Nokia N900

28 Aug 2009  No Comments

It looks like Nokia realized that they screwed up with the N97, and so they are releasing a revamped version that runs the Maemo 5 OS, which is a Linux variant that should have “true PC-like multitasking”.

Nokia N900.jpg

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Apps of the Week

27 Aug 2009  2 Comments

This week we have a double whammy of Apps to cater to all you geeks out there. Whether it be iPhone, Android or Blackberry, the following Apps will work on your platforms.


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HTC Hero – Review

17 Aug 2009  17 Comments

HTC Hero - Lock Screen.jpg

Now that I had my Hero for 2 weeks, I can start blabbering about it.

let me start with this, I had very high hopes for the device before it got released. I wanted a device that could do things the iPhone couldn’t do. The android platform didn’t disappoint.

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HTC Hero vs iPhone 3G/3Gs

13 Aug 2009  43 Comments


After finally giving up my iPhone 3G (which i was enjoying apart from some trivial stuff), i got my hands on the HTC Hero.  This will not be an indepth review of both, but a basic and quick comparison as N. will post his full review of the HTC Hero soon. I will forego all the basic specs such as Wi-Fi, Quadband, bluetooth, etc. cuz every smart phone should have that. Continue Reading

iPhone App of the Week

13 Aug 2009  No Comments


Colorsplash is an application for the iPhone/iPod Touch that basically allows you to adjust the saturation of any photo. Meaning you can change an image to black and white and then select any part of the photo to remain in color. Continue Reading

HTC Hero – First Impression

6 Aug 2009  17 Comments

My HTC Hero in Kuwait.jpg

So, after all the drama, I finally got my HTC Hero, my first impression of the phone is great loving the built quality, feel and design of the phone. Background processes/multitasking is major for me. Need a few more hours to know my way around the OS, but the notification bar is awesome. Till now the phone did not disappoint.

HTC Hero on ZAIN.jpg

Full review in a few days.

iPhone App of the Week

5 Aug 2009  2 Comments


Truveo is an App available at  theiTunes store for free (mr carwash will enjoy that) for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s basically a video search engine. Continue Reading


4 Aug 2009  2 Comments


For all of you searching for new phones … the wait is over … the ultimate phone has arrived … introducing pomegranate phone

iPhone 3.0.1 Update

3 Aug 2009  9 Comments


So Apple released the new update for the iPhone yesterday, 3.0.1. You will download about 280MB of action packed updates which will increase the speed of your iPhone, make browsing faster, allow background Apps to work, and prolong battery life…… NOT!

This update will patch up some vulnerability issue in the SMS’s that no one has ever heard of. So basically you will waste about 30 mins using a 2MB connection to download and install a worthless amount of data. Why can’t Apple do this in a more reasonable manner, lets say 10mb or 20mb maximum? Get your act together Steve Jobs!


Which Smart Phone to Buy?

3 Aug 2009  7 Comments


I have been wanting to upgrade from my iPhone 3G to another smartphone for the past 3 months but I’m having alot of trouble selecting something.

1)  Do I go for the iPhone 3GS, or is it not worth the bother and upgrade?  

Probability of purchase : 90%

2) Do I wait for the Palm Pre GSM version, or could it be too long a wait?  

 Probablitiy of purchase : 70%

3) Do I get the HTC Hero, or is it just another good, but unspectacular Android phone? 

Probability of purchase : 50% 

4) Do I splash out on a tried and test Nokia N97, or is the Symbian platform just too unreliable?

 Probability of Purchase : 20%

5) Do I dive into the Blackberry madness entourage, or is it just a phase and really a business oriented phone that is misused in Kuwait?  

 Probability of purchase : 35%



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