Music Touched by Yours Truly!

27 Apr 2013  No Comments

Figured I might as well post it now since I’m on a music roll! Anyways, been wanting to post this for a while as something “Remixed” by me slightly with increasing BPM (Beats per Minute) and so on, but still managed to get decent responses within just a few days. I believe this is kinda new in the Kuwaiti blogging side, but hey, as they say, blend in or stand out, I decided to stand out in this case. WOHOO! So here it, a track by Armin Van Buuren – Waiting for the Night (feat. Fiora)

[T] Random Friday Song Posting!

19 Apr 2013  No Comments

Yeah, thought I might as well add an initial at the beginning of the post title for the people to recognize who’s posting! Creativity ftw!

So I’m just linking something I’ve been listening to it lately, expect a lot of stuff to be linked regarding music in different varieties probably. Enjoy~


Guess Who’s Coming To Dubai?

24 Nov 2012  No Comments


I keep checking their website every couple of months to see if they are preforming anywhere close. I was hoping they’ll be doing a concert in London thinking that it is the closest place they could preform in but to my surprise Video Games Live are preforming in Dubai on December 14th. Needless to say I already booked my tickets.

Better Than The Original

26 Oct 2011  No Comments

This guy got talent more than Soulja Boy.

Michael Winslow – The Police Academy Guy

24 Oct 2011  No Comments

I remember watching the Police Academy movies back in the 80’s and thinking that there is no way Sgt. Larvelle Jones (played by Michael Winslow) is really producing these sounds and it must be some lame sound effects. But to my amazement a few years later when I saw him on a stage for the first time and his whole show was making crazy sounds. The video above where Michael Winslow is his own radio station.

What made me remember Mr. Winslow is that he had a new video surface on YouTube just last week that I tweeted about, where he plays an electric guitar, drums and Led freaking Zeppelin.

Here is the original song if you are curios.[Link]

Nerdy Awesomeness

29 Sep 2011  1 Comment

You might not find floppy drives anymore but this guy has put a couple of them into a really good use, playing Imperial March from Star Wars.

A Blast From The Past: عبدالله الرويشد – نقطة التغيير

13 May 2011  No Comments

كلمات : بدر بورسلي
الحان : محمد الرويشد
خذني معــاك أرفع شراعك طير
خذنــي معاك خذ ني بلا تفسير
اثر غرامك في قلبي بالغ التأثير
وأنتا يا سيد سيدي نقطة التغير
دخلت في دنيتي ألوان فــرح ماله حدود ابداً
لقيت في ضحكتك عنوان يا كل الظروف شكرا
عيني عليك ليمن ضحكت عيني
عيني عليك ليمن سكت عيني
كلي حدودك تهادى غرب وشمال وشرق
لون حياتي تمادى خذني لصوبك برق
خذني ولا عندي شروط
عمري لجل عمرك نقوط

It’s Sunday Morning, Have Some Coffee

8 May 2011  1 Comment

This short animation starts off normal, but turns into some weird stuff almost half way through.

So, don’t have too much coffee.

A Historic Grammy For Gaming

19 Feb 2011  1 Comment

I’ve been real busy so this might be old news for some bust I still thought I should post about it.

A few months ago, Christopher Tin made headlines when his song “Baba Yetu” that was originally written for the game Civilization IV, was nominated for a Grammy. It was the first ever music that was originally written for a game to be nominated.

Earlier this week, Baba Yetu won in the “Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)” category.  I hope this is just the beginning. as we all know how wonderful gaming music really is.


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