What a 5MB Hard Drive Looked Like in 1956

27 Dec 2011  1 Comment

5MB in 1956

In September 1956 IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first ‘SUPER’ computer with a hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD weighed over a ton and stored a ‘whopping’ 5 MB of data.

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Samsung 830 SSD: Take 2

25 Dec 2011  No Comments

Samsung 830 SSD

So I just got my new SSD that is supposed to replace the defective one I had already installed in my latest PC setup. I really hope that the problem was with the previous drive and nothing else. I should have the new drive installed later today.

PC Build Problem 2: Faulty SSD

18 Dec 2011  2 Comments


I hit another problem during my PC Assembly, this time it is more critical. After installing windows and downloading all the latest drivers I kept getting the blue screen of death “BSOD”. I had no idea why at first, so I started troubleshooting. Rechecked all cable connections and then started downloading the Windows updates one by one, just to make sure its not a driver problem. This took a long while as you would imagine but the problem resurfaced again when I left my PC on overnight. I decided to restart in safe mode and let it run. It ran for a few hours then Windows just freezes and hangs which leads to another BSOD. Another format/reinstallation of windows letting windows run for a few hours and it crashes again. confirming that its a hardware problem. So I am currently waiting for my replacement drive but in the meantime running Windows on a regular HDD. The couple of days that windows ran on SSD were great and I am really hating the magnetic hard drives at the moment.

PC Build Problem One: Wrong CPU Cooler/Fan

13 Dec 2011  No Comments

CNPS 10X Extreme

I should be done with my PC assembly by now but I have been a little busy lately. As I was putting the build together I noticed that my CPU cooler/fan was for a different socket. My current motherboard is a 1155 socket and the cooler is for 1156 among others. I don’t know how I missed this when I was ordering.

I have to put up with the stock fan for now and hold off on overclocking until I find/order a new replacement.

Yet Another PC Assembly

22 Nov 2011  5 Comments

PC Parts

It has been more than 2 years since I last put together my own PC build. WIth the amount of gaming that I’m doing on the PC I thought I should upgrade to enjoy the games even more.

I initially wanted to upgrade my existing PC but the CPU upgrade path was out of the question. So I had to buy a new motherboard to accommodate the new processor. I should tryout an SSD as my boot/OS disk for better performance. And of course a new graphic card. I also wanted a new case with USB 3.0 support and more room inside and better cooling solutions. Wanted also to replace my Razer Mamba mouse, its a great mouse but after playing for a few hours non-stop and the battery runs out, you get screwed. So I decided to get the Cyborg R.A.T. 9 wireless mouse that come  with 2 batteries. After looking at all of that I was only short of RAM and a power supply and I would have a fully functioning PC. I got 16GB of RAM bundle for almost $100. but decided to stay with my power supply and get a new less powerful one for my old build.

Part List:

  • Intel CPU core i7 2700K 3.5Ghz (Link)
  • Asus Republic of Gamers Maximus IV Extreme-Z motherboard (Link)
  • EVGA GTX 570 superclocked GPU (Link)
  • 4x4GB (16GB) GSkill 1600 RAM (Link)
  • Samsung 830 series SSD 128GB (Link)
  • Cyborg R.A.T 9 wireless mouse (Link)
  • Thermaltake Chasar MK-I case (bought from Kuwait for KD85) (Link)

Now I just have to have time to put it all together.

The Kindle Fire

22 Nov 2011  6 Comments

Kindle Fire

Yesterday the Aramex guy delivered a package that contained Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet. The design is very familiar if you ever seen a Blackberry Playbook. I think the 7″ screen size is just about right for a tablet, either for reading or watching video.

Kindle Fire vs Galaxy S2

When I first turned on the device and without putting in any information except for my wifi password. The device automatically synced to my account. It looks like that Amazon ships the devices with credentials pre-loaded.

The device lacks any google app like Gmail and the standard Android Market. But Amazon’s android store has a good selection of apps.

Silk Browser in Kuwwait

Also worth mentioning that the Kindle Fire’s web browser (Amazon Silk Browser) routes traffic via amazon servers. That bypasses the local blocking methods used to block websites. So getting onto Collage Humor’s webpage was easy, but I had a difficulty playing back videos.

The Kindle Fire costs around KD60, too bad its you have to have a US based credit card to actually start using the app store or a proxy to use the vide service. It looks like a very good tablet to playback youtube videos and some casual gaming for my kids.


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Really Hating Customs At The Moment

16 Nov 2011  3 Comments


I’ve been waiting for the rest of my PC components to arrive so that I can really enjoy the gaming frenzy that is currently going on. But my packages have been piling up in customs since before eid and they are still there 4 working days later. I am really frustrated.

Samsung Galaxy Note – Quick Hands-On

13 Nov 2011  6 Comments

Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy SII

I got to play around with the recently released 5.3″ behemoth Samsung Galaxy Note for a short period and managed to grab a couple of pics for comparisons. The device has a Super HD Amoled screen, 1.4 dual core CPU, 1GB ram, 16/32GB internal memory, 8MP rear camera and a Stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy SII Comparison

As you can see from the pic above, the phone is a hair slimmer than the iPhone 4/4S and has a curved back which makes it comfortable when held in the hands.

But the phone is a little big in my opinion, as its blurring the line between tablet and phones.

Thanks Abdullah

PC Upgrade: Graphics Card

13 Nov 2011  4 Comments


I’ve had my original PC without modifications ever since I built it a couple of years ago. But with all the PC gaming I’m currently doing, I thought an upgrade was needed to cope with the newer, high-end games. The most important part of the PC hardware when it comes to gaming might be the GPU, my old card was a GTX 285. Back in its day, it was top of the line, but it is still considered a capable card.

The time of the upgrade was very awkward as the current generation of GPU have been in the market for more than year now, and the next generation (Nvidia’s 600 series) is rumored to be just around the corner. So I decided not to spend a lot of money on the high-end card and get a more than adequate GTX 570 that can get me through this influx of games with flying colors.

I got a significant jump in frame rates in Battlefield 3 as I got on my GTX 285 40fps on the medium setting, and 20-25fps on the ultra setting. But with the GTX 570 I got an average of 72fps on medium setting and 45fps on ultra setting.

I also set up my GTX 285 to be a dedicated PhysX card.

A am now waiting for the rest of the PC parts to arrive and start installing them.

Galaxy Nexus vs Galaxy Note

28 Oct 2011  1 Comment

The Samsung Galaxy Note was announced almost 2 months ago, but I didn’t comprehend how big it is until I saw this video. Its massive. I like it.


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