Google Nose: The New Scentsation in Search

1 Apr 2013  No Comments

Smelling is Believing

Smelling is believing, or at least that is what google wants you to believe.

Google released their April Fool’s prank for this year and it’s called Google Nose. 

Pressing the “Try Google Nose” button takes you to some random yet interesting smell choices. I tried it a couple of time and got a “diaper” and a “wet dog” results. you can press the “smell” button and you can start smelling that beautiful aroma you have chosen. Of course the is no smell.

Start Smelling

I love those annual April Fools stuff Google do each year. here is a list of previous pranks. [Link]

The Cat That Can Fly

9 Dec 2012  No Comments

Or maybe not.

Just Pilots Having Some Fun

2 Sep 2012  No Comments

A Russian pilot taking a Sukhoi SU-24 for a low level pass over a civilian road.

The Most Confused Duck in The World

27 Aug 2012  No Comments

Confused Duck

Talk about blending in.

Stride Gum, Apple-ized

18 Aug 2012  No Comments

A new Stride Gum commercial makes fun of Apple commercials with intelligicity.

Batman’s Bat Pod In Real Life

13 Aug 2012  3 Comments

So this is what Batman would look like if he took his Bat Pod for a spin?

Is This Considered As Playing With Your Food?

6 Aug 2012  No Comments

I think it’s a good idea to have turkeys instead of people as audience in sitcoms.

Takeo Ischi: The Japanese Yodelmeister

23 Jul 2012  2 Comments

A Japanese-German techno-yodeling…..with chickens.

Takeo Ischi is a Japanese engineer who taught himself to yodel, went to Europe, sang in a few clubs, and became a hit. He studied under Franz Lang (this man can yodel)

He settled down in Bavaria, married a German woman, had four sons, and has had a career as a German folk musician that’s lasted about 30 years.

“Trying” To Unbox The Nexus 7

17 Jul 2012  3 Comments

It looks like unboxing the Nexus 7 is not easy if you are not well prepared and equipped. This video is a compilation of 15 different unboxing videos. Some are tech journalists.

Rubbing It In

10 Jun 2012  No Comments


This is a photo-shopped image, but it conveys what the Oranje supporters feel like. The original had a German flag and was taken during Euro 2008. Netherlands and Germany didn’t play each other but the football rivalry between those two nations is just that awesome.


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