99 Things You Should Have Experienced…..

28 Oct 2009  2 Comments

…on the internet by Greg Rutter. I dont know who Greg Rutter is.

I didnt see them all but you will find some classics such as the battle of krueger, human beatbox, thriller remake and evolution of dance.

UPDATE : Sorry it seems i didnt put the link! Here it is. LINK

This is NOT it… Michael Jackson.

27 Oct 2009  2 Comments


These kinds of websites are popping up everywhere with the imminent release of Michael Jackson’s “This is it” movie. Elizabeth Taylor has twittered about it, Latoya Jackson has bashed it, and father Joe has accused AEG of using stunt doubles. Anticipation, conspiracy and Michael Jackson all rolled into one reel.

Mayday! Mayday!

13 Oct 2009  2 Comments


The blog was down for a while this morning.

October 12th, 2009 at 10:47 pm PST
It looks like our core router lost its BGP session which took down our entire network (as far as we can tell). We have our network administrator heading to the data center now and should be there in 20 minutes or so. More updates to come.

Update : According to our Network Administrator the issue is fixed and all services should be restored. Please send a support ticket if you are still having any issues connecting to any of our services.

The network administrator was probably getting ready for bed as it was close to 11pm at the time. Do you think if this happened in Kuwait they would have gotten hold of the IT manager in the middle of the night?

Photoshopping Just Got Easier

7 Oct 2009  1 Comment

Check out this video

Time For Some Halo

22 Sep 2009  4 Comments

Halo 3 ODST.jpg

I tweeted earlier about Halo 3 ODST being available here in Kuwait. I got my copy and its time to spend a few hours in the Halo universe.

My Xbox Live gamer tag is UPTILL1

Speaking of twitter, Triple-A has just joined the Twittersphere his user name is : C63fanatic

United Networks vs Qnet vs Kems

15 Sep 2009  4 Comments


So it is this little culprit that is always giving me trouble.

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The Rebirth of Auto-Tune

14 Sep 2009  No Comments

After N posted a while back about Jay-Z and auto-tune, iTunes have come back with an app to make sure it remains a major player with vocalists, the consumer vocalists at least. I am T-Pain.


T-Pain burst on the auto-tune scene with his Buy You A Drink song, constantly repeating his name and every other line in the song using auto-tune. Now, you can do it yourself with this application. Available for $2.99 in the iTunes App Store, you can boast  in front of your friends, spitting lyrics out in the auto-tuned T-Pain style voice. You can select from a number of his songs which have karaoke-style lyrics strip at the bottom, and his music in the background, or you can freestyle any song you want. Obviously, I have heard many renditions of T-Pain’s song using this application, but the funniest by far must have been a “Tash ma Tash” one I heard this weekend performed by a 5 year old kid. After done recording you can email it to a friend. Very enjoyable app and worth the $3.00.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 

Random Information of the Day : if you hadn’t heard of Serena Williams getting penalised at match point and losing the semi-final of the US Open to comeback queen Kim Clijsters for a rant at the line judge, here is a snippet:

“I swear to God, I’ll f— take this ball and shove it down your f— throat,”

Very ghetto-suave. link

Don’t Lose Hope – Fix it Yourself

13 Sep 2009  3 Comments


Ever dropped your cell phone in water? Ever had to replace an iPod because of battery problems? How about spilling liquid on a laptop? These, and many other everyday nuisances occur to us all the time. And we usually end up fully replacing the ‘defected’ object. But wait, I read this article on MSN and it seemed very helpful for alot of these problems. Even stuff like reviving a stuck LCD panel are included. Check out the article right here.

Random Information of the Day : So there was the dotcom bubble, then in Kuwait we had the Sushi bubble and currently we are experiencing the cupcake/cookie bubble. But did you know that our last “bubble” (sushi and sashimi) is in the top 5 list of most foods to contain parasites? Some foods to ponder over here.

The Rejects

8 Sep 2009  No Comments

have you always wondered which iPhones app never made it to the app store, or made it and then got booted out? What were the reasons for Apple not accepting them? From third party copy right infringment, to being defamatory to a public figure, to even “causing confusion to another app”. Most of the apps rejected would not be of interest to most of us either way. Baby shaking, George W. Bush and Google… this list has got them all.



You can find in the link below the top 20 most notorious apps which got rejected from the iTunes Apps store.


Random Information of the day : “Spotify have released both their iPhone and Android mobile apps, a little over a week after Apple approved it in late August. Premium subscribers to the streaming music service will now be able to access Spotify’s catalog on their iPhone, iPod touch, or any of the Android devices currently available. It looks to have just gone live in Europe where you can now have access to over 6 million songs on your iPhone for roughly $20 a month.” Taken from here and here.

Canceling My Internet Subscription

7 Sep 2009  13 Comments

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was planing to upgrade my DSL connection from 2MB to 4MB. I’m currently a United Networks customer and happy with it, kind of.

United Networks.jpg

First of all, they max out at 2MB witch was my main problem, this meant that I needed to switch ISPs. But in order to do that I came across my second problem, you can’t cancel your internet subscription from any of their offices, you have to go to the main office. Thats fine, except that the main office is located in “dhajeej”. And It’s a nightmare during Ramadan, I mean, it took me 50 minutes from being on the 6th ring road right in front of the Global Direct building to actually be in front of it. And then it took me another 15-20 minutes to find a parking space, which I didn’t, I ended up just throwing the car anywhere just so that I can cancel my internet subscription.

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