How To get iOS 5 on Your iOS Device

9 Jun 2011  5 Comments

If you are a developer you already know how to get the latest beta version of iOS and register your device to enable the installation if that beta software. If you are not a developer, you can still test out the latest Apple mobile OS by firstly downloading the latest beta builds of iTunes and iOS 5 from here. And then you must register you iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch as a developer’s device. There are a few websites that do that ranging from $7-$10 per device. Check them out here,here or here.

After getting all the necessary requirements. The first thing you should do is install the beta version of iTunes. Then launch it and select your idevice’s icon in iTunes and then click on “Restore” while holding “Control” if you are using windows on the “Option” key of you are using a Mac. Select the iOS 5 beta file that you downloaded and the rest should go smoothly.

Four Features For iOS 5

26 May 2011  2 Comments

The iOS is a great mobile operating system but it is still lacking in certain areas. This video shows how to implement 4 of those shortcomings seamlessly into the iOS. The funny thing is all of those 4 features are already implemented in the Android OS.

Blog@, A New Kuwaiti Blogs App

1 May 2011  No Comments

Fahad Al-Ibrahim (founder of Ezgrt) just released a new app called Blog@ that contain a number of kuwaiti blogs rss feeds and twitter accounts among other things all in one clean interface. Whats cool about Blog@ is that its a universal App meaning it will work o both iPhone and iPad.

Oh and its free too.


iPhone 4 Vapor Case

19 Nov 2010  4 Comments

If you are following me on twitter, you would already know that I got my long awaited iphone 4 Vapor case a few days ago.

I first placed my order with Element Case back in August. But the case was so backordered that I had to wait 3 months for my case to arrive. It turned out to be a good thing because they had a few more colors to choose from by then.

The case is aluminum that has to be screwed into place, which means you can’t take the case off anytime you want, you have to have the hex key with you unfortunately.

The case looks really cool. Both the screen and the back are a little embedded with the case on. So when the phone is on a flat surface it protects the screen and back from being scratched.

I also got the “Carbon Fiber” back which turned out to be nothing more than a sticker.

Overall the case looks and feels good. The build quality is excellent. It make the phone a little bit more bulky.

Some people reported in a decrease of signal reception when using the case. I can’t confirm that because I always had crappy reception on my iPhone and I don’t use it to make any calls.

I had a problem using my BlueLounge charging station with the case on, it seems that the Apple’s proprietary connection is a different size on the station. Also not all 3.5mm headphones will work, the standard headphones work with no problem though.

Element Case

Finally, A Proper Twitter App Update for The iOS

17 Nov 2010  No Comments

It seems that the latest official Twitter app update brings the long awaited push notifications to the iOS app. The just released update now let’s you to be notified via push notifications whenever you get mentioned or when you get a direct message. No need to keep jumping into the app and refreshing or using a 3rd party app just for the notifications.

iPhone 4 Mophie Case

3 Oct 2010  7 Comments

I preordered the Mophie case for the iPhone 4 a few of weeks ago and it got delivered last week. Its no secret that the iPhone 4′s battery is horrible and there is no way it will last a day on a single charge (unless you switch off everything). But with this case I get a day of usage without looking for a wall socket everywhere I go.

The case almost doubles the capacity of the the phones battery giving me a usable phone instead of a paper weight starting from 4pm.

The new case design is a lot better than the old (3G/3GS) one. its looks a lot sleeker and less bulky. As you can see from the pics, it gives it extra length at the bottom and your phone will be slightly thicker.

The Mophie Case is $80 excluding tax and shipping.

Fifa 11 iPhone: Best Football Game On The iPhone

3 Oct 2010  3 Comments

I am not a huge iPhone gaming fan, I download games occasionally but I hardly ever play them. I really hate the onscreen control and really miss the physical buttons. But ever since I downloaded EA’s Fifa 11 for the iPhone a few days ago I changed my mind. It’s the only game I play now. It’s very well done with minimal controls. Of course your fingers block half the screen during gameplay and nothing still beats physical buttons but for the iPhone this is great. It also has commentary.

Fifa 11 for the iphone is $4.99 and its worth it in my opinion if you are a football fan.

iPhone vs Android

19 Sep 2010  2 Comments

Source: DeviceMag

Ministry of Foreign Affairs iPhone App

8 Sep 2010  No Comments


يسر وزارة الخارجية الكويتيه، وبمناسبة قرب حلول عيد الفطر المبارك وموسم
السفر، أن تعلن لمواطني دولة الكويت عن إطلاقها لخدمات تقنية نوعيّة
مجانية وذلك ابتداءً من اليوم الثلاثاء الموافق 7/9/2010.
وإستجابةً للتطورات التقنية المتسارعة، وإسهاماً منها في التيسير على
المسافرين من مواطني دولة الكويت ومراجعي بعثاتها في الخارج وسرعة
تواصلهم مع السفارات، وفّرت وزارة الخارجية لمستخدمي أجهزة الـ I Phone ،
الـ I Pad و الـ I Pod ميزة الإنزال المجّاني للبرنامج المعنون “Ministry
of Foreign Affairs State of Kuwait” عن طريق الـAPP Store للإستفادة من
تطبيقاته وخدماته المتعددة التي تُرشد المستخدم إلى البعثة الدبلوماسية
المراد الوصول إليها وذلك عن طريق خدمة تحديد الموقع، إضافةً إلى عنوان
البعثة الدبلوماسية (سفارة / قنصلية) وساعات دوامها الرسمي وهواتفها
وبريدها الإلكتروني.
كما إن من شأن البرنامج أن يُؤمِّن استلام مواطني دولة الكويت لآخر
الإرشادات الخاصة بالسفر والأخبار والتنويهات الصادرة عن وزارة الخارجية،
مما يكفل الإطلاع الفوري على المستجدات والإحاطة المباشرة بها، وذلك في
سابقةٍ تُعد الأولى من نوعها على نطاق الخدمات المقدمة من وزارات
الخارجية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط.
و تعد النسخة المطروحة نسخة تجريبية حيث يمكن لمستخدميها التواصل مع
الوزارة عن طريق البريد الالكتروني ” ” في حال وجود اي
ملاحاظات و اقتراحات بشان الخدمة.

iPhone 4 Jailbreak is Here

2 Aug 2010  4 Comments

iPhone iOS 4 jailbreak for iPhone 3G,3GS and 4 has been released for your jailbreaking pleasure,. whats really cool about this jailbreak is that the hack is web based via exploiting the Safari browser and no extra downloading of software or even connecting your phone to a PC/Mac is required (although backing up is highly recommended). All you need to do is visit a website and everything is automatically is done for you. Jailbreaking my 3G went without a hitch and a sign of success is the appearance of a Cydia icon.

Jailbreak here


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