Guess Who’s Coming To Dubai?

24 Nov 2012  No Comments


I keep checking their website every couple of months to see if they are preforming anywhere close. I was hoping they’ll be doing a concert in London thinking that it is the closest place they could preform in but to my surprise Video Games Live are preforming in Dubai on December 14th. Needless to say I already booked my tickets.

A Historic Grammy For Gaming

19 Feb 2011  1 Comment

I’ve been real busy so this might be old news for some bust I still thought I should post about it.

A few months ago, Christopher Tin made headlines when his song “Baba Yetu” that was originally written for the game Civilization IV, was nominated for a Grammy. It was the first ever music that was originally written for a game to be nominated.

Earlier this week, Baba Yetu won in the “Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)” category.  I hope this is just the beginning. as we all know how wonderful gaming music really is.

Game Jams: Hell March – Red Alert

30 Oct 2010  1 Comment

Its been ages since the last Game Jams video that I literarily forgot about them. but when I saw this video it popped right into my head. Although Command and Conquer: Red Alert was the best real time strategy game at the time, Hell March helped to imprint the game on a lot of minds even more. The game was released in 1996 and the song isn’t widely used but for everyone who played the Red Alert series its easily recognizable.

Game Jams: Metal Gear Solid 2 -Theme

7 Mar 2010  No Comments


This theme is one of the most cinematic scores in the history of gaming, which obviously matches the game to which its attached. Everything about this music screams “Play me I’m epic”, which it is.

Game Jams: Mega Man 2 Dr. Wily´s Castle

25 Feb 2010  4 Comments

In the old days, video game looked like crap. The only thing that they had going for them was gameplay and music. The gameplay aspect ended when you stop playing the game but the if the game had a catchy tune. you’ll be humming it all year.


This is probably the most recognized Mega Man theme song, the Dr. Wily theme is a stellar example for the magic that was made back in the 8-bit glory days.


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