Negative Effect – The Photography Blog

20 Jan 2010  8 Comments

Our good friend at Negative Effect has got his photo blog up and running now. You will probably remember him from the Gulf Run videos/photo’s as well as other photo’s from different events. You can check out the website for more of his amazing work. He uses many different camera but predominantly a Canon for his photos. Enjoy NegativEffect.

Another blog out of Kuwait to be proud of. Keep up the great work.

GulfRun : Al-Falah Carwash to Car Show@360

15 Jan 2010  10 Comments

Yesterday the guys from Gulfrun had a carwash at Al-Falah which in itself was an event. All the cars were ready to go from there and headed off to 360 mall to set up for the car show.

The pics after the break are from the 360 mall GulfRun car show. Click below to check them out.

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Car Accident On 5th Ring Road

15 Jan 2010  3 Comments


When I went to DHL Arthiya to get my Nexus One. On my way back home I saw a lot of people parked on the side of the street and all where surrounding a man the looked slightly injured. I went on my way and exited 5th ring road via the exit after the bridge. I then saw a car the flipped and rested on the other side of the bridge. This guy was lucky that he didn’t go over at the middle of the bridge onto opposing traffic.



GulfRun Booth at 360 Mall

14 Jan 2010  8 Comments

More news from the GulfRun events coming up have reached us. Some of the items that will be sold are the t-shirts, polo’s and sweaters made by the GulfRun team from high quality materials. The booth will be available at the Car Show event on the 15th & 16th of January at 360 Mall.

Click below for more close up pictures of the items on sale at the booth. Continue Reading

GulfRun Car Show@360 Mall

13 Jan 2010  4 Comments

The GulfRun Car Show is taking place in 360 Mall with a variety of race cars on hand to be seen. From specialized race cars, to one of a kind super cars. This event will be taking place on the 15th & 16th of January @ 360 Mall.

Also a raffle will be held on January 16th at 8pm for two special edition GulfRun Vespas. A GulfRun pearl white Vespa, and a special edition black Vespa. With all proceeds of the raffle being donated to Hayat Cancer Foundation.

Lots to be seen and enjoyed during the event at 360. Please make sure to pass by the GulfRun booth to buy raffle tickets as it being set up for a very good cause by the Hayat Cancer Foundation.  There will be other Gulf Run memorabilia items also on hand at the booth as well.

You can see the two vespas  being given out as prizes for the raffle on either side of the Carrera Gt.

Tightened Security?

11 Jan 2010  2 Comments

Solitaire anyone?

With all the furor surrounding new tightened regulations of airport security it seems somethings may never change….

image taken from one of my all-time favorite sites

Souq Al-Mubarkiya – سوق المباركية

11 Jan 2010  4 Comments

Yesterday i took my random yearly trip to Souq Al-Mubarkiya, one of the most historic places in Kuwait. I wasnt looking for anything, just a little walk around since the weather was nice and there wasnt much to do last night. It was nice to see some foreigners (europeans/americans) walking around and enjoying a taste of our history. I took some quick snaps of random things with my phone which you can find below…

I saw this canon-like Courvoisier Cognac bottle in a random store with lots of old and vintage stuff. I regretted not buying later actually because it does look pretty cool. I also found some really old wind up record players that still work which was also interesting. Click below to see the rest of the pictures. Continue Reading

Pocahontas VS Avatar

11 Jan 2010  4 Comments

I thought James Cameron conceived the Avatar idea 15 years ago? But this is just too similar, isn’t it?

Pocahontas vs Avatar

So, Avatar is nothing but a futuristic Pocahontas eh?

Frozen Britain

9 Jan 2010  5 Comments

This image was taken 2 days ago (January 7th) by one of Nasa’s satellite. as you can see the whole country is frozen.

Fozen Britain

Weather in the UK at the moment

UK Weather


Gorilla in your Bed

28 Dec 2009  4 Comments

What is this best thing to do if you find a gorilla in your bed?

Sleep somewhere else.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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