Mini-stree of Elektrisity and Wadder

23 Feb 2010  3 Comments

Tha emijj bell-o iz frum tha Mini-stree of Elektrisity and Wadder, I sheet u knot. Four tha cumpleet syte, klik tha lingk bell-o.


The Internet? Bah!

22 Feb 2010  2 Comments

Then there’s cyberbusiness. We’re promised instant catalog shopping–just point and click for great deals. We’ll order airline tickets over the network, make restaurant reservations and negotiate sales contracts. Stores will become obselete. So how come my local mall does more business in an afternoon than the entire Internet handles in a month? Even if there were a trustworthy way to send money over the Internet–which there isn’t–the network is missing a most essential ingredient of capitalism: salespeople.

That’s just an excerpt of a Newsweek article written in 1995. Its an interesting read.


Demonoid Registrations Are Open

7 Feb 2010  3 Comments


Registrations are open for what might be the web’s best bittorrent tracker. They usually open registration for brief moment. I was downloading stuff from there and for some reason I was signed out, and from there noticed that the registrations are open.

So hurry up an head over there.


Some People Are Just Stupid XV – The World’s Ugliest Website: Take 2

5 Feb 2010  1 Comment


I posted a few days ago about The World’s Ugliest Website, A commenter pointed out that he might have a contender for that. MIA’s website is one awful looking thing.

Yes she is the same MIA that have the hit song Paper Planes.

Don’t click here if you have a epilepsy

Stupid Journalism – Kuwaiti Pregnant Women Are Safer in Kuwait

4 Feb 2010  3 Comments

Kuwait is Awesome

When I first saw the title of this article I got angry, first because I was thinking that is giving birth to a child in Kuwait that bad? second why did Kuwait got singled out for comparison for such a topic? do they still think that women here give birth in tents in the middle of the desert?

It seems that Mr. Robert Dominguez is just an idiot, he just made the title sound bad, he thought that California should have a much higher ranking than Kuwait (warzone) and Bosnia (another warzone) it just sounds cool. but in reality its a different story. As I did some research *cough* Google *cough* I found out that Kuwait is one of the safest places to give birth in since it has one of the lowest Maternal mortality ratios in the world.

Kuwait is safer than a lot of countries like: United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Norway, Finland, Italy…… and the list goes on.

So for all of the women that are planning to have their babies abroad saying that the hospitals in Kuwait are crap, relax you’re fine Enshalla :)

Original Article

Full List

DSL Prices in Kuwait *Double Update*

1 Feb 2010  25 Comments


These are the current DSL prices here during the InfoConnect Expo.

Prices are for an annual subscription.

Speed\Company Qualitynet KEMS FastTelco GulfNet
128Kb N/A N/A N/A 50KD
256Kb 49KD 75KD 39KD 62KD
512Kb 85KD 75KD 59KD 80KD
1Mb 120KD 135KD 99KD 141KD
1.5Mb N/A 155KD N/A N/A
2Mb 180KD 204KD 159KD 192KD
3Mb N/A 304KD 239KD N/A
4Mb N/A 404KD 319KD N/A
2-4Mb* 235KD N/A N/A N/A
5-24Mb** 420KD 604KD N/A N/A


* If your line can handle more than 2Mb, you’ll get the speed for the same price as the you would for 4Mb. So basically they are saying that the prices of anything more than 2Mb and less than 4Mb are the same.

** subscription from 5Mb onwards will cost the same.



Qualitynet: You’ll get double the subscription speed the first 3 months (for 256Kb and 512Kb subscriptions only), and a free wireless router.

Gulfnet: Subscription are for 14 months (2 free months) and you’ll get a free wireless modem.

They also have a new service where you can temporarily activate a 24Mb speed on your subscription (if your line can handle it) for a fee of 3.5KD. It will be activated for a week or till you reach your cap of 1GB, it can be activated via their website.

KEMS: You get 3 months free (total 15 months).

Fasttelco: You’ll get a 6 times your subscribed speed everyday from 1am to 7am.

updated KEMS 5-max pricing and Qualitynet’s note.

Thanks Khalid

Info Connect 2010

1 Feb 2010  4 Comments


Yesterday we passed by Info Connect at the International Fair Ground to see what’s new. We weren’t expecting much from there except for some new DSL prices but we still had to wonder around checking stuff out before ManU/Arsenal – Egypt/Ghana games.

To our amazement we found a cleaning solution in an Tech/IT expo.


we ended up buying 3 of this AMAZING Kleaner :/

Also when walking around we noticed an unreleased Android mobile device on display in a protected glass case.


Yes it is the SonyEricsson’s upcoming X10. it will be the company’s first android device that should be available as early as next month.

Zidaneoo was also looking for a new laptop. So, we had a quick look around and saw an i7 and an i5 HP laptops that had a very good price. cant remember the exact pricing and specs. but I should have the up soon.

DSC04432 DSC04431

We took our time there wich made us miss both game’s kick-off. and when we got to Showtime’s booth i saw this.


Of course they were watching the Egypt game.

And when it was time to leave, it was raining and we were greeted with a lightnings show.


So, not much to say about the Expo. With the exception of semi-good ADSL prices.

Slide Screen – The Ultimate Home Screen

27 Jan 2010  No Comments

Slide Screen

I’ve been waiting for this app for a while now it it just got released recently. It can replace your current Android home screen with over flow of information making the Android’s home screen much more informative than it already is (using the notification bar).

This app is highly recommended and its free (ad supported) and only available for Android OS.


Negative Effect – The Photography Blog

20 Jan 2010  8 Comments

Our good friend at Negative Effect has got his photo blog up and running now. You will probably remember him from the Gulf Run videos/photo’s as well as other photo’s from different events. You can check out the website for more of his amazing work. He uses many different camera but predominantly a Canon for his photos. Enjoy NegativEffect.

Another blog out of Kuwait to be proud of. Keep up the great work.

$1000 App from Apple iTunes Store

18 Jan 2010  1 Comment

In 2008 Apple withdrew their “I Am Rich” app from the app store which sold 8 copies and only featured a red gem (shown below) on the iPhone’s home screen. They came under heavy abuse for even allowing an app of this sort into their App Store.


But now they are back with a real and working app that also costs $1000.  BarMax CA is a legitimate application which helps law students prepare for the BAR exam. Its price is allegedly justified because companies with the same styled programs sell it for between $3000-$4000. If you find yourself obliged to buy the app you can find it here.



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