. Chelsea (19 points) still retain 3rd position behind Man City (25 points) and Man Utd (20 points)


Man Utd vs Man City highlights here

QPR vs Chelsea highlights here

Arsenal vs Stock highlights here

Fastest Red Card in History

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In yesterday’s World Cup 2014 qualifier match between Iran and Bahrain, Rashed Al Hooti (Bahrain) was sent off after just 40 seconds of gameplay. Leaving his side playing with 10 men for the whole game. This might be the fastest sending off in history in an international match.

The fastest red card ever that I could find is for a Japanese player after just 4 seconds.

Lebanon vs Kuwait Match Highlights

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Kuwait managed to grab a point after Lebanon were awarded a penalty in the 85th minute. Kuwait’s second goal was scored just a minute after Lebanon’s Hassan Maatouk converted from the spot kick to get his second goal of the night. Musaad Nida scored Kuwait’s first equalizing goal inside of 5 minutes of the second half.

Group standing after 3 games:

S. Korea 7
Kuwait 5
Lebanon 4

Football Contrast: The A-League

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Yesterday I came across the video above showing some bloopers in the Hyundai A-League (Australian League). And today while not even looking for it, I stumbled on last season’s top 10 goals in the A-League.

Carlos Tevez is A Sorry Excuse For A Football Player

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During last nights Bayern Munich vs Manchester City UEFA Champions League and while Man City where losing 0-2. Mancini decided to do a couple of tactical changes. First was taking out Dzeko and putting De Jong in I remember saying that the next substitute will of course be Tevez coming on but the game finished and Tevez hadn’t set foot on the field.

It Turns out that Mancini actually planned to play Tevez but he refused to warm-up and even play. The guy is refusing to do what he is paid for. What a disgrace.

Mark Hughes’s defense of Tevez is questionable as they both have the same agent.

PES 2012, Really??!!

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I just hope this crap isn’t in the final version.

Man United vs Man United

17 Sep 2011  2 Comments


This year’s Manchester United’s squad is full of talent. The picture above shows the starting 11 and what is considered the 2nd 11. They cold play either 11 in the premier league and still would be contenders for the trophy.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ankle After The Champions League Game Against Zagreb

15 Sep 2011  1 Comment

The guy needed stiches on his right ankle after the game due to a harsh tackle.

Cristiano Ronaldo
"It’s important to have a good start in the Champions League. We are very happy with three points we took, but I’m not so satisfied with the refereeing. I hope we never have this referee again. People talk of fair-play, of protecting good players, but I never get any of that. I don’t understand a thing. I’m sad because I hear referees saying they will protect skillful players, but while some are untouchable it seems I can be mauled."

Via Real Madrid


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