Lost in Translation: Where am I Exactly?!

31 May 2011  1 Comment

I don’t read chinese, but clearly the map has been mis-translated and they just used one sentence for the whole map. and forgot to write “You Are Here” under the place you actually are.

The guy behind the translation wasn’t in a good mood that day.

The Good Old 80’s

26 May 2011  No Comments


That’s just too weird.

The 1400 Day First Ring Road Project

9 Jan 2011  4 Comments

If you ever pass by the first ring road/Sheraton roundabout, you will notice that there is a lot of construction is going around, and it has been like that for a while. After a quick look at the contract period and start date from the image above (taken at the construction site); You will notice that the project should have been completed almost a year ago. And you can clearly see from the image below, it far from being complete.

The project also has its own website [here]

Lost In Translation: “Wee.I.P.”

9 Jan 2011  No Comments

This photo was taken at Souq Al-Mubarikiya. Dedicated to all the “Wery Important People”.

WhatsApp Camp

14 Nov 2010  1 Comment

Ok, this is getting ridiculous.

Lost In Translation: I Need A Punisher And A Skeptic

29 Oct 2010  No Comments

Got this via email. The sender says he took the picture from Al-Waseet news paper.

Teabag in “estikana”? Don’t Think So

26 Oct 2010  No Comments

My Co-Worker asked the tea boy here at work for some tea and he brought him one of those super-sized “estikana” and he told him that I would like a normal sized estikana. The tea boy said ok and got him what you see in the image above. What a waste of perfectly good tea.

Sorry for the week without posting by the way.

The Watermelon Car

3 Sep 2010  4 Comments

Talk about being creative, but this is taking your love for fruit a bit too far. The watermelon car looks….. weird with the red interior.

Click on the image for more.

Trying To Impress People With The $900 iPhone App

30 Aug 2010  No Comments

I think this guy is taking iRa Pro iphone app as an I Am Rich app replacement after Apple pulled it from the App Store. What makes me say this is because his review of a $900 video surveillance app is telling people to follow him on twitter.

I think this guy is really missing the point of the whole app store thing.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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