The Force Is Strong With Soul Calibur IV

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Let’s start by saying that this is not a joke (at least I think it’s not), Namco’s upcoming Soul Calibur game will feature characters from Star wars. Yep Yoda and Darth Vader are in the pic and it seems that there will be more characters via downloadable content. So we have to wait and see to confirm this one.

UPDATE: Video added after the break.

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Prototype….. The Game of 2008?

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This game just looks awesome, it looks it has what it takes to be game of the year from what i saw, or maybe a close second right after MGS4? The game has a deep storyline good graphics and “the ultimate bad guy” checkout the video.

PS3 In-Game XMB

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Sony’s gaming division announced in CES that the PS3 in going to support in-game XMB – you know playing your own tracks in game like the xbox is able to do – sometime this year. So yay it will hit within 11 & 1/2 months.

via thegamereviews

Free Xbox Live Arcade Games

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As an Apology to problems occurred in Xbox Live service that many faced during the holiday season. More details will be released by Microsoft, stay tuned.

via DailyTech

Mo Game, No Pain

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A new study by a professor in Simon Fraser University shows that virtual reality environment (Games) can substitute drugs as a pain-killer.

get your game-on …


Far Cry 2 On It’s Way To XBOX360 And PS3

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Its seem that we can’t get enough of 1st person shooters these days, as Ubisoft announced yesterday that is will be releasing Far Cry 2 sometime between 08-09 fiscal year, that’s between April 08 and March 09.

Via joystiq

Best 360 Games of ‘07

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Got a 360? Did you finish the fight? Check out what else you might have missed last year on the 360.

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Sony Might Unveil New PSN Approach

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This is a very weak rumor, But Sony Asia released a questionnaire asking customers if they would prefer to pay a monthly fee for an unlimited download for PS1 and PSP games.

Via C&VG

The Portable Mega Drive

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portable mega drive 

It seem that SEGA is still very much in the console business, as this little toy is available to

purchase online from Play-Asia for only $40 plus shipping of course.

Via [Play-Asia]


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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