10 Days With The Pebble SmartWatch

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I got my Pebble Smartwatch just over a week ago and it hasn’t left my wrist since. I really like what this little thing has to offer that it made me wear watches again. At its current state, the device links to either an Android or iOS device and offer basic information such as SMS, Email, WhatsApp (Android) and Caller ID notifications. You can also take it up a notch on android and download Augmenter SmartWatch Pro from the PlayStore and gives you a lot more functionality  like Twitter, Weather, any notification on your phone and it can also displays your Fitbit information.

The screen is great. It is really sharp and was visible any brightness thanks to the e-ink display. For darker situations the pebble also has a backlight. Battery life is also very good. The longest I went without a recharge was 3.5 days and I haven’t gotten the low battery warning. It should go up to 5 days.

Pebble Kickstarter

The Pebble keeps evolving as time goes by. New apps are being released and thanks to the recently released SDK it gives developers access to a lot more, especially in the hardware side. I would recommend getting one but Sony just announced they will be releasing a newer version of their smartwatch in a few months. 

The Pebble will cost you $150 and available for  pre-order at Pebble’s website

Sony’s New “Football Mode” Might Be The Reason To Buy A New TV

13 May 2013  No Comments

Sony Bravia Football

Sony revealed a new TV feature in its upcoming Bravia line that will be welcomed by football fans. “Football Mode” will let you cancel out the commentator’s voice and leave you with the sweet stadium sounds. It heavily depends on the quality of the audio stream and how it compares to the acoustics of the Sao Paolo stadium where Sony did there testing.

This is a really exciting new feature and gives the user more options, instead of muting the TV or choosing between 2 really annoying commentators.

Via Pocket-Lint

The OUYA: More Than Meets The Eye

15 Jul 2012  1 Comment


The OUYA is an Android based box with a controller. It is supposed to be a game console but because it is Android based I think it will be much more. I think it will be an Apple TV/Boxee Box competitor with a bit more functionality. The device is designed by Yves Behar, The guy who designed the Jawbone Jambox.

The OUYA 1

When I first stumbled on the project had $300,000 and all purchasing options were available, I thought to myself that I’ll do it the morning of the next day. To my surprise, the next day news about the OUYA was all over the internet. The project had over 2 million dollars (approaching 5 millions at the moment) and all but one purchasing options are gone.

The specs of the device are:

Tegra 3 quad-core processor


8GB of internal flash storage

HDMI connection to the TV, with support for up to 1080p HD

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth LE 4.0 USB 2.0 (one)

Wireless controller with standard controls (two analog sticks, d-pad, eight action buttons, a system button), a touchpad

Android 4.0

OUYA Controller 640

The OUYA is scheduled for release in March 2013.

Via Kickstarter

This is The Samsung Galaxy SIII

20 Apr 2012  1 Comment

Did the Samsung Galaxy S III just appear in Vietnam? (video)

According to a Vietnamese site this is soon to be unveiled Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-9300). that has a 4.6” 1184×720 screen, 1.4 Quad-Core CPU, 1GB of Ram, 8MP camera 16GB storage and a MicroSD slot.

There is a plastic casing around the device in the video to keep the final design a bit of a secret. The 2050mhA battery will come with NFC capability.

More photos at XDA

The Lens Cups

9 Apr 2012  1 Comment

Lens Cup 1

I’ve had these lens cups for a couple of years now and I have been using small one as pen holders as I hate the metallic innards of the mug. I really can’t remember where exactly I got them from but they are pretty wide spread at the moment and available at a number of online retailers now and easy to find. The quality isn’t that great as the as the lens/cup cover doesn’t stagy on for the black small cup which is irritating even though I don’t use the cover.

Lens Cup 2

You can get those 2 cup from Photojojo even though it isn’t the place I got it from. The black 24-105mm lens cup is sold for almost 6.5KD and the white 70-200mm travel mug will cost you 8.5KD.


Lens Cup 4

The Sony PS Vita

8 Apr 2012  4 Comments

Sony PS Vita 3

Being a gamer, I was thinking of getting the PS Vita ever since it was announced. But because of the underwhelming sales I thought I should hold out for a while anticipating a price cut just like what happened with the Nintendo 3DS. But I was caught of guard when I saw that XCITE were selling the 3G version for 105KD which was a very good price. The first thing you notice on any device these days is the screen. And the PS Vita’s 5″ 960×544 bright and crisp screen is just great.

Sony PS Vita 4

The second analog stick is a godsend. People were asking for it ever since the release of the original PSP. Having it makes gaming much more natural especially if you are a console gamer since both XBOX and The Playstation both have dual analog sticks.

Sony PS Vita 9

The console has just been released so the game library isn’t that big at the moment. You can play the games either via a physical game card or a digital download which is my favorite. The problem is the the PS Vita doesn’t come with any built-in memory so you would have to buy a memory card if you plan to download games, demos or even watch movies.

Sony PS Vita 10

The battery is a problem with the device. During my gaming sessions I managed to get 3 hours max from a fully charge battery, that was with full brightness, wifi on and no sim card installed.

Sony PS Vita 5

All in all I would say that the PS Vita is a pretty capable device that would be better if there was a bigger game selection but I’m sure that will be coming along on the near future.

Sony PS Vita 1

Sony PS Vita 2

Sony PS Vita 6


14 Feb 2012  2 Comments


While looking for a good media center PC for a friend I decided that the ZOTAC ZBOX bare bone  an Intel Atom 1.8GHz dual core CPU is the way to go, as I had an extra HDD and RAM after my Mac Mini and Macbook Pro upgrades. And I don’t recommend 2GB of RAM for anything, having 4GBs makes the devices run much smoother with lesser hiccups.


Installation of the HDD and RAM were pretty straight forward and opening up the case was easy as it has thumb screws. I needed an internal DVD for the OS installation (you can make a bootable USB drive though) as the ZBOX doesn’t have a built-in DVD drive. The device is also quiet an slim so its very well designed to be visible beside/underneath a TV. Also Installed Boxee on it for TV show/movie organization and metadata gathering.


It also has a ton of connections and ports such as: DVI, HDMI,LAN, USB 2, USB 3.0, Built-in Wireless LAN N. It also has an Nvidia Ion chipset which make playing HD movies a buttery experience.

The device costs around 60KD from amazon without delivery. Also worth mentioning in the ZOTAC NANO an even smaller form factor that has an AMD CPU.

The Keyboard is Here

24 Jan 2012  2 Comments

Asus Transformer Prime + Keyboard

Last week I mentioned that I got the Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet but the keyboard was still stuck in my Aramex’s mailbox back in the States. Yesterday, it arrived and I hooked the keyboard to the tablet which was a easy process and gained some extra functionality.

Asus Transformer Prime + Keyboard 2

The device looks great as I mentioned in my tablet post, it is wonderfully built and designed, the keyboard dock fits perfectly into the overall design. Asus did an excellent job.

Asus Transformer Prime + Keyboard 3

I still think that the software is a bit lagging. Android ICS 4.0 was just released but also to take into consideration that the physical keyboard form factor isn’t standard. So we’ll se if the developers make use of it.

Asus Transformer Prime + Keyboard 4

I still have to test it out thoroughly before passing final judgment, that might take a couple of weeks.

The Asus EeePad Transformer Prime

15 Jan 2012  3 Comments

Asus Transformer Prime Back

I managed to get one of those elusive Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime more than a week ago but was too lazy/busy to even get it out of the box and play around with it.

Transformer Prime ICS Upgradable

As soon as I read that ICS upgrade was made available for the Transformer Prime (it ships with Honeycomb 3.2) I decided its time to test it out.

Asus Transformer Prime Logo

Asus did a great job with the Transformer Prime continuing what they did with the Asus Transformer. But this time around they made a much sleeker device. Weighing just 586 grams lighter compared to the iPad 2′s 601 grams (not that you’ll notice it) and is a hair thinner, The transformer prime is a great piece of hardware.


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Macbook Pro SSD Upgrade

4 Jan 2012  2 Comments

MBP SSD Upgrade 1

After having the problem with my SSD in my PC build a few weeks ago and having to order a new one. I kept experimenting with my “faulty” SSD and see if I missed something. After playing around with it for a few days  discovered that it ran fine as a data drive (opposed to a boot disk). So I thought I might as well try sticking it in my Macbook Pro.

MBP SSD Upgrade 2

I’ve opened up every computer I’ve owned but still I had to research the matter before diving into it. After a quick read it was confirmed that it was pretty straight forward and that I had all the tools necessary for the job.

MBP SSD Upgrade 3

After unscrewing the bottom of the Macbook Pro (I have the unibody 2010 edition) and popping it open, you can see the HDD in the bottom right secured by a latch. removing the latch and the SATA connector completely releases the HDD. And from there its just a matter of replacing the HDD and putting everything back together.

MBP SSD Upgrade 4

There are a number of benefits to having a SSD such as:

  • Speed: boot time is 18 seconds from pressing the power button to read use and having 3 programs running (Pixelmator, Safari and MarsEdit).
  • Silent: Because SSD has no moving pars it is virtually silent and also there is no vibrations.
  • Slightly better battery life.

The 2 major and only disadvantages that SSD have in my opening are price and capacity. but in time we “should” get there.

This is the first day of using the MBP after the upgrade so I’ll be watching if it acts up.




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