At The 2011 Gulf Run

28 Jan 2011  3 Comments

We Arrived at Bahrain late last night and missed the first day of the Gulf Run.But we made it early enough today to catch the action

Having a blast.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

27 Jan 2011  No Comments

Today is the first day in the Gulf Run 6. Too bad that I’ll miss the today’s events. But I’ll be going to Bahrain later today end be there for tomorrow.

The Blood Drive

12 Jan 2011  No Comments

Be part of Al Seef Hospital & BMW Motorcycle club Blood Drive. Donate

Friday January 14th 2011
From Green Island to Al Seef Hospital
Time: 2:30PM
Blood donation starts at 4:00PM on 15th floor in Al Seef Hospital.

My New Canon AE-1

11 Jan 2011  4 Comments

Well, its hardly new as you can see from the image above. But while I was strolling around Mubarikiya Market last weekend, I came across this store that sells some touristic stuff (you know like little boxes with the Kuwait towers carved onto them and stuff like that) and also some classic gems.

One of those gems is the Canon AE-1, the first microprocessor equipped SLR that started production back in 1976.

Dalag Sehail “دلق سهيل”

10 Jan 2011  3 Comments

I went to Mubarikiya Market twice last weekend. Me, my wife and kids went there to have brunch at “دلق سهيل”. When we got there we noticed that its the most packed place out of all the restaurants that were there. We had “شاي فحم” , an order of “فطير مشلتت” with cheese and honey, some white cheese and I couldn’t resist not to order the “حمسة ربيان “, as it was almost time for lunch.

The 1400 Day First Ring Road Project

9 Jan 2011  4 Comments

If you ever pass by the first ring road/Sheraton roundabout, you will notice that there is a lot of construction is going around, and it has been like that for a while. After a quick look at the contract period and start date from the image above (taken at the construction site); You will notice that the project should have been completed almost a year ago. And you can clearly see from the image below, it far from being complete.

The project also has its own website [here]

Lost In Translation: “Wee.I.P.”

9 Jan 2011  No Comments

This photo was taken at Souq Al-Mubarikiya. Dedicated to all the “Wery Important People”.

Melenzane Restaurant – Impressions

5 Jan 2011  3 Comments

Last Saturday, me and a friend decided to have dinner out instead of our usual Saturday schedule, which is watching football games. But it was the 1st of January and there was 0 games played and we decided to make the most of it.

After driving around a little bit, we decided to go to Albida’a area and have dinner there. Both of us were in the mood for some italian food so it was an easy choice and headed directly to Melenzane

Sitting outside was out of the question, as it was breezy and we weren’t properly dressed to deal with the cold. The place is a little small and can’t accommodate a large number of people. But on the other hand, its cozy and has a reversed/upside-down theme going on with the chairs, bottles and stuff which is cool.

We didn’t order a lot of dishes but I certainly loved the ones I tried. We had the Doci Funghi (stuffed mushroom) as an appetizer and I ordered the Zumana Salsa (chicken pasta with creamy veggie sauce) that was really delicious. I rarely ever say that a pasta is “delicious” but this certainly was.

Definitely going back there again to try even more dishes and properly review the place.

Melenzane: Homepage, Twitter.

More pics inside…

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Little Ruby’s

29 Dec 2010  3 Comments

Yesterday, me and my wife decided to have a late lunch/early dinner out. So my wife thought we should give “Ruby’s” a try after it being recommended to her by a friend.. I already read good things about the place so we decided to give it a shot.

The place is cosy and nice. It was completely empty when we got there, completely.

The menu is very simple and just had a few selections, 3 salads, 3 panini’s, 3 pastas and 3 burgers. I loved the idea. I hate flipping through the menu trying to figure out what to eat for 15 minutes.

We ordered the Mikey’s Madness Salad to share, Chicken and Mango Chutney Panini and I had the Bronte Burger.

The salad was ok, but the sandwiches were great. both sandwiches had a pleasant sweetness to them. And the burger was very light too.

Definitely a recommended place and surley going there again soon.

Mark has a good map to the place you can find it [here]

More pics inside—->

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DSLR Photography: Full Throttle

27 Dec 2010  2 Comments

You might remember back when I posted about the stupid DSLR ban that turned out to be just stupid journalism from a few individuals who people call “journalists”. Yes I mean you Al-Watan, Kuwait Times and Arab Times.

Anyway, in that article I posted that I had a DSLR and a couple of lenses held at customs. They arrived shortly after posting the article and I’ve been using them now for over a month now. I just love those 2 lenses. almost all of my blog post pics that I’ve posted were using those 2 lenses.

I’m planing to buy at least 1 more lens, need a zoom lens instead of the kit lens that I got with my previous (Sony Alpha 350) camera. I order a 18-250mm 3.5-6.3 lens and it should arrive any day now.


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