Proud To Be Kuwaiti 2013

9 Mar 2013  1 Comment


Earlier today, I went to the P2bK village in Mishref. What is different this time around is instead of using one of the International Fair Ground’s hall. They built a whole village with an old Kuwaiti style.


I loved the idea of a whole village, especially after last years overcrowded event. Which also mean that they allowed single guys in.


What I loved


The idea and the design of the place was great. Some of the booths there were great showing some great stuff. and they belonged to small Kuwaiti startups. The usual food places were there but also some other stuff.

Old Money

What I hated

Some international franchises had booths there. one of my gripes from last year’s event. Garrett Popcorn, Ruby Tuesday and Starbucks are just some of the Proud To Be Kuwaiti international franchises.

Big Bucks

Also, The village should be open from 10am to 10pm. But when I arrived there at 11:30 most of the stores were closed and people who were there earlier told me that when they got there at 10 there was virtually nothing open. Before I left at 2pm some stores opened up while other closed. So it might be impossible to be there and see everything.


Ali Al-Salim Air Base Open Day

6 Jan 2013  2 Comments


After the successful open day last year. Al-Salim Air Base hosted another open day where they increased the activities and planes on display.

B-1B Lancer

New on display was the super badass B-1B Lancer on of the coolest looking bombers out there.

Lancer - Remove Before Flight

And also new was the Predator UAV.


I really hope this becomes an annual thing. Because you know. Planes are freaking cool.

F18 Rear

F18 Tail Number

C-130 Tail

KAF Fire Brigade

Super Puma

Military Band

Military Parade


Bomb Suit

Fighter Planes


C17 Cockpit

Real Veal Burger – RV Burger

3 Jan 2013  1 Comment

RV Burger

Yesterday was the official opening of Real Veal Burger. I was really eager to try out the place as a burger junky and I wasn’t disappointed.

RV Burger 2

Firs off were the appetizers/side dishes. We tried 3 out of the 4 possible side dishes. The regular fries were good but the chili cheese fries and the fried mushrooms were great. I am definitely sticking with the later 2 for my next order.

RV Burger 3

The burger is one thick patty that is juicy and supper tender. The meat is so tender that the patty actually falls apart but tastes great. My recommendation is to go for the single patty and always have mustard in a burger ALWAYS.

RV Burger is located in 52 Degrees – Al-Tilal Mall

Tel: 22254569

GulfRun 7 – Promo Video

2 Jan 2013  No Comments

By the end of this month for the 7th year in a row, GulfRun will be at the Bahrain International Circuit. With over 60 drivers competing this year it is going to be one hell of an event.

Over 60 drivers competed for the GulfRun title and pushed their cars to the limit in six different events. Drivers were challenged on the Bahrain GP circuit, inner circuit, outer circuit, autocross, quartermile drag, and a Karting race.

GulfRun 7 will be held on the 26th-27th of January in the Bahrain International Circuit.

Jumbo Juice

2 Nov 2012  1 Comment

KDD Jumbo Juice

Everything is going jumbo, even juices. It looks like the new size that was introduced by KDD a while back for their chocolate milk was a hit. The 500ml size is now available for both cocktail and pineapple juices. I couldn’t find it for any other flavor so as far as I know this might be a testing period to see how it goes.

مغامرات مشعل

11 Oct 2012  No Comments

This is a great video following a Kuwaiti diver diving in a number of locations while documenting the whole experience and narrating it himself. Meshal Al-Omar released his first video and promising many others.


The iPhone 5

23 Sep 2012  1 Comment

iPhone 5  

So I managed to get my hand on a brand new iPhone 5. The first thing you notice one you first hold the device is how light it is compared to the previous iPhone 4/S. It feels as light as the Samsung Galaxy S II.

iPhone 5 taller

The second thing you notice is that the device is taller, it might not be much in numbers but you certainly notice the 16:9 aspect ration and that makes the iPhone 5 feel really slim in you hands.

iPhone 5 Thickness

It is also slimmer and noticeable if you are used to putting your thumb on the side of the iPhone. Not by much though.

iPhone 5 Back

The new back is much more beautiful than the previous “All Glass” which was really stupid in my opinion. The clack finish looks even better.

iPhone 5 Lightning

The new smaller “lightning” port that would certainly render all your iPhone/iPod accessories useless is also on the new device. On the plus side, there is no way to plug in the cable upside down with this port.

iPhone 5 Headphone Port

The 3.5mm headphone jack also shifted to the bottom of the device.

iPhone 5 Ear Pods 

The iPhone 5 comes with a brand new earphones that Apple stupidly calls the “EarPods” that should really increase sound quality. This is a highly welcomed addition as the previous Apple headphones were horrendous.

iPhone 5 Buttons

I really wished they kept the phone as thick as the previous generation and increased battery life. Phones are getting thinner and thinner but they hardly last a full day without you looking for a wall socket or carrying and external battery to charge your devices. But this is a problem with all current generation phones and not just Apple’s.

iPhone 5 Metal


19 Jul 2012  1 Comment


I received a link mentioning the Roudan Tournament’s new ad where it featured Luis Figo and Jassim Yaqoub but didn’t get around to watching till now. It was pointed out to me that this ad is a carbon copy of a previous Reebok ad between Thierry Henry and Rayan Giggs released in 2009.

This is certainly not the first ad, lets say, it’s general idea is based on a previous ad. and certainly won’t be the last.

How Cinescape Ruined My Weekend

15 Jul 2012  2 Comments

The weekend before last, I went not to one, but two movies. I saw “The Amazing Spider-Man” on Thursday and also took my kids to see “Ice Age: Continental Drift” on Saturday. I had a problem both times I went to the cinema and if you follow me on twitter you would know about the first problem that arose.

Out of focus 3

The new Spider man movie, that has a 2 hours+ running time was, for the most part of the movie, out of focus. Not the whole screen, but either the top or bottom half of the screen. We first noticed it with the appearance of the Warner Brothers logo. It was so severe that we thought that we entered a 3D version of the movie by mistake. Just after the hour mark I started to get a headache from the damn screen. The movie stayed out of focus until the last 20-25 minutes. What made it clear that it is a mistake by the operator and not a movie effect is that the translation was also out of focus.

That made me rethink seeing other “blockbusters” i.e. “The Dark Knight Rises” at Cinescape when it arrives in Eid.

Ice Age Reservation

My second predicament was when I took my kids a couple of days later to watch the new Ice Age movie. I entered Cinescapes website and booked my seats row F seats 3-6 (4 middle seats). I was surprised that when I went to pick up my reserved tickets I noticed that my seats shifted to the left. I its not that my new seats are suddenly awful, Its these kinds of shady practices and lack of professionalism that annoys me.

Ice Age Tickets

Can’t wait until Grand Cinemas open up and we get some decent competition going.

Got A Blackberry Device? Have A Free Donut

10 May 2012  No Comments


Research In Motion (RIM) and Dunkin Donuts have joined forces to offer free donuts for those who have a blackberry device whether is is a phone or the PlayBook. Pass by any Dunkin Donut branch on Wednesday starting next week to register you pin as you would enter a draw too. The offer lasts for 4 weeks only.

How did I know about it? Like all other bloggers in Kuwait , I got a customized box of donuts. Thanks for making me fat RIM.

UT1 Donuts

Reserch In Motion (RIM), the maker of BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, is joining with Dunkin Donuts to offer BlackBerry customers free treats during the month of May.

Starting next Wednesday May 16, BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook users can show their devices at Dunkin Donuts stores throughout Kuwait, including 360 mall, Al Kout and Salmiya, and register their BlackBerry PIN to receive a free donut and coffee for themselves and a friend. Offer is available every Wednesday for four weeks between 6pm and 10pm.

Customers will also go into a draw to win weekly prizes.

Logo Pic from Qortuba


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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