New Awesome Screen By Alienware

8 Jan 2008  2 Comments


Alienware showed-off this beautiful curved screen at CES, it’s a DLP with OLED illumination with a 2880×900 resulotion, 0.02 ms response time and a 2nd half of 08 release date, I think nobody can wait.

More pics and video after the break.

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Micro SDHC Reaches 12GB

8 Jan 2008  No Comments


SanDisk managed to stuff a micro SD card with 12GB of memory, No pricing just yet. The previous micro SD heavy weight was the 8GB version; the 6GB are selling for $70 at Amazon. I wonder how much are these going to cost?

WiHD In Vegas CES 2008

6 Jan 2008  No Comments


Highly anticipated CES in Vegas is expected to mark 1st HD displays of the upcoming WirlessHD Technology. WiHD is a wireless solution optimized for transmitting uncompressed high-definition video, multi-channel audio, intelligent format and control data, and Hollywood approved content protection. Its Core Technology promotes a theoretical transmission speed of 25Gbps but 1st Generation will achieve only 4Gbps. WiHD expected to be available to consumers by the end of the year.

Finally, I can really hang an HD TV as advertised (with nothing hanging out), lets hope for a WiPower as well !

via & CNN

Marvell Announces WiFi 802.11n Chipset with 450 Mbps !

4 Jan 2008  No Comments


Available by Q2 of 2008, Marvell’s WiFi chipset -code named “TopDog 11n-450″- is 160% faster than the fastest current 802.11n and 5x better than 802.11g in range.

via InformationWeek

Slingbox Pro HD To Offer 1080i Streaming

4 Jan 2008  1 Comment


This is a photo of the Slingbox pro HD which combines the previous Slingbox pro and the HD connectors and will offer 1080i streaming out of the box. Will be available at august for $400.

via Gizmodo

Dell’s Ultra Sexy New LCD

4 Jan 2008  2 Comments


Dell’s new super beautiful 22" LCD will be shipping in the next few days, it will have a 1680×1050, 2ms response time, cool looking bult-in speakers, 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, DVI and HDMI. This baby will coast around $1200.

UPDATE: Video added


via Gizmodo

Apple To Choose Blu-ray Over HD-DVD

4 Jan 2008  No Comments


Apple Are expected to tell the world at the Macworld 2008 they are going to preferred Blu-ray over HD-DVD for their Macs. Also, a new Airport Extreme, the rumored Macbook mini/slim and an apple TV upgrade.

Via AppleInsider

Hitachi’s 500GB 2.5" HDD’s

3 Jan 2008  1 Comment


Hitachi’ announced a world first today with their first 500GB 2.5" drive. Don’t start saving just yet, as they don’t intend to sell it directly to consumers only to OEM’s, because it wouldn’t fit into your standard laptop nor external enclosure. First to use them will be ASUS with their new laptops the M50 and M70 which will pack 2 of these for a whooping 1TB portable storage.

The Portable Mega Drive

1 Jan 2008  No Comments

portable mega drive 

It seem that SEGA is still very much in the console business, as this little toy is available to

purchase online from Play-Asia for only $40 plus shipping of course.

Via [Play-Asia]


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