Revolutionizing Photography

22 Oct 2011  3 Comments

A few months ago, I came across an article about a new technology that would change the way we think about day-to-day photography. But after reading the article I dismissed it as its too early for that kind of technology.

Fast forward a few months, Y=the same company just had an event showcasing their new tech/camera and they say it should be available in March/April 2012. $400 for the 8GB version and $500 for the 16GB version.

So what is it about the LYTRO camera that is so special? it will make the half a press of the camera that was used for focusing a thing of the past as with its camera you will never need to focus another image again. The camera captures all the light from all the object from all the different depths and you can then select the focus point desired post process. It will also make 3D image much easier to generate.

Check out the demo image below, just press to select the focus point.


Shoot 360 Panoramic videos on Your iPhone

20 Oct 2011  No Comments

GoPano Micro
“Life happens in 360… Now your videos can too”
I backed up a kickstarter project a  few months back called “GoPano Micro”. The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone4 to make 360 panoramic videos! Just snap the lens to the supplied iPhone 4/S case and press record to make cool interactive 360 videos using the free iOS app. The shipment arrived yesterday but to bad I “misplaced” my iPhone 4 a month ago and can’t just try it out at the moment. Have to wait for the iPhone 4S.
The interactive video below is shot with a GoPano for the DSLR but its the same concept. use your mouse or arrow keys to pan around the video.


GoPano Store

Watch more panoramic videos here

Introducing The Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich (video)

19 Oct 2011  No Comments

Google and Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Nexus “Nexus Prime” and Ice Cream Sandwich today at their Hong Kong event. The phone and the softeware should be available in November.

It turns out the they Galaxy Nexus’s specs are the underwhelming ones that I previously mentioned. having 1.2Ghz CPU, 5MP rear camera, 1750 mAh battery. But its still considered one hell of a device.

Galaxy Nexus

The current phone specs are lacking the 2100Mhz band. I wonder how will this effect us here or are we going to wait for an international version.

Thanks Mohammed


iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test

18 Oct 2011  No Comments

Are you the kind of guy that drops his phone constantly? the video will shows what will happen if you drop your iPhone 4/S from various heights vs the Samsung Galaxy S 2. The outcome is predictable as the iPhone’s glass finish is more prone to breaking than the lighter plastic finish of the SGS2.

No 3D For Me

17 Oct 2011  No Comments


Got a new TV a few weeks ago, I was looking to upgrade my 46″LCD with a 46″ LED. I was exclusively looking for a LED screen with no 3D support as I refuse to support this stupid gimmick.

My first destination was X-Cite at the Avenues mall, I was surprised that they hardly had any 46″ TV’s at all in their collection. so I went to Carrefour and there I found my next TV, the Samsung UA46D5500RR. A LED with no 3D support. But they didn’t have any in stock other than the one on display which they refused to give me a discount on, which was puzzling since it was an “open box”  product.


I have no idea why I walked back to X-Cite and asked them about that specific model, to my surprise the guy tells me that they do have it but its not on display. Its not on display so that they can clear out the old stock they’ve got. But he told me that I can purchase it and they can have it delivered to me in a couple of days. I immediately agreed and it was delivered as scheduled.

The TV is great, it has both allshare functionality that allows you to stream from other Samsung devices, say the Galaxy S II, to the TV wirelessly ala Airplay, but it won’t work for me as I am not running the stock rom on my SGS2 . It also supports a number of video codecs to be played back via USB like MKV,MP4 and AVI just to name a few, in HD as well.

Ice Cream Sandwich on Nexus Prime (Video)

7 Oct 2011  4 Comments

The upcoming Nexus Prime has been leaking like crazy in the past 24 hours, the latest is a quick video walkthrough of the device running the latest version of android “Ice Cream Sandwich”.

There has been also some reports about the specs of the device, 2 conflicting reports. First the underwhelming:

  • 1.2 GHz dual core processor
  • 5 MP camera with 1080P video support
  • 1750mAh Battery

Other reports suggest:

  • 1.5 GHz dual core processor.
  • 8 MP camera with 1080P video support
  • Dual core GPU
  • 2050mAh Battery

Both reports say the the device will have a 4.65” screen that boost 1280×720 resolution, 1GB of RAM and up to 32GB of memory.


October is One Geeky Month

5 Oct 2011  No Comments


We just heard yesterday from Apple the specs of the latest iPhone 4S. Next week its Samsung and Google’s turn to announce the anticipated Nexus Prime/Galaxy, a rumored 4.65″ screen with 720P Super Amoled Plus display And from the teaser video it looks like it will have a curved screen. And by the end of the month Nokia world will be taking place and we should see the first Nokia Windows Mobile Phone device. I hope they don’t reveal something too awesome or that means I’ll be broke this month. That’s not taking into account the Amazon’s Kindle Fire that was announced last week.

Nexus Prime To Be Announced in 2 Weeks?

25 Sep 2011  2 Comments


Samsung are having another “Unpacked” event on the 11th of October at CTIA. At Samsung’s last “unpacked” event we saw a number of announcements like the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the Galaxy Note. With the latest installment of Android dubbed “Ice Cream Sandwich” scheduled for release in October/November, it seams like the perfect timing to announced the highly anticipated Nexus Prime, Google’s next flagship phone.

NVIDIA’s Kal-El Actually has 5 Cores

21 Sep 2011  1 Comment


It turns out that NVIDIA’s upcoming Kal-El processor that was believed to have 4 cores actually has 5 cores. The fifth core will handle mundane tasks such as syncing, background tasks and audio. Which in turn will boast the battery life of the device.

Kal-El equipped devices are expected to arrive before the end of the year and was one of the main reasons that I don’t own an Android tablet yet.


Upgrading The Mac Mini

7 Sep 2011  2 Comments

Mac Mini 2011

I have been a mac user for almost 5 years now, and the Mac Mini that I got a couple of weeks ago was my first Mac desktop experience. And because I downloaded OS X Lion a few weeks earlier on my MBP and experienced some slow-downs. I knew I had to get extra RAM for the Mac Mini if I intended to use it as a proper desktop with somewhat intensive tasks.

A good thing that the Mac Mini RAM upgrade is fool-proof. All you need to do is unscrew the bottom, both RAM sticks, put in the new RAM (2x4GB sticks in my case) and the just screw the bottom back on. its that simple.

Mac Mini 2011 RAM Upgrade 1

Mac Mini 2011 RAM Upgrade 2

Mac Mini 2011 RAM Upgrade 3

Mac Mini 2011 RAM Upgrade 4

The RAM kit I got from Amazon was for $44/KD12 and works beautifully. [Link]


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