Boston Marathon Bombs

16 Apr 2013  No Comments

At least two bombs went off just before the finish line at the annual Boston Marathon few hours ago were a number of people lost their lives and dozens more got injured. Details are still sketchy.

Video of first explosion:

Video of second explosion:

President Obama Address the Nation On Boston Marathon Explosions:

GulfRun 7 – Promo Video

2 Jan 2013  No Comments

By the end of this month for the 7th year in a row, GulfRun will be at the Bahrain International Circuit. With over 60 drivers competing this year it is going to be one hell of an event.

Over 60 drivers competed for the GulfRun title and pushed their cars to the limit in six different events. Drivers were challenged on the Bahrain GP circuit, inner circuit, outer circuit, autocross, quartermile drag, and a Karting race.

GulfRun 7 will be held on the 26th-27th of January in the Bahrain International Circuit.

Dashboard Camera Footage of The Russian Plane Crash

30 Dec 2012  No Comments

The Tupolev Tu-204 operated by the Russian airline Red Wings was traveling from the Czech Republic when it skidded off the runway and crashed into a highway barrier. The plane was torn into 3 pieces with debris everywhere.

The plane had 12 crew members on board and no passengers. 4 people have died.

Star Citizen: The Most Crowd Funded PC Game Project of All Time

18 Nov 2012  No Comments

You’ve got just under 36 hours to back the most crowd-funded pc gaming project of all time.

Star Citizen is a space trading/combat simulator being made exclusively for the PC. It is being developed by Chris Roberts, the guy behind classics like Wing Commander and Freelancer.

The game isn’t scheduled for release until late 2014, but backing the project now gets you exclusive access to the alpha and beta.


Star Citizen

Jumped From Space, Landed on His Feet

14 Oct 2012  No Comments

Felix Baumgartner

Felix Baumgartner just jumped from 128,097ft breaking the previous world record of 102,800ft held by Joseph Kittinger set in 1960.

Baumgartner also managed to be the first parachutist to break the sound barrier during his free-fall, reaching a top speed of 725mph. He didn’t manage to get the record for the longest free-fall though, as it is still held by Kittinger (4 mins 36 seconds). Baumgartner pulled the cord for his chute 4 mins  19 seconds after stepping off from his capsule.

Samsung Flies Two Bloggers To Berlin’s IFA Event And Threatens To Leave Them There

3 Sep 2012  No Comments


A few months back Samsung sent out emails to a number of Kuwaiti bloggers looking for “Partners” if I remember correctly. They offered to send you –if you were selected-  to  major events and have exclusive news in regards to Samsung products. In return they wanted you to become their mouth piece.

They didn’t exactly say that but that was the conclusion of the conversation with the representatives. All the bloggers that I know turned them down but 2 Indian bloggers weren’t so lucky and agreed to join Samsung’s Mobilers program .

Jeff and another blogger agreed to be flown to Berlin as a reporter to cover both Samsung’s announcement and the whole IFA event. He was supposed to return back home on the 6th but the reservation was cancelled and and was threatened to be left stranded in Germany and pay his own accommodation bills after refusing to wear a Samsung blue t-shirt and sit in the Samsung booth all day.

More details at TNW

Google Launches Google Play

7 Mar 2012  1 Comment

Google Play

Google launched their one-stop shop entertainment store yesterday. It is basically a rebranded Android Market with extra features. You can purchase Android apps, movies, music, and books.

of course Google is still not showing love for us here in Kuwait as we can only access the app store officially.

Google Play


Syria: The horror of Homs, A city at war

24 Feb 2012  No Comments

This is one of the most moving videos about the situation in Syria that has been going on for almost a year now.


Be Carful What You Say On Twitter

2 Feb 2012  1 Comment

Don’t even think of joking on twitter as 2 British tourists got detained and deported due to a couple of tweets they made.

Leigh Van Bryan tweeted saying that he will “go destroy America”. Destroy, as Van Bryan tried to explain to US officials at LAX, was British slang for partying. But they didn’t seem to buy it.

They were then quizzed for hours, handcuffed and locked up overnight.

According to a report in the Sun the pair were held by armed guards and quizzed for five hours before being handcuffed, put in a van with illegal immigrants and locked up for 12 hours in separate holding cells before being put on a flight back home.


Blizzcon’s Major Announcements

24 Oct 2011  No Comments

The annual Blizzard conference (Blizzcon) just concluded and this video shows all the major announcement in just about 5 minutes which makes it more convenient than going there myself or watching the live stream.



Horizon Travel

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