Ducks And Dog Masks

24 Aug 2010  3 Comments

After seeing this and eye-balling the pic for a few seconds I totally see it and have to agree 100%.

That’s Some Diploma

2 Jul 2010  3 Comments

I never thought twice about what Michael Scott’s (The Office TV Show) diploma hanging on his office wall said. But I never thought it would say that.

Certificate of Authenticity
Michael Scott
is a proud owner of a quality Seyko timepiece.

Click on the image to read it your self.

Egyptian Gets Smacked By An Algerian Fan

21 Jun 2010  10 Comments

I just got this email from a friend. Even though it is sad to see what happened a few months ago still raging on between governments and its citizens of these two countries, but whats in this strip of photos is just hilarious.

So whats going on? During the world cup match between Algeria and Slovenia. As Robert Koren scored Slovenia’s goal in the 79th minute against Algeria, a lone egyptian fan in the stands started cheering right next to the Algerian fans. On of those fans just couldn’t control himself.

Just watch the pictures……
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Jews vs Israel

1 Jun 2010  4 Comments

No Comment!

The East Mountains And The Longest Tramway in The World

22 May 2010  4 Comments

Last weekend me and a group of friends wanted to do something different other than watching movies. So we thought we might ride the world longest tramway the is conveniently located in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque’s elevation is 5500 feet the air is very thin here, it really gets hard to breath as soon as you start doing anything, especially if you live at almost sea level all of your life. The tram took us another 5000 feet to 10600 feet in 15 minutes.

The best idea we had is to take our jackets with us to the peak. it really was cold and windy. The temperature was 7 degrees when we arrived a the top, and it started to get colder as the sun was setting.

We spent a total of two hours walking in a narrow and slippery walkways that we didn’t prepare for at all. We also snapped a ton of pictures. After that we decided to head back.

There was also a restaurant up there at 10500′ we really wanted to try it but we didn’t have any reservation and the waiting time was 2 hours and there was no way that we were just going to stand there waiting for a table. Will go back up there just for the restaurant maybe.

Bolivian Presidential Banquet in Iran

18 May 2010  1 Comment

When Bolivia’s highest dignitary visited Iran he probably wasn’t quite expecting the feast that awaited him. I leave you with the pictures below.

“The House of Etiquette” Official Launch

4 May 2010  10 Comments

The House of Etiquette had their official launch yesterday, and it was an overwhelming success.

These pictures and the full post is taken from , great job with the pictures.

It was a big turn out and the feedback is all very positive, best of luck to them.

Read the full post here.

Thanks again 1life2live

Dr. Gregory House Russian Brother

4 May 2010  6 Comments

You have to admit that he looks like him.

6th Floor Car Crash

29 Apr 2010  1 Comment

I just saw this pic at Frankom’s blog. At first glance this is supper weird.

The 67-year-old driver of the Mercedes told police he somehow got his foot stuck under the gas pedal. He says that caused the car to zoom across the parking garage in reverse and slam into the outer wall.

If his car was a Toyota it they would have blamed it on the accelerator.



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