Zain and the Ferrari California

23 Dec 2010  4 Comments

Uptill1 was recently contacted by Zain to spread the word about their offer for tomorrow. As you know (unless you have been living under a rock for the last monthor so), Zain have a weekly draw of $30,000 till the end of the year, And will have a grand draw on a Ferrari California on the 6th of January at 360 Mall 7pm. Everyone has a chance to enter the draw for every 5KD they spend either for topping up a prepaid line, orsettlingyour post paid bill. Last chance to enter is December the 31st.

Is the Ferrari California the car of your dreams? Then it’s your lucky day. Zain will be holding an open to the public photoshoot. A professional photographer will take your picture with the car of your dreams (the Ferrari California) and Zain will kindly print it out, set it up in a custom frame and give it to you…..for free. That event will be held tomorrow and tomorrow only from 6pm – 9pm at the 360 mall.

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Gulf Run 6 Meetup

23 Dec 2010  2 Comments

We were invited for a GR6 meetup that took place last night. Met a ton of great guys, drivers and organizers.

On display were 3 super cars. The Ford GT, Mercedes SLS and the Ferrari 599. They were a joy to look at and a glimpse of what is to come in Gulf Run 6.

Also on display were a lot of pictures from the previous 5 Gulf Runs that organizers were very proud of, and rightly so.

One of the announcements that was made yesterday was that the Mercedes SLS will be a “special car” appearing in this Gulf Run. And there will be a taxi driver service to take you around the track, but they are being tight-lipped about it and keeping it a surprise.

Before leaving, we were told that we must have a bite to eat. There was a very good selection of burgers right out of the grill, chicken or beef shawerma and make your own fajita. It was delicious.

Gulf Run

The 7 Million Batons Deal

22 Dec 2010  4 Comments

According to Mr. Al-Barrak, 7,000,000.000KD (almost 25 million USD) were spent on batons. Thats a lot of batons, didn’t they have any to begin with?

A quick search and I found a sweet 26″ rubber handle steel baton for $23.95 didn’t go through and see how much shipping would cost but that means that they bought a baton for every kuwaiti man, woman and child. leaving 1 million for shipping too.

And also, if you are buying 1,000,000 batons, I’m sure you would get a discount.

Via Al-Qabas

البراك يطرد قناة الصباح

21 Dec 2010  2 Comments

تطرق النائب مسلم البراك إلى أحد الصحف اليومية مطلقا عليها عدة تهم وسباب والتي لها أيضا قناة فضائية فحمل النائب البراك “الميكرفون” الخاص بها مديرا ظهره إلى مقيم الندوة الناشط السياسي خالد الشليمي مستأذنا منه بطردها من الندوة وعلى الفور وافق الشليمي ما حمل البراك لحذف ميكرفون القناة على الأرض أمام مصور ومراسل القناة الكويتية الخاصة.

Via Zoom,Al-Watan

It Was All For Show, No Donations Received Yet For Al-Azraq

13 Dec 2010  3 Comments

According to the president of the Kuwait Football Association, Sheikh Talal Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, they are still waiting for the donations that half of the Kuwaiti businesses/business owners pledged to donate to the Kuwaiti national football team after winning the Gulf Cup over a week ago.

Second thoughts??

الشيخ / احمد الفهد بعد فوز المنتخب بخليجي 20

11 Dec 2010  No Comments

رولا والقلاف طايحيله صفقه

via alazraq

Al Hamra Tower is Huge

9 Dec 2010  4 Comments

I managed to snap this picture in a hazy morning a few days ago over Kuwait City. And you can see both Kuwait Towers (to the left) and Al-Hamra Tower (biggest freaking building in the picture). The size difference is just overwhelming.

Al-Hamra tower has a number of firsts, world’s first sculptured skyscraper, tallest stone covered structure on earth and others. For more info click here

“Farha” Kids Carnival by We Are Volunteers

9 Dec 2010  1 Comment

The “We Are Volunteers” – “نحن متطوعات” team from Eshraq Girls Center – مركز إشراق للفتيات is holding a carnival today at 5pm – 9pm in Discovery Mall’s garden area. All proceedings will be donated to underprivileged students here in Kuwait.

We Are Volunteers is a team of girls (ages13-19) from Eshraq Girls Center who work together to offer a helping hand to whoever is in need in our communities. The team meets up two times a month to take training courses and carry out voluntary projects.

For more info:
Call Eshraq Girls Center: 25212816/7 -97308669
Or visit We Are Volunteers’s Twitter and Facebook page

Blue Post – Yabooh

6 Dec 2010  1 Comment

After 12 years of drought, Kuwait are once again the Gulf champions for the 10th time. Everyone hit the streets after mere minutes of the win. Waleed Ali scored a wonderful goal to hand Kuwait the win.

The current Kuwaiti team is a joy to watch. They’ve got character, spirit and determination which previous teams lacked. I hope they maintain this form going into the Asian Cup next month.

Mabrook to all.


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