Google Nose: The New Scentsation in Search

1 Apr 2013  No Comments

Smelling is Believing

Smelling is believing, or at least that is what google wants you to believe.

Google released their April Fool’s prank for this year and it’s called Google Nose. 

Pressing the “Try Google Nose” button takes you to some random yet interesting smell choices. I tried it a couple of time and got a “diaper” and a “wet dog” results. you can press the “smell” button and you can start smelling that beautiful aroma you have chosen. Of course the is no smell.

Start Smelling

I love those annual April Fools stuff Google do each year. here is a list of previous pranks. [Link]

Samsung Flies Two Bloggers To Berlin’s IFA Event And Threatens To Leave Them There

3 Sep 2012  No Comments


A few months back Samsung sent out emails to a number of Kuwaiti bloggers looking for “Partners” if I remember correctly. They offered to send you –if you were selected-  to  major events and have exclusive news in regards to Samsung products. In return they wanted you to become their mouth piece.

They didn’t exactly say that but that was the conclusion of the conversation with the representatives. All the bloggers that I know turned them down but 2 Indian bloggers weren’t so lucky and agreed to join Samsung’s Mobilers program .

Jeff and another blogger agreed to be flown to Berlin as a reporter to cover both Samsung’s announcement and the whole IFA event. He was supposed to return back home on the 6th but the reservation was cancelled and and was threatened to be left stranded in Germany and pay his own accommodation bills after refusing to wear a Samsung blue t-shirt and sit in the Samsung booth all day.

More details at TNW

But Google, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

2 Aug 2012  1 Comment

Last week, Google released the pricing details of their new Google Fiber  high speed internet service. The service will rollout in just 2 US cities, Kansas City Kansas and Kansas City Missouri (just a few feet apart).

So how fast is high speed you ask? in Kuwait, most residential areas top out at 8 Mbps for DSL lines and if you are of the lucky few who have access to fiber connection you can go up to 48 Mbps and that’s just the down-stream. Up stream is limited to 5 Mbps on fiber and just 1 Mbps on DSL.

Google Fiber fiber on the other hand has just one speed, and its 1 Gbps. Yes that is 1024 Mbps. That’s more than 100 times faster than our DSL connection. And it also offers 1Gbps up-stream as well with no caps what so ever.

So how much does this ridiculous internet connection speeds cost you say? Here 8 Mbps connection costs KD320-330 annually and I have no idea how much does the 48 Mbps fiber subscription costs. WIMD’s 15 Mbps is KD870 with a KD250 installation fee. Google is charging $70 (~KD20) a month with a $300 (~KD85) one time construction fee that is waived if you commit for 1 year. If you pay the $300 setup fee you get free 5 Mbps down 1 Mbps up internet connection for life (7 years guaranteed).

Google also is offering a Internet+TV package for $120 (~KD35) with a waived $300 installation fee if you commit for 2 years. What will you get other than the insanely fast 1Gbps internet and and some TV channels? well you’ll get a TV box that doubles as a Wi-Fi access point to extend the range of your network it is also bluetooth enabled so that you can pair up keyboards, headphones and mice with it. You also get a 2 TB storage box to store your recorded programs, it can hold up to 500 hours of HDTV and you can record up to 8 channels at the same time. You will also get a free Nexus 7 ($200 dollar value) and a 1TB Google Drive subscription ($50 monthly value).

There is a certain percentage of people per neighborhood that have to pre-register so that they are eligible for the service.

Living in Kansas City (both of them) suddenly got very tempting.

Google Fiber

8-Bit Kuwait Map

31 Mar 2012  4 Comments

This is just great, the ability to view Kuwait in retro 8-bit mode. It might not be very helpful but its damn awesome.

Use Dropbox? Get An Extra 23GB For Free

20 Mar 2012  1 Comment


I use Dropbox constantly but I rarely put large or a lot of files in it due to its limited free space. There are payable options but I’m waiting for the long rumored Google G-Drive to make an appearance.

Anyway, the steps are simple:

  • Uninstall Dropbox from your Android device.
  • Download this special version of Dropbox [here].
  • Install it and login.
  • Wait for the confirmation email (took me a couple of hours).
  • Uninstall Dropbox and re-download the latest version from Google Play.

via XDA Developers

Google Launches Google Play

7 Mar 2012  1 Comment

Google Play

Google launched their one-stop shop entertainment store yesterday. It is basically a rebranded Android Market with extra features. You can purchase Android apps, movies, music, and books.

of course Google is still not showing love for us here in Kuwait as we can only access the app store officially.

Google Play


Kuwait Paper Dump’s Bot is Your Personal Restaurant Concierge

26 Feb 2012  3 Comments



Kuwait Paper Dump just released a really nifty feature, a twitter bot. Ever had to google a restaurant’s phone number? or had to check what they had on their menu? well, its now hassle free with the KPDbot. Its very simple to use and is a great way to get what you want on a mobile device. Menus and other promotions are received as a PDF file which makes viewing them simple.

All you need to do is follow @KPDBot on twitter and then send your inquiry. There are 2 main commands, either you are looking for a phone number or a menu:

  • To get a PDF menu for the Baking Tray, tweet: @KPDBot menu baking tray
  • And to get the phone number for the baking tray you’ll need to tweet: @KPDBot number baking tray

I think this is a service that I’ll be using a lot.

Kuwait Paper Dump via Kuwaitiful

To get a PDF Menu for Baking Tray, tweet

Trying to Watch Chelsea vs Man U game Online, Didn’t Go Very Well

6 Feb 2012  No Comments


I was trying to watch yesterdays English Premier League game between Chelsea and Manchester United online via Abu Dhabi’s online offering. Its much more convenient and I wanted to get some things done during the game rather than  just focus what I thought would be a boring clash (boy was I wrong). Plus, I paid almost 20KD for it I might as well use it.

The problem was the service I paid for just didn’t want to work. I stared at the black box for a solid 3-5 minutes before giving up and switching the TV on. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, it mostly happens during important/big games. It looks like that their servers cant handle the bandwidth required.

I kept the browser pointed at the games stream webpage and it started 8 minutes into the game but that wasn’t the end of it. The game didn’t run smoothly at all and was really stuttery throughout. It played for 15-20 seconds and then hangs for another 20-30 seconds. That wasn’t a fun experience.

The free streaming video that I got from a Russian website on the other hand played without a hitch. Which makes things even more frustrating.

This is going to be the final year I subscribe to the online portion of the EPL via Abu Dhabi. I had the same problem last year but was optimistic and thought they must have fixed what was broken.

Kuwait’s Mobile Data Comparisons

25 Oct 2011  6 Comments

Here is a simple price comparisons of mobile data packages of all three telecom companies in Kuwait:

Data Comparisons


Data Comparisons - Wataniya


Even though Viva is the newest Telecom in Kuwait, it has the best packages for the heavy user. It is the only company to offer truly unlimited packages without any kind of throttling. The only issue with Viva is its spotty coverage, but once you get it, its smooth sailing from there. I use it for tethering at work and and its great. But they have a connection problem this week and they say they’ll have it fixed ASAP. It’s also the only company with connection speeds up to 42.2Mb, I haven’t tried it though.


Zain revamped their data packages a few months ago (or year not sure) but the new packages now competes with Viva’s unlimited plans. Even though its not unlimited the 10, 20 and 30GB are quite sufficient for mobile usage (no tethering). Zain have a better coverage but that doesn’t always mean 3G, as speed often drop to edge when neither 3G nor HSPA is available.


I’m sure that Wataniya’s 20MB and 200MB packages where designed for the old dumb phones where they hardly use any data. So they are idiotic at this point of time. The other “unlimited” packages where you get just 1GB or 2GB of data before being throttled to a pathetic 128Kbps is absurd and it has the lowest cap of any of the 3 Telecom companies. I used it to tether to my laptop this week during Viva’s outage and I passed the limit in just a few hours (we are already at the end of the month I know) but I rarely use the my mobile data other than the occasional WhatsApp, Twitter and very light browsing.



If you have Viva coverage then go with them, as a heavy user myself, I really appreciate the TRULY UNLIMITED packages. If you are unlucky and don’t have Viva coverage in your workplace/home then Zain is the second best option.

Improve Your Typing With A Game

4 Oct 2011  2 Comments

This cool flash based shoot’em’Up where you have to type to destroy your enemies. Z-Type reminds me of an old Sega game called The Typing of the Dead that was released on the Dreamcast back in 1999.

I just found my new Time-waster game.



Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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