A Taste of Italy

4 Oct 2009  11 Comments

The Colosseum or Roman Coliseum.

The Colosseum or Roman Coliseum.

 I am back from my trip to Italy. I’m gonna leave you with some pictures of the trip and hope you enjoy them. I didnt take my DSLR but used a Nikon 10mp coolpix camera which wasnt too bad. Continue Reading

Is Kanye West an Idiot?

14 Sep 2009  11 Comments

I was never really into watching the Oscars or MTV music awards, but today, all over the news i was reading about Kanye West being booed for a stunt he pulled off. So i dug deeper…


Basically, he ran onto stage while Taylor Swift was accepting her speech for best female video. He stole the microphone from her (seen above), and went on to tell the whole world how Beyonce should have won for “the best video in the world, All the Single Ladies”. Fairly enough, Beyonce was kind enough when she won an award, to invite Taylor back on stage to continue her acceptance speech.

He later apologized to Taylor and her mom via his blog, Classy guy this Kanye.

Kanye’s little rant stole the show from a tribute to Michael Jackson performed by sister Janet and Madonna, a comeback win for Britney Spears, and a first win for Lady Gaga in her bloody costume. Good job Kanye, you’re officially an idiot.


UPDATE : The picture below is of Kanye West and a very classy looking Amber Rose before the awards. It seems he was having a little “sippy sippy” before the MTV awards.


UPDATE 2 : Obama gets in on the act and calls Kanye a Jackass.

Apps of the Week

27 Aug 2009  2 Comments

This week we have a double whammy of Apps to cater to all you geeks out there. Whether it be iPhone, Android or Blackberry, the following Apps will work on your platforms.


For the 2 Apps of the moment continue reading… Continue Reading

It’s the Cream of the Fight!

3 Aug 2009  9 Comments


Has anyone noticed how badass the lyrics of eye of the tiger are? Obviously no one in this day and age can pull it off without either laughing or smirking. But when this song came out in Rocky and was unleashed to the world it became the anthem for every comeback. Whether it be Michael Jordan in sports or George Bush, Jr. in the White House. Continue Reading

The Wii Dance Routine

6 Jul 2009  No Comments

A guy dancing to the Wii’s Mii channel theme.

So What is Autotune

5 Jul 2009  1 Comment

Jay-Z released a new music video – Death Of Autotune, a few days ago.

It’s a cool song, but what is he really talking about?

Autotune is the technology used to digitally correct a singers vocal pitch using software. It’s being used by many singers, even during live performances.

Check out this video:

NO get back to Jay-Z’s video and listen closely to the lyrics.

Minivan Highway

1 Jul 2009  No Comments

This must be the best viral music video I’ve seen.

Pure unaltered awesomeness.

Filipino Prisoners Tribute Michael Jackson

28 Jun 2009  No Comments

The Filipino prisoners are back with a tribute to MJ.

The Zune Experience

22 Jun 2009  No Comments


I bought my first Zune almost 18 months ago, the reason was I really liked the screen and loved the idea of music subscription. But soon after I received it I couldn’t subscribe to the Zune Marketplace using any of my US based cards. So I looked for their pre-paid cards but couldn’t find any on Amazon, target, Gamestop, Wal-mart and K-mart. It didn’t bother me much, I was planing to resolve the issue when I get back to Kuwait.

Zune 120gb.jpg

But 1 week after arriving to Kuwait I’ve lost my Zune 120, and thus having no reason to subscribe to the Zune Marketplace, until now.

Zune 8gb.JPG

I was trying out Bing a few weeks ago when I cam across a very good offer, $82 (after cashback) for an open box, factory refurbished Zune 8GB. I almost bought it instantly but remembered that I couldn’t subscribe to the service using my cards, I checked Amazon and saw that they had The Zune Pass available, so I bought 1 card instantly and then went back to Bing to get the player.

Zune Pass.JPG

The day I got the Zune Pass I downloaded 10GB worth of music in 6 hrs, just because I can. I love the idea of all you can eat of music for $15 a month with 10 free DRM free songs per month, compared to iTunes new pricing of 1.29 for the high tier songs, thats $13 worth of songs free every month.

Blue Zune 8gb.JPG

On the hardware side, the Zune 8gb goes head-to-head with the iPod Nano, and is surpasses it in every way in my opinion. Built-in wifi, radio and sharing music is just part of the Zune experience.

Bottom line is if you are even a casual music listener I recommend the Zune ecosystem $15 a month is equal to 1 album and you get free 10 DRM free songs and it beats downloading pirated songs cause you don’t have to worry about audio bit-rate, cover-art and indexing your songs.

P.S. I don’t recommend getting a Zune at the moment, The Zune HD is coming out in a few moths an it looks great.

Zune Hardware:★★★★★★★★½☆ 
Zune Software:★★★★★★★★☆☆ 
Zune Marketplace:★★★★★★★★☆☆ 

Zune HD Quick Video Tour

30 May 2009  No Comments


This is a short video showing the ZuneHD’s UI in action.

This looks much better than the iPod Touch UI and the hardware is gorgeous.

The ZuneHD was announced 2 days ago and is scheduled for release this fall.


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