The Google Nexus 4

6 Dec 2012  4 Comments

Nexus 4

After waiting for the Nexus 4 to be shipped from Google for a few weeks. I finally got it a couple of days ago.

Nexus 4 Reveal

The device is beautifully built and in my opinion is the best looking Nexus device to date. It still has design similarities to the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus S. But the Nexus 4 is far better built device. My only gripe with the device is the glass rear. I didn’t like it on the iPhone 4/S and I still don’t like it. It looks nice but it is not practical as I already managed to scratch the rear glass after just 30 minutes of use.

Nexus 4 Unboxed

The battery life on the device is pretty good, not as great as the Galaxy Note II but still pretty decent. Still needs a little bit more testing before the final verdict. Same goes for the camera. The 8MP camera is an update from the 5MP on the Galaxy nexus but it is the standard in the market at the moment.

Nexus 4 Back

Android 4.2 is just fantastic, I‘ve been using it on the Galaxy nexus and the Nexus 7 for a few weeks now and I love it. it is an improvement on previous versions of android and especially with the release the new Gmail that allows pinch to zoom finally makes things even better.

Nexus 4 vs Galaxy Nexus

Basic Specs:

Quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor.

2GB of RAM.

8MP rear and 1.3 front cameras.

4.7-inch 1280×768 display.

2100 mAh non-removable battery.

Nexus 4 Scrach

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Features

1 Oct 2012  No Comments

It looks like Samsung’s new 5.5” Galaxy Note 2 is going to be my new mobile phone due to Samsung actually improving the Android software with its Touchwiz interface. The new multitasking looks insanely productive and great.

The phone should be available in Kuwait this week for around 210KD.

This is The Samsung Galaxy SIII

20 Apr 2012  1 Comment

Did the Samsung Galaxy S III just appear in Vietnam? (video)

According to a Vietnamese site this is soon to be unveiled Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-9300). that has a 4.6” 1184×720 screen, 1.4 Quad-Core CPU, 1GB of Ram, 8MP camera 16GB storage and a MicroSD slot.

There is a plastic casing around the device in the video to keep the final design a bit of a secret. The 2050mhA battery will come with NFC capability.

More photos at XDA

The Sony Xperia S: Hands On

11 Mar 2012  3 Comments

Sony Xpera S

The first Sony mobile phone after the SonyEricsson split is here. The Sony Xperia S is the latest flagship device from Sony. The 4.3″ 1280×720 screen looks gorgeous and the 12mp camera is not too shabby.

The overall design is very good as well. Sony has decided to go with a micro-sim standard. The device also has a non-replaceable battery.

Sony Xpera S 2

The dual-core 1.5ghz snapdragon CPU feels snappy. But it might be considered that its slightly lacking with quad-core phones such as the HTC One X are less than a month away.

Left (Galaxy Nexus) Middle (Xperia S) Right Galaxy S2

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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is in Kuwait

1 Dec 2011  17 Comments

Galaxy Nexus Kuwait

If you follow me on twitter you would already know that I got my Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android’s latest and greatest  yesterday from Berserk online store.

Galaxy Nexus vs Galaxy SII

As expected the device design looks beautiful, and its just marginally heavier than the Samsung Galaxy SII. The device fits comfortably in the hand and it doesn’t feel huge, even with that 4.65″ screen. The 720p screen looks outstanding, you really notice the bump in resolution.

Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4

There isn’t much of a size difference in size between the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S2 as most of the increase in screen size came from removing almost all of the bezel in the Galaxy Nexus and getting rid off al the physical face buttons.

Galaxy Nexus vs Galaxy S2

The device also feels very snappy, thanks to the vanilla Android experience I guess. Icecream Sandwich is a complete overhaul and is closer to the tablet Android OS than any previous Android release.


Galaxy Nexus in ear headphone

What I wasn’t expecting that the Galaxy Nexus came with a noise isolating in-ear headset that looked very good quality and is not Beats By Dre like some HTC phones but its better than most if not all of the standard headsets out there.

Galaxy S2 vs Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4

I’m looking forward to spending more time with my new little friend.


As I said, I got the phone from Berserk online store. Their website isunder construction but they can be reached via Twitter, Facebook and even Google+. I got the device for KD265


Samsung Galaxy Note – Quick Hands-On

13 Nov 2011  6 Comments

Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy SII

I got to play around with the recently released 5.3″ behemoth Samsung Galaxy Note for a short period and managed to grab a couple of pics for comparisons. The device has a Super HD Amoled screen, 1.4 dual core CPU, 1GB ram, 16/32GB internal memory, 8MP rear camera and a Stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy SII Comparison

As you can see from the pic above, the phone is a hair slimmer than the iPhone 4/4S and has a curved back which makes it comfortable when held in the hands.

But the phone is a little big in my opinion, as its blurring the line between tablet and phones.

Thanks Abdullah

Galaxy Nexus vs Galaxy Note

28 Oct 2011  1 Comment

The Samsung Galaxy Note was announced almost 2 months ago, but I didn’t comprehend how big it is until I saw this video. Its massive. I like it.

Samsung Might Have Just Announced My Next Tablet, And Possibly Phone

1 Sep 2011  5 Comments

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

IFA 2011 kicked off today and Samsung quickly announced a number of hardware product. The 2 major ones were a tablet and something in between a tablet and a phone. First was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, the successor to the original 7″ Galaxy Tab. It comes with a dual core 1.4 CPU, A 1280 x 800 7.7″ super AMOLED plus HD screen, SD card slot and a reduction in thickness as this new 7.7″ will be as thin as the new Galaxy Tab 10.1. The device still has shortcomings, The device won’t have a full size USB port as I think Samsung will try to push its dongles on the consumers but I would have preferred the Tab to have a full USB port as the Android OS can make use of it in a lot of scenarios. And will have samsung’s Touchwiz UI. Even though the Touchwiz UI is great, I prefer the Android’s Vanilla experience.

Galaxy Note

The other Samsung announcement was a little weird one. A phone named the Galaxy Note that has a 5.3″ super AMOLED plus HD with a resolution of 1280 x 800 that should “blur the line between smartphones and tablets”. The Dell Streak-esque device also has a stylus tucked away underneath to remind us of the glorious Windows Mobile days. and it also comes with similar specs to the Tab 7.7. The phone is a little humongous for my taste but we will see when it gets released Q4/Q1 2012.

You should note the Nexus Prime, google’s flagship device for 2011, that had its specs leaked last weak had similar specs to the Galaxy Note, but I doubt that Google will release a phone with a 5.3″ screen, 4.5″ is more practical but we have to wait and see if Samsung can squeeze their new Super AMOLED Plus HD screens in a 4.5″ frame. I hope so.


I Got To Get Me One Of These For My Samsung Galaxy SII

26 Aug 2011  No Comments

My guess this will also work on a number of other devices. It’s cool how you can increase the functionality of your device with a simple cable.

My Android Love

17 Aug 2011  13 Comments

My Android Devices

Ever since I got my first Android device a little over to years ago, I fell in love with the OS and really liked what Google were trying to do with the operation system and how they are approaching the mobile platform from a different angle.

In these 2 years I’ve owned a number of android devices, all of them are phones. I haven’t bought an Android tablet just year and waiting for the quad-core system to make their way into the market. Because of the large number of devices and different designs, Finding a devices that perfectly fits you shouldn’t be that hard.

Missing from the pic above is my HTC Hero, my first android device. So I replaced it with a Samsung Galaxy SII just for the shoot.


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