Kuwait’s Mobile Data Comparisons

25 Oct 2011  6 Comments

Here is a simple price comparisons of mobile data packages of all three telecom companies in Kuwait:

Data Comparisons


Data Comparisons - Wataniya


Even though Viva is the newest Telecom in Kuwait, it has the best packages for the heavy user. It is the only company to offer truly unlimited packages without any kind of throttling. The only issue with Viva is its spotty coverage, but once you get it, its smooth sailing from there. I use it for tethering at work and and its great. But they have a connection problem this week and they say they’ll have it fixed ASAP. It’s also the only company with connection speeds up to 42.2Mb, I haven’t tried it though.


Zain revamped their data packages a few months ago (or year not sure) but the new packages now competes with Viva’s unlimited plans. Even though its not unlimited the 10, 20 and 30GB are quite sufficient for mobile usage (no tethering). Zain have a better coverage but that doesn’t always mean 3G, as speed often drop to edge when neither 3G nor HSPA is available.


I’m sure that Wataniya’s 20MB and 200MB packages where designed for the old dumb phones where they hardly use any data. So they are idiotic at this point of time. The other “unlimited” packages where you get just 1GB or 2GB of data before being throttled to a pathetic 128Kbps is absurd and it has the lowest cap of any of the 3 Telecom companies. I used it to tether to my laptop this week during Viva’s outage and I passed the limit in just a few hours (we are already at the end of the month I know) but I rarely use the my mobile data other than the occasional WhatsApp, Twitter and very light browsing.



If you have Viva coverage then go with them, as a heavy user myself, I really appreciate the TRULY UNLIMITED packages. If you are unlucky and don’t have Viva coverage in your workplace/home then Zain is the second best option.

iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test

18 Oct 2011  No Comments

Are you the kind of guy that drops his phone constantly? the video will shows what will happen if you drop your iPhone 4/S from various heights vs the Samsung Galaxy S 2. The outcome is predictable as the iPhone’s glass finish is more prone to breaking than the lighter plastic finish of the SGS2.

Get Your ChatON

15 Oct 2011  2 Comments


Samsung just released its cross platform chatting application that will compete with BBM, iMessage and WhatsApp. The app will be available on a wide range of mobile OS’s like iOS, Blackberry OS, Bada, and Android. But one of the main features of ChatOn is -as Abdul Aziz puts it- its ability to receive notifications on the PC.

Nexus Prime To Be Announced on October 19th?

15 Oct 2011  1 Comment

Android just joined the twitter party and its second tweet was the video above with the description reading “Live: YouTube.com/Android, 10/19/11, 10AM, Hong Kong Time (HKT)”. So it’s a safe assumption to say that they will be releasing Ice Cream Sandwich in 4 days, But will they also be announcing the Nexus Prime? I hope so.

The Nexus Prime announcement was scheduled for October 11th, but was postponed due to Steve Job’s death.

Ice Cream Sandwich on Nexus Prime (Video)

7 Oct 2011  4 Comments

The upcoming Nexus Prime has been leaking like crazy in the past 24 hours, the latest is a quick video walkthrough of the device running the latest version of android “Ice Cream Sandwich”.

There has been also some reports about the specs of the device, 2 conflicting reports. First the underwhelming:

  • 1.2 GHz dual core processor
  • 5 MP camera with 1080P video support
  • 1750mAh Battery

Other reports suggest:

  • 1.5 GHz dual core processor.
  • 8 MP camera with 1080P video support
  • Dual core GPU
  • 2050mAh Battery

Both reports say the the device will have a 4.65” screen that boost 1280×720 resolution, 1GB of RAM and up to 32GB of memory.


Nexus Prime To Be Announced in 2 Weeks?

25 Sep 2011  2 Comments


Samsung are having another “Unpacked” event on the 11th of October at CTIA. At Samsung’s last “unpacked” event we saw a number of announcements like the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the Galaxy Note. With the latest installment of Android dubbed “Ice Cream Sandwich” scheduled for release in October/November, it seams like the perfect timing to announced the highly anticipated Nexus Prime, Google’s next flagship phone.

Samsung Might Have Just Announced My Next Tablet, And Possibly Phone

1 Sep 2011  5 Comments

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

IFA 2011 kicked off today and Samsung quickly announced a number of hardware product. The 2 major ones were a tablet and something in between a tablet and a phone. First was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, the successor to the original 7″ Galaxy Tab. It comes with a dual core 1.4 CPU, A 1280 x 800 7.7″ super AMOLED plus HD screen, SD card slot and a reduction in thickness as this new 7.7″ will be as thin as the new Galaxy Tab 10.1. The device still has shortcomings, The device won’t have a full size USB port as I think Samsung will try to push its dongles on the consumers but I would have preferred the Tab to have a full USB port as the Android OS can make use of it in a lot of scenarios. And will have samsung’s Touchwiz UI. Even though the Touchwiz UI is great, I prefer the Android’s Vanilla experience.

Galaxy Note

The other Samsung announcement was a little weird one. A phone named the Galaxy Note that has a 5.3″ super AMOLED plus HD with a resolution of 1280 x 800 that should “blur the line between smartphones and tablets”. The Dell Streak-esque device also has a stylus tucked away underneath to remind us of the glorious Windows Mobile days. and it also comes with similar specs to the Tab 7.7. The phone is a little humongous for my taste but we will see when it gets released Q4/Q1 2012.

You should note the Nexus Prime, google’s flagship device for 2011, that had its specs leaked last weak had similar specs to the Galaxy Note, but I doubt that Google will release a phone with a 5.3″ screen, 4.5″ is more practical but we have to wait and see if Samsung can squeeze their new Super AMOLED Plus HD screens in a 4.5″ frame. I hope so.


I Got To Get Me One Of These For My Samsung Galaxy SII

26 Aug 2011  No Comments

My guess this will also work on a number of other devices. It’s cool how you can increase the functionality of your device with a simple cable.

My Android Love

17 Aug 2011  13 Comments

My Android Devices

Ever since I got my first Android device a little over to years ago, I fell in love with the OS and really liked what Google were trying to do with the operation system and how they are approaching the mobile platform from a different angle.

In these 2 years I’ve owned a number of android devices, all of them are phones. I haven’t bought an Android tablet just year and waiting for the quad-core system to make their way into the market. Because of the large number of devices and different designs, Finding a devices that perfectly fits you shouldn’t be that hard.

Missing from the pic above is my HTC Hero, my first android device. So I replaced it with a Samsung Galaxy SII just for the shoot.

The Ultimate Emulator Experience On Android?

6 Aug 2011  No Comments

There are a number of game console emulators on Android that makes it a great retro gaming platform. The problem was playing those games with the virtual keys were annoying. The availability of the Wiimote Controller app that lets you connect your Wii controller to your Android device made gamin a lot easier on Android, but having just 4 buttons on the Wii controller makes it hard to play SNES, Genesis and N64 games, But not Anymore.

Enter Sixaxis Controller that lets you connect your PS3 controller to your Android device via Bluetooth. The costs less than $2 and there is a compatibility checking app that you can download for free and run to make sure that your device is compatible.

Sixaxis Compatibility Checker

Sixaxis Controller


Forgot to mention that your device has to be rooted. And for newer HTC and Samsung devices that might be incompatible, installing a custom ROM like Cyanogen should solve that problem.


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