Configure Your Own Android Smartphone

4 Apr 2011  2 Comments


This website has been around for a while now but still haven’t been updated ever since I first came across it last year. Great idea and is built on the concept of Android open-ness. But it seems that its hard to convert dreams into reality.


HTC is Bringing The Stylus Back To The Tablet

4 Apr 2011  No Comments

The new HTC Flyer looks like it will be bringing back the pen/stylus input back to the tablet the is scheduled for released later this month. The HTC Flyer has a single-core 1.5Ghz processor and  comes with android 2.3 but HTC promised a Honeycomb update “later this year”

I love the 7” size, but not sure what will the future hold for a tablet not following the rest of the bunch by having the dual-core Tegra 2 chip and Google’s new strict Android guidelines.

Product Homepage

Amazon Android App Store is Online

24 Mar 2011  1 Comment

Amazon’s long awaited Android app store has finally launched with a free exclusive copy of a new Angry Birds game. The sad news is, there is still no love for international android users. As purchases are limited to US costumers. Amazon is hoping for an international rollout later this year.

Say Hello To My Little Friends

23 Mar 2011  4 Comments

I just received my order of a 3 inch Android mascot figure (left) and an Android mascot flash drive. I think they look awesome.

For further proof that android is awesome, here is a video of the android mascot shaking his butt off.

3″ Figure [Amazon]
Flash Drive [Amazon]

HyperMac Mini

20 Dec 2010  1 Comment

Aramex finally delivered my shipment after it stayed in their warehouse for 3 days. In that shipment was a HaperMac Mini external battery. just because I carry around a plethora of devices and if I find myself away from a wall socket and in desperate need of a charge. I would be safe IF i remember to keep this baby charged and ready to go.

A list of features from their website:

- Aluminum housing

- Attractive non-battery look

- 7200mAh lithium ion battery

- Extend iPad battery life by up to 10 extra hours

- Fully recharge the iPhone up to 6 times – Extend talk time by up to 72 hours, standby time by up to 1800 hours, Internet use by up to 54 hours

- Extend video playback by up to 60 hours and audio playback by up to 180 hours

- 10W (5V/2.1A max) power via USB port- Recharge via standard (5V/500mAh) or high power 10W (5V/2.1A max) USB

- Supports pass through charging, charge both battery and iPad/iPhone/iPod at the same time- Military grade lithium ion cells, rechargeable up to 1,000 times

- Built-in short circuit, overcharging and temperature protection

- 1 year limited warranty

HyperMac Mini

IT’S ALIVE!!!!!!

4 Nov 2010  2 Comments

I posted previously about my Blackberry curve just dying on me the other day. thanks to the commenters and some quick online research I discovered that that means either the OS has failed or an app is causing all of this. I didn’t have time to do my research to fix it myself so I just went to a shop to fix it for me.

A friend recommended I go to a place called “” literarily translated to “Chinese Michael”. The shop has like a ton of variable disassembled phones everywhere. After showing him my device he said it will take 15 mins and KD. I didn’t mind at all I just wanted my device working again.

After 10 mins or so of strolling around a went back to the shop and my device was already waiting for me with an upgraded version of the os (OS 5) I never even thought of upgrading my blackberry cause I am loving it because of the physical keyboard and not it’s dull OS.

GulfRun 6 2011 Dates Announced

1 Nov 2010  1 Comment

GulfRun6 is here! We have had tons of fun putting together the GulfRun events since it all started back in 2005 when we first descended unto the Bahrain International Circuit with just a handful of cars. And with what we have in store for the next event, its only going to get better from here. Following the formula of previous events, GulfRun6 will be comprised of the Carshow in Kuwait and followed by the track event, GulfRun6, at the Bahrain International Circuit.

The confirmed dates for GulfRun:


Friday and Saturday, January 14/15th 2011 in Kuwait.


Thursday and Friday, January 27th/28th 2011 in Bahrain at the Bahrain International Circuit.

GulfRun Website
GulfRun 5 Coverage: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.

T-Mobile UK: Another Flash Mob Ad

1 Nov 2010  3 Comments

This is another brilliant T-mobile UK ad. Following the success and buzz created by the Liverpool Street Station flash mob ad, this time it takes place in Heathrow Terminal 5 and there is some singing too for passengers that just arrived.

Loved “Return of the MAC”.

My Blackberry Curve 8900 is in Endless “App Error 523″ Restart Cycle

31 Oct 2010  4 Comments

I woke up Thursday morning to find my Curve displaying the image above.It was reading “App Error 523″ and the next line has a clickable “Restart” button. I thought it was no biggy and I’ll just restart the device. but after a lengthy restart I get the same screen again. I didn’t install any new program and before going to bed I was checking my messages and it was working fine.
This sucks because this is my main phone and communication device. Nothing beats a good physical keyboard. Have to check with an expert for a solution.

iPhone 4 Mophie Case

3 Oct 2010  7 Comments

I preordered the Mophie case for the iPhone 4 a few of weeks ago and it got delivered last week. Its no secret that the iPhone 4′s battery is horrible and there is no way it will last a day on a single charge (unless you switch off everything). But with this case I get a day of usage without looking for a wall socket everywhere I go.

The case almost doubles the capacity of the the phones battery giving me a usable phone instead of a paper weight starting from 4pm.

The new case design is a lot better than the old (3G/3GS) one. its looks a lot sleeker and less bulky. As you can see from the pics, it gives it extra length at the bottom and your phone will be slightly thicker.

The Mophie Case is $80 excluding tax and shipping.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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