Mario Balotelli Struggles To Put His Bib On

18 Mar 2011  4 Comments

This man get paid £180,000 a week.

You can argue that he gets paid for his legs not his hands. I wonder who ties his shoelaces?

Better quality video, Thanks Mohammed.


13 Mar 2011  1 Comment


Sunday Post. Cheer up, 5 days to go.

Sexy Sax Man

12 Mar 2011  2 Comments

The video gets exciting around the 35 seconds mark. A guy terrorizes California with his leather pants and his saxophone playing Careless Whisper by George Michael. Truly funny.

Iraqi Tron

2 Mar 2011  1 Comment

Better than the original? Might just be.

Top 11 Goal Misses of 2010

2 Mar 2011  No Comments


Seeing international and professional footballers missing these chances makes me feel better about my weekly game. And I’m sure you all saw number 1.

How Swedes view Americans

1 Mar 2011  No Comments

This is a parody video from a Swedish program reenacting the movie “A Time To Kill”. The dialog is nowhere near the original. And is is funny as hell.

“Swing low Sweet Chariot! Coming forth to carry me hooome!”

They say a man can walk a thousand miles and still don’t know his butt from behind.Well I say a man can walk two yards and find the crown la-crue and that’s a fruit.

Mr. Cubkin?

Mr. McKana-whoie-dooie-looie?


Billy Bob Craskin.. Tounry-at-lawden.

What can I offer you two Gentlemen ah?

Well I have a cap of caffee and a postachio nutt Mary Sue.

Cup of coffee and postachio nutts.. and for you fer?

Well I’ll have one beers please?

Anyfing else fer?

That pretty smile of yours would doolie doo fine.

Whisle – Frisky!

Mmm MmmmYou sure don’t waste any time.

You know I admurl you for taking this chase. A lot of people down here in cash-a-roo say you joined the hoola hoola club.

Well Billy Bob People say tally ho. and the hoola hoola club aint the whistle.

Well Well well What had we here? A Momma’s boy from new york city! Yeeeeee HAw!

Macaroon Tommy Jr.

I aint talking to you billy Bob! I’m talkin to dis here Danny Gluver. So that he can keep his nosey posey rosey in the can! Now Scram!

My Nosey posey rosey chosey mosey stay right here in the can, till the cam fry.

Be deeded.

I gibba-la-gibb the Microsoft Word to district attorney Poland Barker.

Thank you your onion. Ladies gentleman uh and extras on the curby.

Why are we here today? Why aren’t we at home with our mammels watching razeball.I know why we are here. It because of that man over there. Because if it wasn’t fer him we would be outta here faster than two hens in a whore house in a sunday afternoon. thank you.

Mr. Lumbert. you ran the hack-and-crack down at ninth and maple drive is that connect?

Yes I doo And It’s a mighty fine little ship shop it is!

Hmmm. No furthur your rest-rens.

Mr. Lumbert! Do you wear a night gown?

Well right now I don’t but sometimes I doo!

Now may I ask you. On the night of sixteen hundred forty seventh and third of august.. Who putthe bumpa-bumpa-bump in the bumpa-bumpa-bum in the ram in the ramma lamma Ding dong?

Well it was the same man who put the dip in the dip in the dipty dipty dip.

Erection! Your onion he’s bonding with the wit-knees!

Re-frain! Pump up the jam and get to the joint Mr. Barker.

Scuze me your onion! just making shit-chat.

Now Mr. Lumbert. May I axe youuuu to identis-spies the women on this fracture?

Take your time! Take your Time.

Well… It’s that Mans oyster sir! That man’s oyster!

No furthur your rest-rens!

Why didn’t Willum tell me you had an oyseter?

Well I didn’t thought that was pre-noma-nent.Every rent’s pre-noma-nent! How can I defy you if I can’t touch youu!?

I Just wanna be your Morgan Freeman! A Morgan Freeman! you get to that?!

What time is it billy bob?

Lemon Dirty.

Well I think it’s time to play old mcdonald sutherland a visit.

Ricky Gervais Destroys Everyone at The 2011 Golden Globes

17 Jan 2011  1 Comment

Ricky Gervais, known for creating the original “The Office” TV series also writing and producing dozens of other tv shows. was the host of the 2011 Golden Globes yesterday and managed to make an enemy out of almost all of Hollywood.

Parenting 101

13 Jan 2011  2 Comments


Elmo Orders From Taco Bell

12 Jan 2011  No Comments

Even the cashier thought that was funny.

Your Editing Lacks Continuity

12 Jan 2011  No Comments

Can you spot all the inconsistencies?


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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