Cyonagemod 7 on Samsung Galaxy SII

26 Jul 2011  No Comments

Cyanogenmod 7 on SGSII UT1

Cyanogen mod is finally available for the Samsung Galaxy SII. Its not the final release yet, but I have been waiting a while for this mod so I jumped in as soon as they released their nightly builds for the SII.

The phone feels much snappier (if that is even possible) as there is now much less crap running in the background. And there is the usual tweaks of CM7, Like in the camera, dialer and other departments. But if you are using the SII as your main phone I would advise that you hold off a little while longer for a stable version.

Cyanogen Mod is available to a number of android devices. Check out their website to see if your device is supported.


Galaxy SII Nightly builds

Acer Iconia Tab A500 Available at X-Cite

5 Jul 2011  4 Comments

I posted last week about why i’m not getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and what alternatives are available out there right now. One of those alternatives, the Acer Iconia Tab A500, was available at X-Cite when I was there yesterday. Due to the stupid pricing system that both X-Cite and Eureka uses, I am not sure if the final price is 211KD or there is a 25% discount on the listed price which brings the price down to 169KD.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is Tougher Than it Looks

27 Jun 2011  No Comments

When I first got the Samsung Galaxy S II I was really impressed by how light it is. And when I tried to put in the battery and sim car I knew why it was that light. The back cover is virtually non-existent, I was afraid I would break it. But I came across this video that assured me that it is tougher than it looks.

The Latest And Best Arabization For The Samsung Galaxy S II So Far

21 Jun 2011  5 Comments

Arabic Samsung Galaxy S II

I showed previously a method that required a little command prompt know-how or required you just blindly follow the video to get Arabic support on your Galaxy S II.

Madmack, The guy who is almost single handedly bringing Arabic support to the SGSII released another custom ROM based on the leaked middle east ROM. Its stable and has great battery life. I highly recommend it. Also installing it is very simple.

Installing this ROM will wipe you device clean. so backup using titanium rom if you want your stuff.

Download the files needed from here

Installation guide: (From XDA-Developers)
1. put phone in Download Mode by holding Volume Down+Home Button+Power Button.
2. open Odin 1.85
3. Place my file in PDA.
5. flash away.
6. (Optional) factory resetting is probably a good idea too. Some people have suggested that it helps with bad battery drain when moving from one ROM to another.

Via XDA Developers

More Samsung Galaxy S II’s

1 Jun 2011  5 Comments

Just got more of those great Samsung Galaxy S II’s. Friends and family members just keep ordering them. It is back in stock now on Expansys. So if you still fancy getting one, I suggest you follow the link.

Tasker: The Must Have App For Android

29 May 2011  6 Comments


Tasker really shows the strength of the Android OS and how its taking advantage of the openness of the platform. With this program you can automate almost any task on your phone.

Some examples of some profiles I have created for the App:

  • Make your music automatically play when you plug your headset.
  • Turns off the ringer and switch the phone to vibrate only as soon as I’m at work.
  • Switch on WiFi and turns ringer volume on to half way when I’m at home.
  • Turns on “Airplane mode” at midnight so I won’t get any notifications and turns the phone back on with my alarm.
  • When the remaining battery life is less than %15, the brightness is switched down to minimum, radios are switched to 2G and GPS is turned off to conserve battery life.

These are just a few examples of what I’m doing with the phone.



Four Features For iOS 5

26 May 2011  2 Comments

The iOS is a great mobile operating system but it is still lacking in certain areas. This video shows how to implement 4 of those shortcomings seamlessly into the iOS. The funny thing is all of those 4 features are already implemented in the Android OS.

I Think I Found My Blackberry Replacement

18 May 2011  7 Comments

I posted a couple of weeks back that I tried the Motorola Flipout as a replacement for my Blackberry Curve. It didn’t work out mainly because it didn’t read arabic text.

Thats not the case with the Samsung Galaxy Pro. Its the phone I was looking for. I didn’t expect it to be released in the middle east but thank god it did, as I didn’t want to own another Blackberry.

The device reads and writes arabic on it 2.8″ touch screen. It has a more than adequate 800Mhz processor, a 3MP rear camera, 512MB of ROM. All that for KD75.

I got the Galaxy Pro last night so I didn’t have enough time to fully check it out.

Android Market Paid Apps Coming To Kuwait

12 May 2011  6 Comments

Android Market 99 Countries

Google I/O  just concluded yesterday with a ton of announcement. The one that really caught my attention was that Google is expanding its Android Market to 99 countries. And after going through the list you can see Kuwait listed along with Bahrain and Qatar. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are still missing from the list.


VIVA’s After Purchase Service

12 May 2011  2 Comments


Picture from ZDistrict

A few days ago, Marzouq tweeted that VIVA introduced new caps on their data subscriptions. After checking their website there was a disclaimer stating that they are enforcing a “Fair Usage Policy” and that is 2GB per day and 60GB per month.

I have a VIVA line that is dedicated for data use. its installed on my Android device (used to be the Nexus One but switched to Samsung Galaxy SII 3 days ago)  acting as a hotspot while a number of devices connected to it. So the 2GB limit wont cut it.

And what about the people that signed up for a 2-year contract thinking they will get an unlimited service? will they still be expected to pay the termination fee if they don’t like the “new” terms of service?

The only reason I went with a VIVA line was the “unlimited” part. And now that’s gone.

Also, A few weeks ago. My line was disconnected and I had to use their online service to pay my bills. After paying the amount that was due. I browsed around and noticed that my monthly subscription was KD25. I paused a little bit and was a little confused, I could have sworn that I used to pay less. So I went back a few months and I was right, I used to pay KD22 up to last September and on October’s bill it was KD25. I never got a call or a message telling me that I will be charged more than what I signed up for, which was KD22 monthly.


Billed Summary - - Before


Billed Summary - - After

The were able to notify me 2 weeks before my bill was due, but not to tell me that they will charge me extra or that I’m not getting what I paid for.


It looks like I’ll be terminating my VIVA line before I get charged extra without being notified..


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