Pick Yo – Frozen Yogurt

15 May 2011  3 Comments

Last Friday, I passed by a recently opened frozen yogurt place called Pick Yo in Kaifan co-op mall to give it a try after reading about it in Qortuba’s blog.

The have normal frozen yogurt and they also have what they call “Pick Yo” which is frozen yogurt blended with your choice of fruit jam. It was very nice.

Also their berry flavored yogurt tastes very good.

Their prices are very reasonable, unlike some other places here in Kuwait.

A Blast From The Past: عبدالله الرويشد – نقطة التغيير

13 May 2011  No Comments

كلمات : بدر بورسلي
الحان : محمد الرويشد
خذني معــاك أرفع شراعك طير
خذنــي معاك خذ ني بلا تفسير
اثر غرامك في قلبي بالغ التأثير
وأنتا يا سيد سيدي نقطة التغير
دخلت في دنيتي ألوان فــرح ماله حدود ابداً
لقيت في ضحكتك عنوان يا كل الظروف شكرا
عيني عليك ليمن ضحكت عيني
عيني عليك ليمن سكت عيني
كلي حدودك تهادى غرب وشمال وشرق
لون حياتي تمادى خذني لصوبك برق
خذني ولا عندي شروط
عمري لجل عمرك نقوط

VIVA’s After Purchase Service

12 May 2011  2 Comments


Picture from ZDistrict

A few days ago, Marzouq tweeted that VIVA introduced new caps on their data subscriptions. After checking their website there was a disclaimer stating that they are enforcing a “Fair Usage Policy” and that is 2GB per day and 60GB per month.

I have a VIVA line that is dedicated for data use. its installed on my Android device (used to be the Nexus One but switched to Samsung Galaxy SII 3 days ago)  acting as a hotspot while a number of devices connected to it. So the 2GB limit wont cut it.

And what about the people that signed up for a 2-year contract thinking they will get an unlimited service? will they still be expected to pay the termination fee if they don’t like the “new” terms of service?

The only reason I went with a VIVA line was the “unlimited” part. And now that’s gone.

Also, A few weeks ago. My line was disconnected and I had to use their online service to pay my bills. After paying the amount that was due. I browsed around and noticed that my monthly subscription was KD25. I paused a little bit and was a little confused, I could have sworn that I used to pay less. So I went back a few months and I was right, I used to pay KD22 up to last September and on October’s bill it was KD25. I never got a call or a message telling me that I will be charged more than what I signed up for, which was KD22 monthly.


Billed Summary - viva.com.kw - Before


Billed Summary - viva.com.kw - After

The were able to notify me 2 weeks before my bill was due, but not to tell me that they will charge me extra or that I’m not getting what I paid for.


It looks like I’ll be terminating my VIVA line before I get charged extra without being notified..

Blog@, A New Kuwaiti Blogs App

1 May 2011  No Comments

Fahad Al-Ibrahim (founder of Ezgrt) just released a new app called Blog@ that contain a number of kuwaiti blogs rss feeds and twitter accounts among other things all in one clean interface. Whats cool about Blog@ is that its a universal App meaning it will work o both iPhone and iPad.

Oh and its free too.


The Sidekick Academy Wins 2 Medals in The World Pro 2011 Championship

21 Apr 2011  1 Comment

During the last weekend. The World Pro 2011 championship was held at Abu Dhabi. The guys from the Sidekick Academy participated in the competition and won 2 Jiu-Jitsu bronze medals. Well done guys.

BlackBerry AppWorld Officially Launches In Kuwait

10 Apr 2011  2 Comments

BlackBerry AppWorld

Yesterday, Blackberry owners here in Kuwait were surprised to see that they had new updates pending in the AppWorld application for those who had it installed. And for those who didn’t , Following the link below gave me the opportunity to download the latest version of the app on my Curve 8900. Also linking a payment method (I used a paypal account with a Kuwaiti credit card) to your account was a breeze.



3 Apr 2011  3 Comments


Information is scarce at the moment. I have no idea when is he coming nor if he is performing at all. All I was given was the info below.

Wataniya is doing an event were Ne-Yo is coming to Kuwait and customers have a chance to see Ne-Yo and spend a day with him.

To subscribe to Backstage click [here]


Ne-Yo is coming on the 6th of April, last chance to enter the draw is the 4th. So hurry if you would like to spend the day with him.

Google Celebrates With Kuwait

25 Feb 2011  1 Comment


Google’s homepage has a Kuwaiti theme to it today.

Happy Holidays Kuwait

How to Properly Hang The Kuwaiti Flag

11 Feb 2011  7 Comments

I saw a blog post at my dear friend Frankom’s blog explaining how to correctly hang the Kuwaiti flag both horizontally and vertically. The problem was the banner creator explained the vertical placement of the flag wrong.

Every flag has whats called the honor point (the top left corner when horizontal) that should still be the top left corner even after you plan to hang the flag vertically. Thus, with the Kuwaiti flag, when hanging vertically the green should always be on the left not the right.

Sources here and here

A New Zain Celebrations Ad

10 Feb 2011  No Comments

Zain continues to release new ads every few days celebrating Kuwait’s 50/20 combo. This is my favorite.

For the rest of Zain’s ads, Checkout their Youtube channel.

Thanks Mohammed


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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