Another Footballer Has Fallen

14 Apr 2012  No Comments

Livorno midfielder Piermario Morosini who was on loan from Udinese has died after collapsing during his team’s Serie B match.

All Italian football league matches this weekend have now been suspended as a mark of respect.

The Best Flash Mob Ever??

11 Apr 2012  1 Comment

This video doesn’t show the usual dancing/ jumping around flash mob that we all know and love. but rather pulls a great surprise for a very hard working 9 year old.

A 9 year old kid has built his very own arcade and never had a single customer….until this happened.

The Bandwagon Effect

11 Apr 2012  No Comments

People are so easily manipulated, and here is 3 videos that shows the “Bandwagon Effect” in action.

This first video is a bit insane. A guy using his real first and middle name and a few staged people led people to believe he was a celebrity resulting in him having a security escort and shutting down stores for him in a matter of minutes.


This second video is almost the same, 2 British presenters go to Japan have a camera crew and a few staged fans result in a mass hysteria. With no one knowing who they are.

This third and final video is a bit different, as the guy looks like a well know celebrity and pranks the whole of Times Square as being Andy Samberg

I wonder if this is doable here in Kuwait? What am I talking about of course it is, people gather around a car crash here why not a  make believe celebrity?

Seeing Double Doubles

2 Apr 2012  1 Comment

Improv Everywhere pulled a really great prank on New Yorkers, having eight sets of quadruplets in a New York park.

Other cool Improv Everywhere projects:

This is Disturbing – Car Accident

19 Mar 2012  4 Comments

I have no idea what was the driver of the white car thinking. Its obviously a freeway and no access to the other side. So I cant explain his actions other than that he was unconscious/incapacitated.

According to a YouTube comment, the 3 passengers in the car the got in the wrong lane were killed including the 72 year old driver, the driver of the truck is critically injured and the couple in the car that had the camera sustained minor injuries.

UPDATE: embedded a working video.


انجازات جمارك الكويت

12 Feb 2012  No Comments

That’s the exact video title on YouTube. At first I thought it was going to be a video making fun of how slow Kuwait Customs are. But it turns out that the video was created by what seems like a customs employee, showing different drug and alcohol busts they’ve done.[YouTube]

Interesting choice of music.

الله يعطيكم العافية

I Don’t Know Jeff

5 Feb 2012  1 Comment

Chris Kamara must be the funniest guy in football. The Soccer Saturday presenter usually on the field and has some funny moments.

Other Funny moments.

Kamara also provided commentary and basic motion capture for Chris Kamara’s Street Soccer released on the PlayStation back in 2000. It was one stupid game.

Bob Arno: The Prince of Thieves

26 Dec 2011  2 Comments

Bob Arno

Born in Stockholm, Sweden and acquired US citizenship in 1992. Bob Arno is considered by many as the world pickpocket king. watch the video above and see how he repeatedly keeps snatching items from victims that know what he will be doing and still cant do anything about it.

He also has a series of videos that help law enforcement agents identify potential pickpockets and help stop them.

There is a Ripley’s believe it or not segment and also a National Geographic episode about him that is 45mins long.

The Most Epic Flash Mob

25 Dec 2011  No Comments

We have seen a lot of flash mobs before. All were about music and dancing, but not this one. This might be the most epic flash mob to date. Why? because its about a video game thats about Star Wars. EA is promoting their new MMO game Star Wars: The Old Republic by having a bunch of Sith lords battling Jedi Knights in the middle of Times Square. Damn you EA for not having this game on Steam.


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