Neil Patrick Harris: Broadway is Not For Gays Anymore!

15 Jun 2011  4 Comments

Neil Patrick Harris’ opening number at the 2011 Tony Awards. I think this guy should host every every show that needs hosting out there.

Also during the Tony Awards, Hugh Jackman and Neil preformed a duet.

The Shampoo Prank

5 Jun 2011  No Comments

The guy freaks out because he can’t rinse the shampoo out if his hair.

Some People Are Just Stupid XIV

30 May 2011  2 Comments

Is this becoming a normal thing? Am I the only one who thinks that this is inappropriate?

The Good Old 80’s

26 May 2011  No Comments


That’s just too weird.

The 40mm Machine Gun

23 May 2011  No Comments

I would really hate to get hit by one of those.

The Sagan Series

22 May 2011  1 Comment

The Sagan Series is an amazing project by Reid Gower in honor of the late Carl Sagan, the astronomer/cosmologist/astrophysicist. The project is simple, create short videos and add narration by Mr. Sagan (the narration of the above video is from his book Pale Blue Dot ). The outcome is just great.

Videos are being released every couple of weeks and you can keep track of them on The Sagan Series website. [Link]

That’s One Hell Of A Marriage Proposal!!!

17 May 2011  No Comments

This must have been really awkward for the strangers in the theater. Looking at what they thought a stupid movie trailer.


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