2009 in Review

4 Jan 2010  5 Comments

From Obama, to MJ, to Dubai, to Swine Flu, to Juwaihel, to Kuwait’s Parliament to the iPhone vs Everyone battle, to the Mishref Sewage plant disaster. Events that directly affected us as Kuwaiti’s in 2009, feel free to add yours.

History is made in the USA with the inauguration of the first black president, for the first time in a while, many Americans are optimistic. Is it too much pressure on one person to heal the world? Check the rest of the entry below. Continue Reading

Smule’s “I Am T-Pain” Contest Winner

30 Dec 2009  No Comments

I’m talkin on my bluetooth
Makin’ deals and shit
No cords are clashin
So my hands are free to knit

Warning the below video contains some explicit lyrics.

For slower connections click here for the lower resolution video.

I posted a while back about the I Am T-Pain app and how it was taking the iTunes app store by storm. Well the company who made it, Smule, had come up with a contest and were giving away a $5,000 prize to the winner. The video above called “Im on the Phone” is the winner, even though i know some people who did pretty good songs, but i guess they never won because they didnt have a music video to go along!

Directed by Michael and Christiano Covino. Shot by Alex Marazzo and Sam Kretchmar

Miscelleanous Items – iPhone to Carbon Fiber to Red Eyes

3 Dec 2009  7 Comments

With the Carbon Fiber fad still coming on strong, and the iPhone fad even stronger, you can find this carbon fiber iPhone case at geeky-gadgets.com.


Buy it from here.

If you want to feel the ultimate carbon fiber wrapped around your body all day at the office, you have the Authentic Ferrari F360 Challenge Carbon FIber Office Chair.


If you have $8,000 dollars you dont know what to spend on, buy it from here.

Want to use your iPhone/iPod touch to control your TV, stereo, cable box, DVD, etc..?


Download the free app from the iTunes App Store and buy this hardware from here.

Want Android 2.1? Even weirder Carbon Fiber stuff? More than an iPhone case? Want to drive real fast but safe? Then read below. Continue Reading

Rick Astley iPhone Worm

9 Nov 2009  1 Comment

Reports started spreading this weekend that iPhone users in Australia had been falling victim to “ikee,” a worm that replaces default wallpaper with a picture of Rick Astley, the British pop singer… CNET


According to the article it will only infect jailbroken phones, but you must admit Rick Astley is classic prankster material! Everyone loves Rick Astley including Sirmixalot. Check him out here.

iPhone Killer Again… (heard it all before)

20 Oct 2009  2 Comments


We have heard this over and over. “This phone is the iPhone killer”, yet whenever the phones eventually get released there is always something that doesnt put it into the same class, either its the app store or the simplicity of the iPhone that still keeps it as uncomparable to others. But Motorolla and Verizon are hyping up their “Droid” phone and directly attacking Apple’s iPhone in their ads. The phone will run Android 2.0 and Boy Genius is allegedly the only person to actually get his hands on one.

While those details are unconfirmed by Verizon or Motorola, the DroidDoes.com Web site and the TV ad for the campaign highlight that the Droid offers several important features, including multitasking, a replaceable battery and open development — features that the iPhone has been criticized for lacking. The TV ad attacks the iPhone in various ways, saying the following:

  • iDon’t have a real keyboard.
  • iDon’t run simultaneous apps.
  • iDon’t take 5-megapixel pictures.
  • iDon’t customize.
  • iDon’t run widgets.
  • IDon’t allow open development.
  • iDon’t take pictures in the dark.
  • iDon’t have interchangeable batteries

Source Computerworld

With Windows Mobile revamping and upgrading their system, Android becoming a real player in the market, and the iPhone still untouchable, the smartphone consumer’s smile just gets bigger and bigger.

Check Boy Genius’s screenshots here.

Kuwait Overrun By Blackberry’s

16 Oct 2009  12 Comments


I know this topic has been beaten to death, but is the only reason the Blackberry is so big in Kuwait due to the BBM? I cannot understand how a hardcore business smartphone can be so popular. With the same amount you pay for the Blackberry service you can add the data package from your provider and install all the instant messaging programs you want, and more. The iPhone at least is a multi-media monster. From applications, to games to the iPod itself. But beyond the BBM, what does the Blackberry provide to the non-business oriented Kuwaiti aged 16-35? I understand the users who are using background syncing for up to date analysis of say oil prices for example, or the stock markets, but other than that ? Any answers?

A Taste of Italy

4 Oct 2009  11 Comments

The Colosseum or Roman Coliseum.

The Colosseum or Roman Coliseum.

 I am back from my trip to Italy. I’m gonna leave you with some pictures of the trip and hope you enjoy them. I didnt take my DSLR but used a Nikon 10mp coolpix camera which wasnt too bad. Continue Reading

Are You An iPhone Addict?

16 Sep 2009  6 Comments

Here are the top 5 signs that you are addicted to your iPhone. Plus an added one from me. You gotta love that iPhone.


1. You find that you go into a massive depression and have panic attacks when you get the 20% battery pop up warning.

2. You check the weather on your iPhone instead of looking out the window.

3. You’ve experienced deeply religious “Thank God” moments after finding your iPhone in your other pocket.

4. You just spent the last 4 hours on Facebook.

5. Your partner, husband, or wife bans any mobile phone usage at restaurants, bars and cafes in the presence of your friends and family.

* You start emailing your friends links of yourself singing rap songs using the “I am T-Pain” app.

You can also find a list of the top 10 signs you are addicted to gaming here.

Random Information of the Day : President Obama getting in on the Kanye-Bashing bandwagon by calling him a “jackass”. Check it out on update 2 at the bottom of this post.

The Rebirth of Auto-Tune

14 Sep 2009  No Comments

After N posted a while back about Jay-Z and auto-tune, iTunes have come back with an app to make sure it remains a major player with vocalists, the consumer vocalists at least. I am T-Pain.


T-Pain burst on the auto-tune scene with his Buy You A Drink song, constantly repeating his name and every other line in the song using auto-tune. Now, you can do it yourself with this application. Available for $2.99 in the iTunes App Store, you can boast  in front of your friends, spitting lyrics out in the auto-tuned T-Pain style voice. You can select from a number of his songs which have karaoke-style lyrics strip at the bottom, and his music in the background, or you can freestyle any song you want. Obviously, I have heard many renditions of T-Pain’s song using this application, but the funniest by far must have been a “Tash ma Tash” one I heard this weekend performed by a 5 year old kid. After done recording you can email it to a friend. Very enjoyable app and worth the $3.00.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 

Random Information of the Day : if you hadn’t heard of Serena Williams getting penalised at match point and losing the semi-final of the US Open to comeback queen Kim Clijsters for a rant at the line judge, here is a snippet:

“I swear to God, I’ll f— take this ball and shove it down your f— throat,”

Very ghetto-suave. link

Don’t Lose Hope – Fix it Yourself

13 Sep 2009  3 Comments


Ever dropped your cell phone in water? Ever had to replace an iPod because of battery problems? How about spilling liquid on a laptop? These, and many other everyday nuisances occur to us all the time. And we usually end up fully replacing the ‘defected’ object. But wait, I read this article on MSN and it seemed very helpful for alot of these problems. Even stuff like reviving a stuck LCD panel are included. Check out the article right here.

Random Information of the Day : So there was the dotcom bubble, then in Kuwait we had the Sushi bubble and currently we are experiencing the cupcake/cookie bubble. But did you know that our last “bubble” (sushi and sashimi) is in the top 5 list of most foods to contain parasites? Some foods to ponder over here.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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