The Closest You Can Get To Siri on Android

16 Oct 2011  No Comments

The iPhone 4S was a bit of a disappointment, waiting almost 18 months for a just a camera and processor upgrade. But Apple had a trick up their sleeve, making the coolest feature in iOS 5 an iPhone 4S exclusive even though most -if not all- voice to text transcribing is not done on the device itself but in the cloud.

Google in the other hand had simple voice search/command linked to its search app in Android. It is used even by Google Translate with its latest update giving it one hell of a functionality.


Vlingo Virtual Assistant:

The original is still the best voice-powered Virtual Assistant on Android.Looking for Siri-like functionality on your Android device? Look no further.



Voice Actions:

Voice Action takes it a step further by enabling you to set alarms, reminders and ask it other various questions and it will answer. Its based on Google Voice Search so you must have it installed.




Another Google Search based app is Edwin, this app also lets you turn on stuff like bluetooth, wifi, ask it the time and weather. The searches are done via Wolfram Alpha (same as Siri)


With that said, Apple’s implementation of voice commands is the most elegant of the bunch. Hope Google does the same in the next Android update.

iPhone 4S Buying Guide

11 Oct 2011  3 Comments

iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S has been up for preorder since the 7th. And should start shipping in the 14th. If you are planning to get your hands on one as soon as possible here are few hints.

The iPhone 4S will be released on the14th in only 6 countries (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Japan) if you happen to be in one of those countries and willing to wait whole day in line for it you will be able to get your hand on the iPhone 4S for the following prices:

iPhone 4S Price in UK:
iPhone 4S 16GB – KWD 212.71
iPhone 4S 32GB – KWD 255.33
iPhone 4S 64GB – KWD 297.96

iPhone 4S Price in France:
iPhone 4S 16GB – KWD 230.48
iPhone 4S 32GB – KWD 270.78
iPhone 4S 64GB – KWD 311.09

iPhone 4S Price in Germany:
iPhone 4S 16GB – KWD 230.48
iPhone 4S 32GB – KWD 270.78
iPhone 4S 64GB – KWD 311.09

iPhone 4S Price in Canada:
iPhone 4S 16GB – KWD 175
iPhone 4S 32GB – KWD 200
iPhone 4S 64GB – KWD 230

iPhone 4S Price in Australia:
iPhone 4S 16GB – KWD 220
iPhone 4S 32GB – KWD 250
iPhone 4S 64GB – KWD 275

iPhone 4S Price in USA:
Carrier unlocked phones will be available in November
iPhone 4S 16GB – KWD180
iPhone 4S 32GB – KWD 205
iPhone 4S 64GB – KWD 235

If you have someone in Canada then you are lucky. But if you are ordering online your best bet is to order from Apple UK as they ship to forwarding addresses last time I checked. But keep in mind the the first batch of phones is currently out of stock and the next batch should be here in 1-2 weeks according to all of Apple’s online stores.

By the end of October, The iPhone 4S will be available in 22 more countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein,Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland) and the rest of the market (i.e. UAE)  by December. No word on pricing though.

How To get iOS 5 on Your iOS Device

9 Jun 2011  5 Comments

If you are a developer you already know how to get the latest beta version of iOS and register your device to enable the installation if that beta software. If you are not a developer, you can still test out the latest Apple mobile OS by firstly downloading the latest beta builds of iTunes and iOS 5 from here. And then you must register you iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch as a developer’s device. There are a few websites that do that ranging from $7-$10 per device. Check them out here,here or here.

After getting all the necessary requirements. The first thing you should do is install the beta version of iTunes. Then launch it and select your idevice’s icon in iTunes and then click on “Restore” while holding “Control” if you are using windows on the “Option” key of you are using a Mac. Select the iOS 5 beta file that you downloaded and the rest should go smoothly.

Multitouch Now Enabled on The Nexus One

3 Feb 2010  6 Comments


Google just released an update enabling a feature we all know that the device is capable of. Multitouch is now available for Google native apps (browser, gallery and maps).

How to update your Nexus One:

  1. You can download the the update from here.
  2. Rename the zip file to and copy it to the root of your Nexus One SD card (F:\ and not anywhere else.
  3. Reboot into bootloader by powering off the device and back on while holding in the trackball. (using Volume up and down keys to navigate and pressing the the power button to select)
  4. Select “Recovery” from the short menu. (navigate using the above method).
  5. When the Android with a caution logo pops up, hold down the power button + volume up button.
  6. Select ‘apply SD Card :’
  7. After the update is finished, select reboot from the menu.

With this update it looks like I’m going to change my review slightly (should have it up this week).

The whole process took less than 5 minutes (including the download). and you wont loss any data or programs you already have on your device.

DSL Prices in Kuwait *Double Update*

1 Feb 2010  25 Comments


These are the current DSL prices here during the InfoConnect Expo.

Prices are for an annual subscription.

Speed\Company Qualitynet KEMS FastTelco GulfNet
128Kb N/A N/A N/A 50KD
256Kb 49KD 75KD 39KD 62KD
512Kb 85KD 75KD 59KD 80KD
1Mb 120KD 135KD 99KD 141KD
1.5Mb N/A 155KD N/A N/A
2Mb 180KD 204KD 159KD 192KD
3Mb N/A 304KD 239KD N/A
4Mb N/A 404KD 319KD N/A
2-4Mb* 235KD N/A N/A N/A
5-24Mb** 420KD 604KD N/A N/A


* If your line can handle more than 2Mb, you’ll get the speed for the same price as the you would for 4Mb. So basically they are saying that the prices of anything more than 2Mb and less than 4Mb are the same.

** subscription from 5Mb onwards will cost the same.



Qualitynet: You’ll get double the subscription speed the first 3 months (for 256Kb and 512Kb subscriptions only), and a free wireless router.

Gulfnet: Subscription are for 14 months (2 free months) and you’ll get a free wireless modem.

They also have a new service where you can temporarily activate a 24Mb speed on your subscription (if your line can handle it) for a fee of 3.5KD. It will be activated for a week or till you reach your cap of 1GB, it can be activated via their website.

KEMS: You get 3 months free (total 15 months).

Fasttelco: You’ll get a 6 times your subscribed speed everyday from 1am to 7am.

updated KEMS 5-max pricing and Qualitynet’s note.

Thanks Khalid

$1000 App from Apple iTunes Store

18 Jan 2010  1 Comment

In 2008 Apple withdrew their “I Am Rich” app from the app store which sold 8 copies and only featured a red gem (shown below) on the iPhone’s home screen. They came under heavy abuse for even allowing an app of this sort into their App Store.


But now they are back with a real and working app that also costs $1000.  BarMax CA is a legitimate application which helps law students prepare for the BAR exam. Its price is allegedly justified because companies with the same styled programs sell it for between $3000-$4000. If you find yourself obliged to buy the app you can find it here.


Torrenting Made Easy: How To Automatically Download The Latest Episodes Of Your Favorite TV Shows

13 Jan 2010  19 Comments

ShowRSS  - Torrents

Since most people are downloading their TV shows from the net via torrents, I thought I might share this with you.

You can set up your torrent client to automatically download the latest episodes from a number of shows automatically without you doing anything.

this can be used on any operating system, you just need to have a RSS enabled torrent client.

Quick Guide after the break….

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AKA Hotel – Times Square

10 Jan 2010  10 Comments

After reading Mark’s post about wanting to go to New York and asking for a good place to stay, I noticed that I didn’t post much about anything other than Shake Shack when I was there.

AKA Hotel

So I’ll be doing some short posts about NY, first will be about the hotel I stayed in, AKA New York.

AKA Lobby

This is not a big hotel, as you can see from the photo above this is the lobby+ reception area. It looks cool but its also small. The hotel is located at 123 West 44th st.  which is very close to Times Square. In fact, it was a 1 minute walk to the middle of Times Square as you can see from the map below.

AKA Hotel Location

The room was amazing, it had a soft modern look to it, not too fancy but looked great. it also had a small kitchen and a huge refrigerator. And the price was excellent for something with that location and that spacious.

More after the break

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Blu-Ray Region Guide

11 Sep 2009  5 Comments

There seems to be a lot of confusion around blu-rays region/zoning dilemma coming from the DVD. I noticed that after the recent PS3 post.

So this is a quick guide,here it goes:

DVD’s had 6 zones as shown in the graph below:

DVD Regions.png

But Blu-rays have 3 regions:

Blueay Regions.png

But blu-ray has an unspoken secret, most movies are region free, so it doesn’t matter what  region your player is. You can check the Blu-ray titles here

As for the PS3, all PS3 games are playable on all region consoles, there is no region lock for games. But the restrictions are on DVDs and some blu-ray movies, so you wont be able to play your PS2 games (not an issue with the newer models)/DVD movies that you purchased from amazon if you have a PAL PS3 and vice-versa.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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