In Memory of 02/08/1990

3 Aug 2009  1 Comment

This date will never be forgotten by people who have lived through the horrific invasion of Kuwait, the following video clip will bring back some memories from that time.


Let’s hope that we will never see such times again and hope for the end of all suffering in the whole world.

The H1N1 Stupid Poster

2 Aug 2009  No Comments

Swine Flu Poster.JPG

When I went to the clinic here at work, I came across this stupid poster. I mean it’s really stupid looking.

I think they are taking the Swine Flu stuff way to seriously. Last month I was in LAX, San Diego International Airport, JFK and Heathrow, non of them screened or tested people. They didn’t make you fill out a form or even mention the words “swine flu”.

But here, as soon as we were in Kuwaiti airspace, they handed out forms, when you landed, they screened you with a camera and made you visit a clinic within a 72 hour period.


Where’s My Stuff [UPDATE]

2 Aug 2009  1 Comment

Where is my stuff.jpg

I posted earlier about my phone being shipped and should arrive Monday or Tuesday. But after checking on it today, to my surprise, my stuff were in Kuwait yesterday and in Bahrain today. I called DHL and the guy on the phone told me that package is still in Bahrain, I told him (and as you can see from the picture) my package shows that it was in Kuwait yesterday but not anymore.

I’m still waiting to here back from them. Damn, I want my phone.

I just got of the phone, and the say it’s a scanning error. I will know for sure this afternoon when my shipment is scheduled for release from customs.

The Stadium Restaurant – First Impression

25 Jul 2009  2 Comments

The Stadium Restaurant.jpg

After our bad experience at The Burger Hub, we were driving around not ready to call it a night yet, we passed by a place that had football club logos and looked like a cafe, so we decided to have a look.

The Stadium Restaurant 2.jpg

The place is called The Stadium Restaurant, the placed isn’t officially open yet, the grand opening will be around Eid according to the employee.

The Stadium Restaurant 3.jpg

The place looks nice, a good place to watch a game and have a bite. A good alternative to regular Cafes were you suffocate from the sheesha.

We had desert, which wasn’t very good, but it a soft opening so I’m not holding it against them.

The Burger Hub – Review

25 Jul 2009  No Comments

Burger Hub.jpg

Last Thursday, me, Zidaneoo, Heema and a friend went to The Burger Hub for dinner. It was my first dine-in experience but not my first time trying them, as I’ve tried there burgers before but didn’t like them very much. But because is was a takeout experience, I thought I should give them another try.

Wazoo Fries.jpg

For appetizers, we ordered the Crispy Beetroot (disaster), Wazoo Fries (chips not fries – and not that good) and the Fried Cauliflower (best thing we had all evening).

As for burgers I went with the Four Seasons, a 300 grams of beef patty that takes almost a half hour to get ready, and when it arrived it turns out that it didn’t worth the wait. It wasn’t anything spectacular, it had a lot of caramelized onions in conjunction with their buns are also sweet, which made that overall taste very sweet.

Going to try them when more time before my final verdict. Going to try another appetizer/burger, and I hope they impress.

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 

Al-Qabas Lack of Editing, Or Even Common Sense

13 Jul 2009  No Comments

 alqabas - WTF.jpg

I don’t read much newspapers, but I might be reading more often after seeing this.

Why didn’t they just take their own screenshot?

All I can say is:

WTF AlQabas?

Via 4thringroad

Original Article

To-Do List – Update

12 Jul 2009  4 Comments

a few days ago I posted my to-do list.

I already started putting together my PC, and almost done with the WHS server and the media center PC.

I have almost 3TB of data that needed to be moved from my NAS to the server, it’s still moving and it’s been 3 days. Should be done today though.

Added to the list:

- Overclock my PC.

- Setup the Logitech Harmony remote. (Amazon Link) which I found in Best Buy Kuwait in hawally for 39KD, much cheaper than amazon.

Logitech Harmony One.JPG

Friday Market – سوق الجمعة

12 Jul 2009  No Comments

Friday is usually a slow routine day, but this past friday I had something else on my mind, Friday Market. I haven’t been to Friday market since 92/93. The place has changed a lot.


So, me and my brother went there just before Asr prayer, and it was really hot, I MEAN REALLY HOT.

Friday Market 2.JPG

The place is huge, we didn’t go through it all, but it was very organized, and was broken down into sections so you can find what you are looking for very easily.

I was there mainly for electronics, I wanted to know what could I find there. But walking though the different sections you see odd and funny stuff.

Burberrys Mubkhar.JPG

When I arrived to the electronics section I really had fun, I found a burnt toaster oven, a broken VCR, a pile of 15 year old motherboards that would make a better use as a serving tray and a pile of Playstation controllers on almost every stand.

PS Controllers.JPG

I’m definitely going back there again soon.

Finally, An IMAX Theater I Can Go To in Kuwait

3 Jul 2009  No Comments

Transformers 2 - IMAX.jpg

The IMAX screen at the new 360 Mall looks like it’s going to show Hollywood movies instead of the educational movies you can see at the the Science Center. First movie going to be Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen on July 5th.

I hope they stay committed and up-to-date with the movies.

248am via 360dewan


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