Solo Pizza Napulitana

13 Oct 2011  1 Comment

Solo Pizza Napulitana

I’ve been wanting to try out Solo Pizza Napulitana ever since it opened back in May but every time I passed by the place was to crowded and i’m to hungry to wait for a table. I finally decided to pass by a little early to avoid the rush-hour, so I was there by 6:30-6:45 P.M (it opens from 6-11pm) but to my surprise the place was also full but had a couple of free tables outside.

The menu is small and simple, it will take less than a minute to decide what to order. We got a couple of pizzas and a salad. The pizza was amazing if you are a fan of the thin-crust pizza. The place certainly has one of the best pizzas in Kuwait.


After the main course I decided I would like to try the Nutella piazza, their one and only dessert. It was great but I felt guilty after eating that much chocolate.

I used to consider Pizza Rustica to have the best (and only good) pizza in Kuwait. But Solo Pizza Napulitana certainly is competing for that spot. With other places like Open Flame Kitchen and Pizzetta, now we finally get some decent pizza here in Kuwait.

Opening Hours:

6 P.M. to 11 P.M.

Telephone Number:

+965 94434104




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Lebanon vs Kuwait Match Highlights

11 Oct 2011  No Comments

Kuwait managed to grab a point after Lebanon were awarded a penalty in the 85th minute. Kuwait’s second goal was scored just a minute after Lebanon’s Hassan Maatouk converted from the spot kick to get his second goal of the night. Musaad Nida scored Kuwait’s first equalizing goal inside of 5 minutes of the second half.

Group standing after 3 games:

S. Korea 7
Kuwait 5
Lebanon 4

Watch Drew Carey’s “Improv-A-Ganza” Online For Free

5 Oct 2011  No Comments

This is great, especially that it can be streamed from anywhere in the world (or at least from Kuwait). I posted earlier this year that Who’s Line is it Anyway is coming back. Well, Its been broadcasting for a few months now with almost the same cast. Too bad it got canceled though. I guess its not the same without Wayne Brady.



GulfRun’s Full Motion Simulator, A Proper Pro Racing Simulator

8 Sep 2011  6 Comments

ID GR Simulator

I was notified by Marzouq yesterday that the GulfRun team had spent the last 5 months fine tuning/developing a racing simulator and it was setup in Baroue in the Avenues’s 1st floor. Of course I immediately agreed for 2 reasons. 1) me being a gaming enthusiast. 2) because everything these guys do is professional and I still haven’t seen them do any half-assed job yet. just have a look at their events, videos, and all other stuff.

The sim was amazing, it is a 3 screen setup that any geek would love and appreciate. A full motion seat that makes turning every corner a thrill and an ultra realistic track-mapping. The track was actually scanned and produced with extreme detail, even the damn bumps in the straight are there.

The GulfRun Simulator is open to the public, the price of admission is KD2.5 and its located as I mentioned in Baroue’s upper level in the Avenues mall.

They were logging blogger lap times, I didn’t even think of asking whats my best time was. But they will be on the side screens for onlookers to enjoy and giggle at.

If I find the time, I might go back there again tomorrow. I think I just found something else to do at the Avenues other than eating Shake Shack burgers.

Picture is from Infiniti Driver



Win A John’s Phone With Infinite Driver

26 Aug 2011  No Comments


Mr. Infinite Driver/NegativeEffect (you know, the guy behind the awesome GulfRun videos) is holding a competition where the prize is the minimalistic John’s Phone. It’s a really cool phone and the rules are simple:

Rules of the COMPETITION:

1. You must submit a picture of YOUR CURRENT PHONE in an Artistic or Comedic way.
2. The file must JPEG and no more than 1MB.
3. All photos must be submitted before August 31st.
4. The photos will be posted and voted on for the winner.
5. Send your photos to (

Via ID

Viva’s Bloggers Ghabga

12 Aug 2011  6 Comments

Viva's Gift Bag

Another day another Social event. This time we were invited by Viva to attend the 2nd annual Social event that was held in Marina Hotel yesterday. I finally managed to meet some bloggers that couldn’t make it to Zain’s Event a few days earlier.

MIKE MBALTA3 hosted the event that made it really amusing. He held a couple of competitions were I took part in one and lost to Kuwaitiful (Congrats again Bro)

Viva also held a raffle, the prize was a fully paid trip to watch the Red Devils (Manchester United) at Old Trafford.The winner was first HiKuwait but he refused to receive the prize as he is not a football enthusiast and asked to do another draw. Winner Number 2 was AboFlan who also wasn’t a big fan of football and also declined. I have no idea who winner number 3 was as he said he wan’t a blogger but he was shouting before getting on the stage “I’M TAKING IT, I”M TAKING IT”.

On our way out we were handed little gift bags that contained an IDEOS X5 Huawei phone and a mini gergai3an bag.

Thank You Viva for the invite, it was nice seeing my fellow bloggers in real life again.

Zain’s Bloggers Gathering

10 Aug 2011  No Comments

Zain's Bloogers Ghabga

So I just came back from Zain’s “Ghabga” that they setup especially for bloggers  were I managed to associate faces to the names I knew for a while now. We Spent a lot of time “Socializing” and then it was off to the buffet were no one touched due to the awkward timing of the event and almost everyone was stuffed.


Before leaving, Mohamed Al-Muhaini, the guy who keeps spamming my email account handed me a small cool looking Sadow bag that contained a pleasant surprise especially for a geek.

Zain's Gift

So I got to socialize with my fellow bloggers and I got a free phone and a some other cool stuff.

Thanks Zain

Yet Another Hungry Bunny Experience – UPDATE

9 Aug 2011  2 Comments

Hungry Bunny Kuwait 2

Last night for so7oor, a couple of friends decided to head out to the new Hungry Bunny place over at Al-Jahra. It took them 30 minutes to get there so I asked them was it worth it and is it anything like the original.\? Here what they said:

Hungry Bunny Kuwait 3

Atmosphere: 3/5

There wasn’t enough tables, you were there 11:40 pm, the restaurant was  clean,

Hungry Bunny Kuwait 1

Food: 5/5

For the nostalgia effect, not the best burger but exactly the same old taste, loved it much better than BK, fries more like McDonald’s than BK though. Onion rings were moderate. Chicken Fillet tastes like real chicken, loved it.

Hungry Bunny Kuwait 4

Value: 4/5

And by that the Overall Experience is:

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

From the looks of it, its better than the last time we reviewed Hungry Bunny.


Hungry Bunny’s location can be found [here].

I’m in …………. A Cooler Place

21 Jul 2011  No Comments


I’ve been in Brussels the past few days, thats why I wasn’t posting as much. The weather hear is great compared to the heat in Kuwait. Having waffles on a daily bases and also fritz (fries) and the occasional chocolates.

The funny thing is that when we first arrived, the taxi driver apologized for the weather.

It’s Too Damn Hot!!

17 Jul 2011  5 Comments

Last friday, when I was coming back from friday prayer. I had my iPhone hooked up to the car charger/transmitter and was listing to some podcast. When all of a sudden everything went silent. At first I thought that the connection was lost or that the iPhone simply crashed since I’m using the iOS 5 beta software.

But after further inspection to my iphone I noticed an onscreen caution/warning that I never have seen before. apparently the device got too hot it shut itself down. Keep in mind the car was air conditioned at this happened after roughly 5-10 minutes after getting into the car.

So me and my phone got into an air conditioned car at the same time but after about 10 minutes it just couldn’t stand the heat and shut down to cool itself. What about me? Am I expected to tolerate heat more than a gadget?


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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