Abu Dhabi Sport Premier League Subscriptions

3 Jun 2010  19 Comments

Just read on 4thringroad that the new pricing plan for the English Premier League set by Abu Dhabi sport will start rolling out in mid July. The prices are great compared to what Showtime used to offer (cant remember exactly but somewhere around 65-70KD I think) and made you subscribe to a bunch of channels that you didn’t need.

Also a cool new touch is the online streaming capability that make all 380 games available to watch online but needs a separate subscription. Still if you get both subscriptions it will be cheaper than what showtime used to offer.

More details on 4thringroad
ADSC Website

Bolivian Presidential Banquet in Iran

18 May 2010  1 Comment

When Bolivia’s highest dignitary visited Iran he probably wasn’t quite expecting the feast that awaited him. I leave you with the pictures below.

Terror Free (aka Arabs) Gas Stations

18 May 2010  1 Comment

A new ‘anti-terrorism’ (anti-muslim/arab) campaign is being attempted in the US with these gas stations which are backed by Jewish extremist Joe Kaufman, a south Floridan who heads the American Against Hate radical group. He says Americans are willing to drive an extra 20 miles to get to these gas stations rather than fund Arabs. All I can say is what a dumbass.

“The House of Etiquette” Official Launch

4 May 2010  10 Comments

The House of Etiquette had their official launch yesterday, and it was an overwhelming success.

These pictures and the full post is taken from http://1lf2lv.wordpress.com , great job with the pictures.

It was a big turn out and the feedback is all very positive, best of luck to them.

Read the full post here.

Thanks again 1life2live

The House of Etiquette

28 Apr 2010  8 Comments

I always like to promote local businesses in Kuwait, especially since we have such promising individuals with ideas and new adventures to conquer. These 2 young ladies behind this idea are the only Kuwaiti’s with this certification in etiquette. So a special good luck to the entrepreneurs at The House of Etiquette with their grand opening and website launching .

It is with great pleasure and joy to announce that The House of Etiquette, Kuwait is finally launching!

After over two successful years of effort and industrious training in Europe’s leading internationally certified academy – The Etiquette & Protocol Consultancy and Modular Finishing School Academy of London – UK and a plethora of research in the field of education and etiquette, we are proud to officially announce the launch of The House of Etiquette, Kuwait. The House of Etiquette has spent a generous time planning and forecasting educational strategies to suit our goals and aims, in addition to finding the personal and bespoke needs of our clients based in the Gulf Region. Therefore, our etiquette school is the first in Kuwait specialized to offer children with the grace of elegance and poise … an asset that would last them for a lifetime filled with professional and social success. Not only are children welcome to be a part of our etiquette school … but programs for young adults and adults are available too! Courses for young adults and adults will be launching soon…but courses for children will be offered first!

The House of Etiquette, Kuwait is very proud to state that it has been solely built on two young Kuwaiti ladies – Bibi Al-Ghanim & Ma’ab Al-Qassem. These young ladies have an eternal passion and respect for etiquette – both classical and modern. Both Bibi and Ma’ab not only are certified in the areas of etiquette but in addition, Bibi’s knowledge further derives from her master’s degree in Education Management and Leadership whilst Ma’ab’s corporate educational background and over thirty varied certifications in the corporate realm combine to creating a formula of diversity and achievement. The House of Etiquette presents an admiration for refinement with a unique mission to spreading social grace and sophistication within Kuwait’s society. These young ladies are proud locals who know the cultural codes of the Gulf and are finally ready to share their knowledge with YOU!

Continue reading below for the details of the invitation to our faithful readers. And again best of luck in all their endeavors.
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Is Every Muslim A Terrorist?

23 Apr 2010  2 Comments

A news cameraman in Australia provokes a Muslim by calling him a terrorist (among other things)  just so that he can get his footage of an “Angry, screaming, out of control Muslim”. The video was later edited and broadcasted on national television not showing the cameraman’s actions, until another source got a hold of the unedited video.

Polish President Was Assassinated?!

22 Apr 2010  4 Comments


Remember the plane crash almost 2 weeks ago that killed the polish president? Well it seems that there is a video circling the net showing ground-zero moments after the crash with survivors and gunshots being heard clearly in the video.

Not only that but the author of the video (Adrij Mendierej) was later stabbed on April 15th, 5 days after the crash and the video uploaded. He was in critical condition but not dead, but he also got  assassinated after unidentified individuals unplugged his respirator in the hospital on April 16th.

The late Polish president wasn’t that into Russia, he sided with Georgia and Ukraine against them and called the current Russian government the  “new imperialism"



بدر صفوق – مجلس «البزران».. الكويتي

19 Apr 2010  11 Comments

Bader Safoog

I got a link to a news paper article via BBM earlier today that I didn’t have time to read till now. If you don’t want to go through the long read, the short version is: THE GUY IS AN IDIOT.

A Kuwaiti writing an article like this in a foreign newspaper is just outrageous, if you think you’ve got the balls, then do what Mohammed Abdulqader Al-Jasiim did.

Full Article:

الديمقراطية حلوة جداً.. لمن يتعامل معها بشكلٍ راق.. ويقبل بنتيجتها.. أيا كانت فهي عبارة عن لعبة شد وجذب..ومن وجهة نظري البسيطة ان أول من وضع قانون ديمقراطي في العالم العربي الاسلامي هو الصحابي معاوية بن أبي سفيان عندما قال «والله لو بيني وبين الناس شعرة ما انقطعت» ككناية عن الشد والجذب.. اللذين تتعامل بهما النفس البشرية الواثقة من نفسها والتي تتقبل اختلاف الرأي.. والتباحث به بكل أنواع.. الدهاء.. الحنكة.. الخبرة سمها عزيزي القارئ ما شئت «حتى لا أصادر عليك رأيك».
ولكن ما يحدث في الديمقراطية الكويتية الآن.. «وبمجلس الأمة تحديداً».. منطق «بزارين». والبزارين لمن لا يتكلمون الخليجية تعني «أطفالا»..«وليس أي أطفال بل.. أطفال شوارع صايعين وحرامية.. وبلطجية.. ويشفطون باتكس» بعد.. والباتكس نوع من أنواع الغراء التي يلصق بها عمال الأثاث المنزلي السجاد على أرضية المنزل يستخدمها للتوهان أطفال البرازيل الذين يسرقون المارة عنوة في شوارع ريو دي جانيرو «شفتهم بفيلم».
وبما ان لدينا الآن خمسين «بزراً» بجانب الحكومة التي لاتختلف عن عقلية هؤلاء البزارين ولكن توّها.. «مخليّه الباتكس» فقد صدمت بمستوى الحوار الهابط الذي يتم داخل قاعة الشيخ عبدالله السالم «أبو الدستور» فهناك نائب يقول للآخر «جــب» والآخر يقول لآخر «كِل تبن».. وثالث يصرّح ان ثلاثة أرباع المجلس «مفوشحين» والفوشحه طريقة للمشي لمن تمت له عملية «طهور» وهو كبير في السن.. وآخر يردح لنائبة في المجلس بأنها «حرامية» والبنت تبكي وتقول له باللهجة الكويتية الجديدة «بأتحداك ازا عندك ورق فرجيني اياه».. وبزر يريد مقاطعة البزر الآخر لأنه يتكلم عن بنت خالة زوجته التي تعمل مديرة ادارة.. وذاك يقول لزميله البزر «الأقدم منه عضوية» في الشارع.. عفواً مجلس الأمة الكويتي.. اذا فيك خير.. اطلع بره.. وهذا يقول لذاك أنت كذاب أبن كذاب.. والآخر يرد أنت واطي ولا أنت كفو.. وآخر يقول ان زملاءه البزور.. كلهم «هابشين من الحكومة الّي توها مخليه الباتكس وطايحة بالشم».. وأخر يقول لآخر «أنت مو ولد أبوك» مما جعلني أرى ان مجلسنا غير الموقر.. وحكومتنا ربع الموقرة «عشان لا يقطعون الراتب» يجب أن يعتمدوا شرط عمل فحوصات الـ «d.n.a» لكل من يتقدم للترشح لمجلس الأمه أو من يتم اسناد وزارة اليه.. حتى لا يدخلوا البلد بحيص بيص.. وتعال فاكك عاد.
وبما انني أحترم مبدأ الاختلاف وأؤمن بالديمقراطية والحوار مع «الرجال فقط» فإنني أرى أن يتم تحويل المجلس بأكمله مع الحكومة «ربع الموقرة» لسجن الأحداث لأنني أعرف ان هناك عقابا لكل من يشتم زميله في ذلك السجن «التربوي» بطريقة تجعله يفكر ألف مرة قبل أن يشتم مرة أخرى زميلا أو مشرفا أو حتى عامل النظافة الآسيوي.
وبما ان شتائم البزور الآن أصبحت حديث الساحة الخليجية والعربية وخوفاً من أن نصبح مثل برلمان تايوان وكوريا الجنوبية الذي وصل فيه الأمر لتبادل الضرب بين أعضائه فإنني أقترح توزيع حارس بين كل «بزر» و«البزر» الذي يجلس جواره حتى يستطيعوا التفريق بينهم لو فكر أحد باستخدام السلاح «الأسود» الذي يتم وضعه فوق الرأس ويسمى في اللهجة الخليجية «العقال».
البلد تسير الى الهاوية منذ وقتٍ طويل.. ألا يوجد فيكم.. «حكيم» !!!



Thanks Bu Jasim

iPhone OS 4.0 Breakdown – Front Facing Camera Coming to new iPhone?!

9 Apr 2010  4 Comments


Apple announced the iPhone OS 4.0 yesterday with a handful of new features, one of the features that they announced is a feature that was requested ever since the iphone got released back in 2007, Multitasking. and also a few other additions to the OS that are more than welcome.

Apple’s version of multitasking is very impressive. Its not your current version of multitasking and its not “true” multitasking, when you exit an app its no longer running in the background but rather is in a suspended state ala Windows Phone 7, but what Apple did is very clever, new API’s are available that gives 3rd party developers access to certain processes to accomplish “multitasking”. Those services are:

  • Background Audio
  • Voice Over IP
  • Background Location
  • Push Notifications
  • Local Notifications
  • Task Completion
  • Fast App Switching

So its not true multitasking but should cover most of the regular user’s need.

More details after the break

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The Ugly Truth – Collateral Murder

6 Apr 2010  3 Comments


Wikileaks just released a confidential video that shows an American Apache pilot firing at and killing 12 Iraqis and wounding 2 children. Among the dead are 2 journalists. Reuters demanded a full investigation after the death of thieir employees, but the US military concluded that the actions of the pilots were in accordance with regulations and that they were in a combat operation against coalition forces. People believed the story …..until this video got released just a few hours ago.

Please take 15 minutes and watch the video.


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