CNN Linked This Blog/Post!

6 Sep 2009  8 Comments


While checking some of the blog stats i noticed a referral from CNN. I thought it was kind of weird so i clicked on the link and to my surprise they had linked the earlier blog post to one of their articles. it hadnt been up more than 2 hours! Thank you CNN for linking this blog to your website.

App of the Week

2 Sep 2009  6 Comments

Its that time again when we bring you the app of the week as we search for the best apps of 2009 on the various platforms. This time we take a stroll into the world of augmented reality.  Welcome to the future.

The application is called Wikitude World Browser.


So what is augmented reality exactly?  According to Wikipedia… Continue Reading

Do You Have What it Takes?

1 Sep 2009  2 Comments

Are you good enough to be an officer in the Swedish military?



These tests do not have a scientific basis – they are simply inspired by parts of the Swedish Armed Forces’ recruitment tests.

Click on the link below to see how well you do in some of the tests inspired by the recruitment process of military officers in Sweden. Make sure you have headphones or your volume up on your speakers.

*Random thought for the day : Why is it that Microsoft update their Windows for free, but you have to pay for the latest Snow Leopard which is basically the equivalent of a windows update? Why is it that many apps will stop working on the new Snow Leopard? Check them out here.

Bom Chicka Wah Wah

1 Sep 2009  4 Comments

Axe must have the most entertaining ads ever. Their “Bom Chicka Wah Wah” campaign must be up there with the best of them.

But one of my favorites you can find here and another one over here.

Google Reader

31 Aug 2009  6 Comments

Google Reader is a great way to check the blogs you read without having to go to each and every website. Just add a subscription to each blog/site you wish to be updated about, and everytime there is a new post you will recieve it in the style of your GMAIL inbox. That way you can preview the post and decided whether to expand it or not. Its a very convenient way to check out all those sites you regularly read without the fuss of multiple tabs.


You can also share your list on google reader with other people.

This is also available to use on your mobile platforms.

Take120 Downloads

30 Aug 2009  No Comments

Untitled is a Kuwait-based website with a torrent style/file-sharing set up. The main difference is you buy tokens or tickets for each movie, show, song, piece of hardware, etc.. And you cannot upload your own files to the site. You ask why should i pay if i can download a torrent for free? Fair enough. But also why order from or if you can get the same things without a charge? To start, these are all verified files at take120, and also you will be guaranteed to download at the full speed of your internet connection. So like those other sites (6alabat & taw9eel), this is more of a convenience issue. More answers to all your frequently asked questions are available at the site, with a full library of its files. Check it out here.

Kuwaiti Auto Blog

29 Aug 2009  6 Comments


I was told by a couple of friends about the Kuwaiti version of recently, and after checking it out realized it was really good. Lots of up to date posts and pictures of the latest cars. Check it out here.

Apps of the Week

27 Aug 2009  2 Comments

This week we have a double whammy of Apps to cater to all you geeks out there. Whether it be iPhone, Android or Blackberry, the following Apps will work on your platforms.


For the 2 Apps of the moment continue reading… Continue Reading

Wikipedia Tightens Editing Process

26 Aug 2009  No Comments



Due to the lack of credibility Wikipedia has gotten over the years, they are trying to crackdown on the juvenile pranks they have been accustomed to over the last few years. From celebrities to politicans, no one was safe. Until now. They are trying to make it more legit for everyone to use. Check out the article here.

HTC Hero vs iPhone 3G/3Gs

13 Aug 2009  43 Comments


After finally giving up my iPhone 3G (which i was enjoying apart from some trivial stuff), i got my hands on the HTC Hero.  This will not be an indepth review of both, but a basic and quick comparison as N. will post his full review of the HTC Hero soon. I will forego all the basic specs such as Wi-Fi, Quadband, bluetooth, etc. cuz every smart phone should have that. Continue Reading


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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