Microsoft Surface Review

22 Nov 2012  1 Comment

Surface RT 01

I’ve been playing around with the a Microsoft’s Windows Surface tablet for more than a week now and I think it is more than enough time to get to know the system.

Surface RT 02


Surface RT Hardware

The device is very well made the build quality is of that what people associate with Apple products. Microsoft went all the way with this one. The Surface isn’t too heavy and comparable to the 10” Android and Apple tablets. The kickstand is a great idea but because it isn’t adjustable you end up adjusting your seating position eliminate any reflections or glare on the screen.


The 10.6” 1366×768 screen looks great and the touch sensitivity is on par with the top tier tablets already available in the market. The 16:9 screen also makes it great for watching videos on the device. There is just 1 USB slot on the Surface sadly, but that is 1 more than the iPad, but I would have loved it if there were 2 slots but I guess you can use a hub to get extra slots (haven’t tried it).

Surface RT Windows Logo

The Windows Surface has a front-facing camera which had very good quality. And the rear facing 5MP camera is nothing spectacular and is there if you need it.



Surface RT Software

The Surface uses a hindered version of Windows 8 called Windows RT and it is basically just the Tiles interface of Windows 8. The new Windows “Metro Style” or “Tiles” or whatever they want to call it is a very good tablet interface concept, much better than a grid of icons anyway. But the problem I had with it that it was very laggy. Launching apps was a slow and a painful experience both 1st and 3rd party apps alike. But after the app launches you can jump right back to it without any delay or lag.


Also, being a new ecosystem, the Windows store is very low on apps and is lacking in both quantity and quality of apps. But Microsoft is pushing this real hard so I think it will get there eventually. Especially that Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 all share almost the same kernel and porting apps to the other platform should be a breeze.

Surface RT Software 2

Gestures and swipes work great on the RT/Surface and the touch-sensitive windows button and the bottom of the screen jumps you to the home screen. A swipe from the right bring out the charms bar and a swipe from the left cycles through previous apps.


You can also make an app occupy one third of the screen and keep the other two-thirds fee to do something else. I used the Twitter app/browser combo and t was great. I wish both iOS and Android did this natively.


Keyboard and Touchpad:

Surface RT Touch Keyboard

There are 2 types of keyboards for the new Windows tablet. A regular physical keyboard that was really good and preferred it to the other touch-sensitive keyboard which I had a hard time getting used too but looks great. I couldn’t tell if I pressed the key or not and had to look at both the screen and keyboard as there is no button feedback. The issue is made worse by the slight lag in typing. It can be frustrating when backspace-ing when you hit it one time too many as the cursor takes a moment to catch up with your inputs. As for the touchpad, it works great. I didn’t experience any lag on it.

Surface RT Type Keyboard

Battery life:

Surface RT Power Brick

The Surface has very good battery life. I charged the device just twice in the week that had it with low to moderate use. I was very impressed with that but I didn’t do a lot processor intensive task such as gaming or video watching so that effect the battery life a bit more.



Surface RT 01

The Windows Surface is a wonderfully built product that is being held back by the software and ecosystem. The latter will get there with time but I’m not sure about the performance of the tablet getting better with future updates.

Surface RT Boxed

My brother got his surface from Microsoft’s Store in Times Square in New York (where he actually stood in line to get his hand on one). The General Manager of Microsoft Surface Mr. Panos Panay was at the store and he managed to get him to sign hi Surface RT.

Surface RT Signed

Windows 8 vs iOS 5: War of The Betas

17 Sep 2011  2 Comments

Technically Windows 8 is not even in beta yet but who cares as long as it looks this good.

The video shows some basic UI elements and some OS settings in both platforms.

I am loving what was shown of Windows 8 so far and just can’t wait to see more of it.

Windows 8 in Action

2 Jun 2011  No Comments

Microsoft released a video showing an operating version of Windows 8. The Metro UI is a great touch-screen skin. I love it on the Windows Phone 7 and it looks great here. also, Microsoft seems to have got multitasking exactly right for tablets according to the video.

Halo Reach

20 Sep 2010  1 Comment

After pondering the thought if its legal to play or not before the official release date. I finally got to play the game on the 15th 1 day after the release date and a whole week after purchasing it. that was due not having enough time to get my game on.

After playing for a couple of days I finally got to complete the campaign. First few levels were co-op and then completed the what remained by my self in the solo campaign and left my buddy hanging.

The game was brilliant. If you are a Halo or a FPS fan then this is a must have.

Microsoft Announces Kin One & Two

12 Apr 2010  2 Comments

Kin Phones

In today’s “It Time To Share” event. Microsoft announced the long rumored “Project Pink” devices. Its nothing that extravagant, its based on some variation of Windows Phone 7, so what we are seeing here is a very cool integration with social media networks and “should” be in the upcoming Windows Phone 7.

Its only going to be on Verizon so no GSM version just yet. Don’t think anyone will be disappointed though.


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2 Major Announcements Within A Week

5 Apr 2010  2 Comments


Both Apple and Microsoft are holding press conferences/events within a week. Apple event will be on April 8th and will be showcasing their new iPhone OS 4.0. There are no confirmed details on what might the new OS actually have in store for us but rumors consist of:

  • Bigger Screen
  • Higher Screen Resolution
  • Front-Facing Camera
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Better Notifications
  • A Useful Home Screen
  • Might Have The New A4 CPU

As for Microsoft its not that simple, it will be held on April 12th and nobody knows what exactly the event will be about. its just speculation now. it could be:

  • Project Pink (the long rumored phone project ever since Microsoft acquired Danger-The makers of the Sidekick).
  • More Windows Phone 7 news (They officially removed the “Series” part)
  • Zune news – really hope not
  • Xbox news – The green theme suggests that. (Link)
  • Courier Announcement – everybody is really hoping for that one, have you seen the Courier videos??


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