Hai Bali

16 Aug 2009  4 Comments


I never thought one day that I’ll go to Bali, not because that I didn’t want to but didn’t feel the need to do it since I already explored most of southeast Asia. But when you have a free one … hey why not :). So I packed my bags and decided to go, and with all the problems I faced before leaving (ticketing issues and even a bruised 5th metatarsal) I wasn’t going to miss such an opportunity.
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Wet and Wild Desert Kings 2 Jokers

9 Aug 2009  22 Comments

An amateur Kuwaiti photographer and video editer put together the video clip below this weekend.  it captures the thrill and fun of young Kuwaiti’s having a good time in the desert and sea.  You can find more of his work at his website www.negativeffect.com. It’s a hobby that his friends think he should utilize more.  His skills as  you can see from the video are of a very high standard, his website has many interesting links and photos. Keep up the good work.

The video includes alot of our favorite drivers from the Gulf Run, as this is the second video in the latest series which will be coming out every now and then. You can find the first video, Desert Kings 2 Jokers here.

WARNING: Do not try these stunts if you do not have any expertise or training in the respective areas as you may seriously cause damage and/or hurt yourself.

Thanks for giving me the exclusive, Mr Kitco!

One in One – وحده اب وحده

4 Aug 2009  2 Comments

Sick in Bed.jpg

After writing my “The H1N1 Stupid Poster” post, I got a fever like 30 minutes after publishing the post. I was in bed for the rest of the day, and still dizzy the next and a little feverish. No one would come close to me thinking I’ve got swine flu, oh the irony.

Anyway, I feeling much better now. Thanx to Triple-A for hijacking the blog the awesome posts.

Simple Pleasures

2 Aug 2009  No Comments

Hobby, profession, work, fun … etc

There is a different level of pleasure in all of them for every person, last night I was thinking to myself what shoots my pleasure up high while doing it ?

I simply see it as follows:

1- Too good at it.

2- Too good for somebody else that you care for.

3- Just meant to be (naturally godly induced desires).

4- If you have absolutely no pleasure in doing something then you can teach yourself (trick your psyche part of your brain) to love it, just smile and say “WOOOW that was AWESOME” !

All what I have previously said was an introduction to say, “Yesterday, myself & N waited Two & Half hours just to play football for 2 hours a week in September & October” !!

though we thought we came early, 30 people were before us ! how early do we need to come to be the 1st to have a number ?


Now why can’t Youth & Sports Association (elhayaa) provide more facilities for this one highly desired pleasure, let’s say in every school and be opened for the public. With all the millions spent on whatever and the millions stolen by whoever, why not help us to steer our youth away from forbidden pleasures toward a healthy bright future, not just for sports but all kind of things.

Where’s My Stuff [UPDATE]

2 Aug 2009  1 Comment

Where is my stuff.jpg

I posted earlier about my phone being shipped and should arrive Monday or Tuesday. But after checking on it today, to my surprise, my stuff were in Kuwait yesterday and in Bahrain today. I called DHL and the guy on the phone told me that package is still in Bahrain, I told him (and as you can see from the picture) my package shows that it was in Kuwait yesterday but not anymore.

I’m still waiting to here back from them. Damn, I want my phone.

I just got of the phone, and the say it’s a scanning error. I will know for sure this afternoon when my shipment is scheduled for release from customs.

My HTC Hero Has Shipped

30 Jul 2009  3 Comments

My HTC Hero Shipped.jpg

Exactly one month after pre-ordering the HTC Hero, it has finally shipped and on it’s way. I’m expecting it next Monday/Tuesday. Will post as soon as I get it.

I ordered the HTC Hero from Expansys, I was charged a total of £371.77 which is about KD175, Thats including shipping to Kuwait. And I think I get a £30 voucher, which makes the total almost KD160, Thats a KD120 cheaper than the 16 GB iPhone 3GS that I’m trying to talk everybody I know out of upgrading to it, especially if you own an iPhone 3G, because it makes no sense.

This is the first internationally released Android phone, which means that it should do very well, and we should see a larger adoption rate and also see more apps made for it.

I’ll do a review if it’s worth the hype after I spend a few days with the phone.

Welcoming New Guest Writers

23 Jul 2009  No Comments

3 of my friends will be guest writers on the blog, I still have no idea what they will write about or how often. But hey, the more the merrier, right?

The writers are Triple A, Zidaneoo and Heema. Hope they will start posting soon.

Google Voice

22 Jul 2009  No Comments

Google Voice Invite.jpg

It looks that Google just sent out another patch of invites to their Google Voice service. Got my invite today, I really wanted to try this out when I was in the states. Darn

If you haven’t heard of Google Voice, Check out this video:

And no you can’t use it in Kuwait

Google Voice Kuwait.jpg

PC Assembly Completed

19 Jul 2009  4 Comments

Thats one item off my list, I completed my PC a few days ago and was busy tweaking/over-clocking it and playing Crysis. So technically thats 2 items off my list.


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To-Do List – Update

12 Jul 2009  4 Comments

a few days ago I posted my to-do list.

I already started putting together my PC, and almost done with the WHS server and the media center PC.

I have almost 3TB of data that needed to be moved from my NAS to the server, it’s still moving and it’s been 3 days. Should be done today though.

Added to the list:

- Overclock my PC.

- Setup the Logitech Harmony remote. (Amazon Link) which I found in Best Buy Kuwait in hawally for 39KD, much cheaper than amazon.

Logitech Harmony One.JPG


Horizon Travel

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