The Lens Cups

9 Apr 2012  1 Comment

Lens Cup 1

I’ve had these lens cups for a couple of years now and I have been using small one as pen holders as I hate the metallic innards of the mug. I really can’t remember where exactly I got them from but they are pretty wide spread at the moment and available at a number of online retailers now and easy to find. The quality isn’t that great as the as the lens/cup cover doesn’t stagy on for the black small cup which is irritating even though I don’t use the cover.

Lens Cup 2

You can get those 2 cup from Photojojo even though it isn’t the place I got it from. The black 24-105mm lens cup is sold for almost 6.5KD and the white 70-200mm travel mug will cost you 8.5KD.


Lens Cup 4

Revolutionizing Photography

22 Oct 2011  3 Comments

A few months ago, I came across an article about a new technology that would change the way we think about day-to-day photography. But after reading the article I dismissed it as its too early for that kind of technology.

Fast forward a few months, Y=the same company just had an event showcasing their new tech/camera and they say it should be available in March/April 2012. $400 for the 8GB version and $500 for the 16GB version.

So what is it about the LYTRO camera that is so special? it will make the half a press of the camera that was used for focusing a thing of the past as with its camera you will never need to focus another image again. The camera captures all the light from all the object from all the different depths and you can then select the focus point desired post process. It will also make 3D image much easier to generate.

Check out the demo image below, just press to select the focus point.


Shoot 360 Panoramic videos on Your iPhone

20 Oct 2011  No Comments

GoPano Micro
“Life happens in 360… Now your videos can too”
I backed up a kickstarter project a  few months back called “GoPano Micro”. The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone4 to make 360 panoramic videos! Just snap the lens to the supplied iPhone 4/S case and press record to make cool interactive 360 videos using the free iOS app. The shipment arrived yesterday but to bad I “misplaced” my iPhone 4 a month ago and can’t just try it out at the moment. Have to wait for the iPhone 4S.
The interactive video below is shot with a GoPano for the DSLR but its the same concept. use your mouse or arrow keys to pan around the video.


GoPano Store

Watch more panoramic videos here

This Lion is A Justin Bieber Fan

2 Oct 2011  1 Comment

Justin Lion

If I find my self stranded somewhere and this lion shows up, I would die of laughter and not fear.

Win A John’s Phone With Infinite Driver

26 Aug 2011  No Comments


Mr. Infinite Driver/NegativeEffect (you know, the guy behind the awesome GulfRun videos) is holding a competition where the prize is the minimalistic John’s Phone. It’s a really cool phone and the rules are simple:

Rules of the COMPETITION:

1. You must submit a picture of YOUR CURRENT PHONE in an Artistic or Comedic way.
2. The file must JPEG and no more than 1MB.
3. All photos must be submitted before August 31st.
4. The photos will be posted and voted on for the winner.
5. Send your photos to (

Via ID

Runway in The Sky

10 May 2011  2 Comments

This is a great long exposure picture of an aircraft takingoff. Leaving behind a beautiful trail of lights.

My New Canon AE-1

11 Jan 2011  4 Comments

Well, its hardly new as you can see from the image above. But while I was strolling around Mubarikiya Market last weekend, I came across this store that sells some touristic stuff (you know like little boxes with the Kuwait towers carved onto them and stuff like that) and also some classic gems.

One of those gems is the Canon AE-1, the first microprocessor equipped SLR that started production back in 1976.

DSLR Photography: Full Throttle

27 Dec 2010  2 Comments

You might remember back when I posted about the stupid DSLR ban that turned out to be just stupid journalism from a few individuals who people call “journalists”. Yes I mean you Al-Watan, Kuwait Times and Arab Times.

Anyway, in that article I posted that I had a DSLR and a couple of lenses held at customs. They arrived shortly after posting the article and I’ve been using them now for over a month now. I just love those 2 lenses. almost all of my blog post pics that I’ve posted were using those 2 lenses.

I’m planing to buy at least 1 more lens, need a zoom lens instead of the kit lens that I got with my previous (Sony Alpha 350) camera. I order a 18-250mm 3.5-6.3 lens and it should arrive any day now.

Lunar Eclipse Time-Lapse

22 Dec 2010  1 Comment

Yesterday’s eclipse was the first one since 1638 to coincide with the winter solstice, otherwise known as the longest night of the year.
This video manages to squeeze an almost 6 hour event into a 2 minute video.

Also I found a really cool photo of the eclipse.

“DSLR’s” Banned in Public Places in Kuwait

21 Nov 2010  3 Comments

So this is idiotic. I got an angry email (and I don’t blame him) from Marzouq linking to an article on the Kuwait Times’s website stating that the public use of “DSLR’s” and only DSLR’s is banned here in Kuwait. And apparently for no good reason.

It seems that from the article that photographers *think* that the ban came from the people’s fear of their privacy being invaded by The Big Black Camera.

If I spent a few hundreds/thousands of my hard earned Kuwaiti DInars to buy a camera and a few lenses, that meant I’m taking photography seriously and not looking to invade anyone’s privacy. The one’s who are doing this shit are maybe any idiot with a capable phone camera or even a Point&Shoot.

I got into photography a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it. In fact, I just bought a couple of new lenses and a brand new DSLR (Sony SLT-A55) and its sitting waiting to be cleared by customs for the past 10 days.

Read the full Kuwait Times article [here]

It seems that mark also wrote about the same issue. [Link]


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