Shake Shake Avenues – My New Favorite Burger Place in Kuwait

12 Jul 2011  1 Comment

Yesterday I managed to go to the Avenues mall to grab a burger. Shake Shack was my main destination and Elevation Burger was my standby choice just incase it was too crowded.

The line at Shake Shack was pretty long, I almost chose to go to Elevation burger but it was a good thing that I didn’t, as the line was moving quickly and had to wait less than 5 minutes for my order to be taken and less than 10 for me to get my order.

The single burger will cost you 2KD, getting two single burgers is the norm recently with these tiny burgers. What baffled me is why would a bottle of Fiji water costs 1KD?!!

The burger is just as good as the one from Dubai/New York so its an excellent burger. Easily the best burger in K-Town.

Filfila Americana – Not What it Used To Be

10 Jul 2011  2 Comments

Yesterday when a friend picked me up from my house I didn’t imagine that we would end up in Filfila Amricana as our dinner destination. My friend was nagging me to try it out ever since we talked about it a few months back and I told him that they still had a place in Shamiya.

First of all the service was horrendous, we waited for 30 minutes for our order to arrive. We ordered a couple of shawerma’s, fool and falafil sandwiches. Don’t know why it took that long.

When we got to the diwaniya we realized after all that wait we still ended up with a wrong order. And also the shawerma was a joke and barley had any meat in it. For 750 fils sandwich, I expected it to be at least decent. The fool sandwich is no where near how I remember it. It used to be one of the best fool sandwiches in Kuwait.

We wanted to try out the “Rice Budding” but thank god they didn’t have any.

I dont think I’ll be going back there and I hope it dies a slow and painful death.

Hey Kuwaiti ISP’s I Download “Legally” Over 30GB’s a Day and Here is My Proof

7 Jul 2011  2 Comments

Kuwaiti ISP suddenly implemented a Fair Access Policy (FAP) a few weeks ago that caught a lot of people by surprise. Nobody agreed to this when they first signed a 12 months deal (15 months in my case) and you cant just change what your terms of service in mid contract , even if one of your clauses in your terms of service is “changing the terms of service without prior knowledge” , because thats freaking stupid. So I’m basically signing that you might downgrade my speed from 8mb to 128Kbps just because you can? I don’t think so.

KEMS’s Facebook page operator also used the word “Abusers” to define the people that use too much data by pirating applications and movies as he says. If he truly thinks that then my friend you are misinformed. I can legally download applications movies and tv shows and also pass the stupid CAP that is implemented. What make you think that illegal means we are hogging more bandwidth than legal ones?

I have a number of itunes season passes that can also easily pass the cap as I “BOUGHT” i.e. with my own money, more than 30 HD season passes.

Using steam is also a bandwidth killer. I bought recently a number of games during steams summer sale where they have a number of games each day that are on sale for 24 hours. after BUYING the games that I really wanted/liked/didn’t own on a PC, I realized that only by downloading those games that I PURCHASED I would pass the stupid cap.

I also didn’t talk about updating my PC and 3 laptops, updating my apps on my 2 iphones, 2 ipads, 3 android phones. Updating Navigon on an iOS device is almost 2GB by itself not counting other applications or any other activities like downloading podcasts and watching HD youtube which is FREE the last time I checked.

There is an online bloggers campaign that me and countless of other Kuwaiti bloggers have joined that is against internet capping of any kind. [Link]

Viva la revolucion

Acer Iconia Tab A500 Available at X-Cite

5 Jul 2011  4 Comments

I posted last week about why i’m not getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and what alternatives are available out there right now. One of those alternatives, the Acer Iconia Tab A500, was available at X-Cite when I was there yesterday. Due to the stupid pricing system that both X-Cite and Eureka uses, I am not sure if the final price is 211KD or there is a 25% discount on the listed price which brings the price down to 169KD.

هوشة المنتخب الكويتي واللبناني

3 Jul 2011  No Comments

The sad thing is it was a "friendly" match.

[Exclusive] Shake Shack Opening Next Week

2 Jul 2011  3 Comments


According to sources familiar with the matter, Shack Shack will be opening next Thursday, July 7th 2011 at the Avenues Mall.


Thanks Abdulaziz

Shake Shack Dubai

2 Jul 2011  No Comments

I was in Dubai during the weekend stayed there for a couple of days. Watched a few movies and did some shopping. It was a bit overcrowded in Dubai Mall but it was somewhat ok in Emirates Mall where we tried the first Shake Shack branch in the region.

Shake Shack NYC

I posted about Shake Shack 2 years ago when I was in New York. And for me it was the best burger I’ve tried back then (five guys takes top spot now). But standing in line 45 mins for the Shake Shack burger was an absolute nightmare. Thank god that wasn’t an issue in Dubai.

Shake Shack Dubai

After trying out Shake Shack’s burgers, I can confidently say they are almost identical to the ones in the US. And by that they knocked Fat Burger off as the best fast food burger in the region.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

عطلة الإسراء والمعراج.. الخميس بدلا من الأربعاء

26 Jun 2011  No Comments

For those who didn’t already know, next Thursday is a holiday.

أصدر ديوان الخدمة المدنية كتابا تم تعميمه على كافة الجهات والهيئات الحكومية، بمناسبة عطلة الإسراء والمعراج، حيث ستكون الإجازة الرسمية في يوم الخميس الموافق 30 يونيو- 29 من رجب 1432، بدلا من يوم الأربعاء والذي يوافق 28 من رجب 1432 هــ، الموافق 29 يونيو.


Aqua-Tots Swim School Opens First International Branch

26 Jun 2011  No Comments

Aqua-Tots swim school just opened its first international branch here in Kuwait a few days ago. Aqua-Tots specializes in teaching kids from 6 months to 12 year olds how to swim. I just might enroll my kids there.


كلنا واحـد

21 Jun 2011  1 Comment

كلنا واحـد

حملة كويتية وُلدت لمحاربة الفتن الطائفية. لـلمحافظة على استقرارنا.

وطننا واحــد.. طائفتنا واحــده .. كـلنا واحـــد


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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