Search And Download MP3′s

7 Apr 2010  4 Comments

Music search engine SkreemR turns up a nice selection of MP3 files from all over the web whether you’re looking for Mozart or Justin Timberlake. Pop in your favorite artist, song or album and get back links to MP3s.

Skreemr also provides an embedded Flash player so you can immediately play your search results without downloading the files.


WordPress – iPad

5 Apr 2010  8 Comments

A couple of bloggers requested that I post about the WordPress app for the iPad. So he is a few screenshots.

The app is very much like the iPhone app, and that’s a bad thing. There isn’t any extra features and they are not using the extra screen size wisely. You have no control over the pictures, only in HTML format which is a pain (also had problems posting landscape images, no option to rotate). They are auto automatically grouped together (same as the iPhone).

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New YouTube Look

1 Apr 2010  3 Comments


I was browsing YouTube and noticed some tweaks in their design, like moving the video and user info from the right to above and below the video, making more room for suggested videos. The biggest change is there is no more 5 stare rating , instead they are replaced with a simpler  like/dislike buttons.

You  can take a tour showing what changed while in a video page, and pressing the take a quick tour on the top right of the page just above the suggested videos.

The redesign looks cleaner, I like it.

Feedly – Google Chrome Extension

31 Mar 2010  1 Comment

Feedly - Cover

I’ve been using Google Chrome for a while now and really impressed with its speed. What also nice about Chrome is the ability to use extensions (just like Firefox). One of those extension is Feedly.

Feedly -Blogs

If you use Google Reader I really recommend using Feedly, it has a very clean interface and organizes your feeds in an easy to read way with all you categories intact. You can also view your tweets and Buzz’s too.


New Blog Redesign

28 Mar 2010  14 Comments

New Look

Finally, finished the long promised redesign of the blog. it might have some kinks so feedback would be appreciated.

The Best Homepage Ever!!

22 Mar 2010  3 Comments


I really recommend making this your default webpage. So that every time you launch your browser of choice, you will be greeted by this awesome welcome.


Why is Flickr Blocked in The UAE

15 Mar 2010  2 Comments

Flickr Blocked

I got the image above when I tried to access flickr during my stay in Dubai. I have no idea why would flickr be blocked, it just makes no sense. I thought they just might be religiously strict so I tried to  access a gambling site, and I did.


And just to make sure that I didn’t just access a site that just wasn’t blocked, giving them the benefit of the doubt (even though that the word casino might have been on top of their list) I tried again, with the first Google result for the search “online gambling”.

Online Gambling

So if its not religious, what is it?

Wataniya Prepaid Wnet

3 Mar 2010  9 Comments

wataniya prepaid

I am really liking the Wataniya prepaid internet/data “wnet” service, its easy and convenient.

I got the card for 5KD and had 3KD credit in it. And as soon as you launch a browser no matter if you are using a mobile phone or a PC, you will be directed to the page above where you can choose the package you want with a click of a button.

You can also recharge even if you don’t have any credit left the same way and buy clicking on the “Recharge Your Account” tab where you’ll get 2 options; recharge by Knet/Credit card or by prepaid vouchers that are available almost everywhere.

The other reason that I like Wataniya’s data service is that it is the only provider that has HSDPA coverage in my work building. Zain max-out at Edge and Viva has no coverage at all.

Currently, I’m using the sim card in my unlocked MiFi router and its working flawlessly. Also tried it in my Nexus One, worked great.

Smart Gmail

2 Mar 2010  3 Comments

Smart Gmail

I know I have just written about Google,but this is really cool.

Google Facts

1 Mar 2010  No Comments

Google Facts

Did you know that Google has more than 85% of the global search market share? and 97% of its revenue comes from Ads?

Want to know more about Google? hit the read link below.

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