IPhone Security Threat

16 Jan 2008  No Comments


IPhone unlocked, IBricked, then unlocked again. Hacks and workarounds are there on popular demand, no matter what, now security threats can make there way to become IThreats.

via freep.com

IPhone Can IVideo Chat !?

14 Jan 2008  1 Comment


Ecamm developers found a way to add one more feature to your IPhone , which is an application to enable using the built-in Cam as a Web-CAM but it can only work with MAC video application like iChat, Photo Booth or Skype and only on a MAC PC. Yeah I know Compatibility is a B… ! Bzzz

Check out the Demo
via macdaddyworld

Turn Your WM Device Into A Wireless Router

9 Jan 2008  1 Comment

WMWifiRouter: This awesome piece of software turns your wm phone into a portable wireless router, so that you can use your data plan on any of your devices.

Link via lifehacker

3 New SonyEricsson Devices

8 Jan 2008  No Comments


Sonyericson announced 3 new handsets at CES ’08 they are the W350i (above), Z555 (below left) and the W760 (below right). That’s 2 flip phones and one slider phone. The W760 also has an integrated GPS.

More pics after the break.

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