The Weather is Nuts

14 May 2010  2 Comments

I know I’ve written about the weather here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. But this is just insane, I believed that Kuwait weather was crazy but this is just…..

Last Saturday the weather was beautiful, it was in the mid to high 20′s with a cool breeze. we really thought that the weather will stay great, poor us.

They have a saying here ” If you don’t like the weather, Wait 5 minutes and it will change” our first reaction was, you haven’t been to Kuwait have you? but boy where we in for a surprise the very next day.

On Sunday we woke up and the temperature was like 3-5 degrees, we were stunned. After digging into our bags and looking for something warm to wear, we decided to catch a movie (Clash of the Titans, 3/5). After exiting the movie this is what we saw.

A hail storm passed by, other parts of the city had snow. The next day it was very windy, I mean very.

We have to check the weather forecast daily just to know what to wear to work.

Not That Beautiful Weather

29 Apr 2010  4 Comments

As I mentioned in a previous post, the weather here in New Mexico WAS great as you can see from the picture above.

According to the latest weather report, next couple of days is not that beautiful. Its getting to -2 degrees, and I didn’t even bring winter clothes. Thanx Triple-A.
Got to get me some winter clothes.

Stilll Winter in NYC

27 Apr 2010  2 Comments

Its still winter in this part of the world, I arrived in New York yesterday and the temperature was 9 freakin’ degrees, and it was raining, wasn’t expecting that at all.
Today we arrived in New Mexico the weather is absolutely beautiful here, ,didn’t take pictures but will do tomorrow.

Top 8 iPad Apps

24 Apr 2010  7 Comments

So you just got your fancy iPad, what are you doing with it? are you just browsing the web with the flashless browser? here are some apps that I think should cater all tastes.



photo 2 (1)

This is by far the best app you can get for your iPad, being able to stream all your video files via the internet to your iPad no matter what format it is is just great for anybody with any kind of a video collection. It does live conversion on the fly and  its pretty quick. and its just amazing on a local network.

photo 1 (1)



photo 3 (1) Do you read magazines? I’ve been using Zinio on my PC for more than 2 years now, and I was disappointed with their iPhone release a few months back but man is the new iPad version is just awesome. It has a very good variety of magazines and the annual subscription prices are just too compelling.

Offline Pages


photo 3 (2)

This app lets you store a full webpage wth its formatting for offline viewing it later. This is great especially that this version of the iPad is wifi only, and this will really helpful when you are an a flight. its better than RSS reader in my opinion but needs a little bit more work.



photo 1 (2)

I’ve talked about logmein before, its a remote desktop controlling app. the free desktop version is just so compelling. I know $30 seems much but its the best remote desktop app there is I think. and it was an easy decision because I already purchased the iPhone version.



photo 2 (2)

This is the might not the best note taking app on the iPad but the ability to sync your notes to multiple platforms make this the most efficient one. I’ve got this setup on my Desktop PC, desktop Mac, Macbook pro, My windows laptop, my 2 Android phones , my iPhone and now my iPad. When I take a note on any platform it will be synced to my other devices automatically. Just great.



photo 2 (3)

This is a very good app, its an upgrade to Shazam, in addition to the ability to recognize songs via the iPad built-in microphone, it can  be integrated to your iPad music library and search for music lyrics, videos, artist bio and discography.



photo 1 (3)

This is a very nifty little piece of software, it gives you the ability to transfer file wirelessly to from your PC to your iPad and it has a built-in browser that you can download files in which is also great.

Notable Mentions:

NewsRack, Delivery Status, Kindle, IMDB, PenUltimate, Camera For iPad, Weather HD and Notes.

For more app considerations, check out Marzouq’s post.

BlueLounge Refresh – Neat Charging Solution

11 Apr 2010  7 Comments

I tend not to use the charging adapters that usually come with the my phones or other devices if they can be charged via usb because its much more convenient and practical instead of having multiple wall socket chargers.
I came across the BlueLounge refresh and immediately added it to my cart. Its small convenient and cheap-ish ($50 on ThinkGeek). I really recommend it for people who carry more than one device on a daily basis.

I would really have loved it if it was slightly wider so that gadgets have some breathing space. Its hard to get 3 devices on it if one of the device’s charging port is on the side (think blackberry).

Rating: ★★★★½ 

ThinkGeek ($49-$69)
Amazon ($69)

Video review after the break.

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The iPad Review

8 Apr 2010  14 Comments

After using the iPad for 5 days I think I have a very good idea on the device and can really give my opinion on it.



The iPad design is beautiful and minimalistic. its just like a large iPod Touch (you are going to here this a lot in this review, why? because its true) with metal casing.  the screen is great 9.7” LED with IPS technology that has a 1024×768 resolution  and a little too big black bezel. Home button at the bottom of the screen a volume control on the right side, also a screen rotation lock switch and the usual power button.


I was a little disappointed with the speaker a bit, its not very low but its only on one side witch make the sound sometimes low especially if you are trying to share the screen with someone.

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Game Rush

29 Mar 2010  3 Comments

A lot of games were pushed from last years 4th quarter to this years 1st and 2nd quarters to avoid the congestion and the good games that were being released in the same period, namely Modern Warfare 2.

But its been only 3 months and the number and quality of the games that have been released is ridiculous. There are a ton of games that I would like to try but don’t have the time.
The games that are on my want list are:

  • Bayonetta
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Heavy Rain
  • Dantes Inferno
  • Bio Shock 2
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Yakuza 3
  • God of War 3
  • Supreme Commander 2
  • Just Cause 2

You can see my dilemma.

New Blog Redesign

28 Mar 2010  14 Comments

New Look

Finally, finished the long promised redesign of the blog. it might have some kinks so feedback would be appreciated.

Some Dubai Pictures

19 Mar 2010  8 Comments

During my last visit to Dubai I managed to take a few photos on the first day there. There where some clouds that made “Burj Khalifa” look amazing. I didn’t wander off taking pictures all around Dubai, no, I just strolled around my hotel which was located very nicely close to every thing.

Here are just some of those pics, will upload the rest to my Flickr account later.

All pictures where taken using my Sony A350. Click on images for a larger view.

DSC05160 The Address Downtown Dubai DSC05180 DSC05135DSC05146

Back To FatBurger

12 Mar 2010  2 Comments


One of the things I look forward to when coming to Dubai is having a bite at FatBurger. I’ve been there before and I loved it. It’s tasty, fresh and light, I always end up ordering another one :)


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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